How to Connect Second Monitor to Lenovo All in One Easy Guide

Everyone in business wants its workers to be as productive and efficient as possible. These days, it’s all about using two monitors simultaneously.

Many of us have come to understand the importance of establishing a long-term workplace culture due to our time spent working from home.

You’re not going to be capable of doing your nine-to-five from a single computer monitor screen. With so many tabs open, even a single monitor can be limiting.

Fortunately, adding a second monitor to a Lenovo all-in-one computer is straightforward. So in this post, I’ll show you How you Connect your Second Monitor to Lenovo All in One System.

Dual monitors are one of the best and most cost-effective solutions to improve productivity in the workplace, but there are many other options. And it’s simple to implement.

Due to their ease of setup and affordable price, dual-monitor configurations have become increasingly popular. From gaming to office work, any endeavor can benefit from having double the display area available.

Thanks to the many connections available on modern PCs, adding a second monitor is quick and straightforward.

What Is the Benefit of Using Second Monitors?

There are numerous benefits to using a dual monitor configuration, regardless of whether you use your Lenovo All in One PC for work, gaming, or learning.

  • In terms of online learning, multiple monitors are a luxury for students. Using this method, you may easily read from a textbook while simultaneously taking notes on the second monitor.
  • With two monitors, each employee can run numerous apps simultaneously without switching windows—essentially doubling the number of usable workspaces. Drag & drop data between applications is much easier with dual displays.
  • With two screens in front of you, it’s easy to believe that additional distractions surround you. On the other hand, the inverse is true: With a dual monitor configuration, you no longer have to flip between tabs while working and can see everything at once without disturbing your workflow.
  • Dual monitors will improve the efficiency with which you can use your computer. The additional screen area is also ideal for video calls and meetings. It allows you to keep your workflows on one screen while participating in a video conversation on another screen. With a fully-functional second screen, each participant in the call will have plenty of space to be seen.
  • Gamers gain similarly from the increased screen real estate. Having a standalone map or audio chat screen saves precious time and effort by eliminating the need to minimize game windows between sessions. If you want to spread the display of a game across numerous displays, you can also use multiple monitors. It provides a different experience when playing games such as racers and flying simulators.

How to Connect Second Monitor to Lenovo All in One?

How to Use Lenovo All-in-One as a Monitor

Setting up a second screen is simple to connect Lenovo All in One. Follow the steps outlined below.

Check the Ports/ Connectors on the Back of Your Lenovo All in One Monitor

  • Determine whether or not your monitor has any of the ports listed below on the back or sides. If you need more information on which connectors are and which cords to use in particular situations, please refer to the corresponding User Manual.
  • If the video adapter only has one DVI connector, you will need to acquire a Y dongle to connect two displays. Before purchasing a second monitor for your computer, consider the computer’s ports.

Connect Lenovo All-in-one Computer With a Second Monitor

  • Connect the second monitor to the proper connection on the Lenovo all-in-one computer, and Windows should instantly extend the desktop to the second monitor to accommodate it. You can now move windows between monitors by dragging and dropping them.

On the keyboard, tap the “Windows logo key plus the letter P. Choose one of the four options from the list below:

PC Screen Only

  • The first of these refers to the PC screen only, which signifies its use as a primary monitor.


  • This option refers to the duplicate desktop that displays on the Secondary monitor.

Extended Desktop 

  • This option use for both monitors that work together to provide a larger workspace.

Only the Secondary Monitor 

  • Lastly, it employs the secondary monitor.

What Is the Purpose of an All-in-One Computer?

Combining several standard desktop computer components into an all-in-one (AIO) PC is possible. For the most part, consumers haven’t shown much interest in streamlined PCs that are more space-saving, intuitive, and efficient.

What Is the Difference Between a Desktop and an All-in-one?

All-in-one computers integrate the displays and the computer into a single unit, whereas desktop computers have separate cases for the computer and a monitor. The all-in-one computer system has a lower profile than a desktop pc because of this consolidation.

Is Lenovo a Good Brand?

This year, Lenovo was able to hold onto its fifth-place finish due to a robust product lineup and a few standouts, most notably the ThinkPad notebooks. Somehow, the manufacturer improved on what was already the most outstanding business laptop on the market.

Are All in One Computer Worth It?

Even if you’re only looking for a simple desktop for your kid’s school or homework, an all-in-one desktop is a terrific option because it takes up less space than traditional towers and provides more screen real estate than even the biggest laptops.

Do All in One Computers Have WIFI?

The only thing required is a power cord, including most all-in-one computers and a Wi-Fi adaptor, wireless mice, and a keyboard. The specifications of all-in-one computers are a hybrid of those found in traditional desktop computers and laptop computers.

Does a Second Monitor Increase Productivity?

Adding a second display found an average 42 percent boost in user productivity. The amount of screen area you have influences everything you do on your computer, so adding a second monitor has a significant impact on productivity.

Is It Better to Have 2 Monitors or 3?

In terms of initial investment, two monitors are less expensive than three displays, and the latter will also consume more electricity. Increased immersion and multitasking capabilities are provided by three monitors, as opposed to a single screen when comparing the two.

Can I Hook Up a Second Monitor to My Lenovo All in One?

Yes, it is possible. You have a second monitor for this purpose. If you have an outdated monitor with an older serial plug (AVG), you will require to buy a connector to hook it up to your computer. Experts recommend obtaining one that has an HDMI port so that you may utilize it.

What Are the Benefits of a Dual Monitor Setup?

It is possible to multitask while playing your favorite video games with a dual monitor configuration, which is ideal for gamers. This additional screen real estate can utilize as a desktop computer for online browsing, video watching, or displaying overviews and other info for a game if one has purchased it.

Can Lenovo ThinkPad Support 2 Monitors?

You can use the device’s screen as a second display by connecting an external monitor. For two additional external displays, a universal port repeater would require. Verify with Best Buy to see if any other options are available to you.

How Do I Setup Dual Monitors Lenovo?

Windows will automatically extend your desktop to it as soon as you plug in the monitor. You can now move windows between monitors by dragging and dropping. Make a right-click on the desktop and pick Display Settings from the drop-down menu.

Is It Better to Have One or Two Monitors?

An average productivity boost of 42% when people worked with two displays instead of one. The study cited several other benefits, including The cost of two smaller screens is generally less than that of a single giant screen. Using two monitors instead of a single colossal screen can provide higher resolution.

Can I Connect a Second Monitor to My All-in-One Computer?

To connect additional displays to your all-in-one, you only need available connections on the computer, such as HDMI, DisplayPort, or VGA. If none of these choices are accessible, or if the port is meant for input only, you can utilize a USB Display Adapter to hook up numerous additional displays to a single computer.

How Do I Use HDMI on Lenovo All-in-One?

  • When you connect the cable, the input signal switches.
  • Plugin the A740 or A540 power supply.
  • It would be best to connect the A740 or A540 to your external display through an HDMI connection. Remember to switch the PC settings to Duplicate or Broaden before linking the HDMI wire to the external display.

Can I Connect a Second Monitor With HDMI?

Take a regular HDMI cable and connect one end to the PC’s output and the other end to the input of the first monitor you want to use. Windows will recognize the display on its own. By default, the primary display will be the first display to be connected. You should repeat this procedure for your second monitor.

How Do I Setup Dual Monitors With One HDMI Port?

An HDMI splitter is the most straightforward way of connecting two monitors to a single HDMI connector. But, this only functions if you want the same content to appear on all of the screens linked to the computer (duplicate content). In the case of an HDMI splitter, it acts as a form of mediator device by providing two or more HDMI ports.

Can a Lenovo All-in-one Computer Be Used as a Monitor?

Model number F0EK007HUS assigns to the Lenovo IdeaCentre A540-27 All-in-One system, with one HDMI-Out port and one HDMI-In port as standard. This computer has an HDMI-Out port, allowing you to connect one external display.