How to Disassemble Acer Monitor Step by Step Guide

Perhaps you require additional space in your small home or workplace, want a different style, and want to mount your Acer monitor display.

Whatever the purpose, your Acer computer monitor can be placed on the wall in the same manner as a flat-screen television. However, this requires the disassembly of the monitor.

There are numerous components to Acer displays; disassembly of some components requires tools, while others do not. For instance, No tools are required to remove the base; all required is a flat, stable surface but something to secure the screen.

Occasionally, you may wish to disassemble the Acer LCD monitors. A liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor is a tiny, flat-panel optical hardware device that displays a computer’s graphic output stream.

LCD monitors consume less energy and cover less space. But unless your Acer LCD monitor fails to function correctly and is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you should take it to an authorized service specialist. 

If the monitor is not serviced by warranty, you may wish to risk further damage by disassembling it yourself to resolve the issue. The majority of LCD monitors, including those manufactured by Acer, can be opened without specialist tools.

How to Disassemble Acer Monitor

Repair Monitor

You can follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below to Disassemble Acer Monitor.

Required Tools

  • 6-in-1 Screwdriver
  • Pry Tool
  • Phillips Screwdriver

Steps to Disassemble the Acer Monitor

Initial Steps 

  • Switch off your ACER monitor.
  • Disconnect all wires from your Acer monitor, along with the power cable and the cables linking it to your system.
  • Make sure you should place it on a soft and flat surface. Also, ensure that you have adequate space.
  • Arrange a towel, blanket, or other soft cloth on the table. It will assist in preventing scratches or damage to your Acer display.
  • Then Facedown your Acer monitor on the towel. Now you can initiate the disassembly of the Acer monitor.

Removal of Base

  • To remove the base from your Acer display, click the release button on the monitor and slide it out. The release button is set up near bottom of the display, near the junction of the base and monitor.
  • Then you must remove screws from the IO panel. The IO panel contains three Phillips screws.

Detachment of Stand Base

  • Following that, you must remove the stand base, which is secured with a large flat head screw.

Removal of Metal Plate

  • Then Loosen the metal plate with caution, as the two Phillips screws are secured to long plastic tubes, which may crack if excessive torque is applied.
  • As you will observe, Three Phillips screws are hidden under the metal plate. Experts recommend using a magnetic Phillips screwdriver with a long, thin neck for this stage.

Remove the Tilting Mechanism 

  • Now you must eliminate The tilting mechanism by gently pressing on the plastic lock clamp between/below the two bolts.
  • Additionally, you can separate long Phillips screws located beneath the tilting mechanism to release the plastic back of the monitor. Over twenty plastic screws secure the monitor’s back.
  • It would be best to use your pry tool and screwdriver to remove them entirely. If you would not want to leave markings, exercise caution and patience.
  • It is advisable to begin at the base on the side without the monitor’s control panel/buttons and work your way up, over the top, and around the control panel.

Remove the Control Panel 

  • Before detaching the monitor’s plastic side frame, you must disconnect the control panel connected to the display through a single flat ribbon wire that is clamped in place.
  • Then Push on the clamp with a screwdriver to open it and dislodge the ribbon cable. Unplug the ribbon cable with care and a little force. You can slightly wiggle the cable.

Detachment of Plastic Side Frame

  • Then remove the screws in the plastic frame after disconnecting the control panel. However, exercise caution when removing the frame surrounding the cabling.

Disconnect Bottom Metal Frame

  • Although disassembly of the bottom metal frame is entirely voluntary, it allows for a more expansive separation of the LCD and backlight layers.
  • The metal strip is secured by mechanical locks, making removal simple.

Detach LCD and Backlight Layers

  • You must now disassemble the LCD and backlight layers. Your monitor comprises three layers: backlight, diffuser sheet, and LCD.
  • Above the LCD layer is the outermost protective plastic/glass layer that faces the front. It is permanently attached to the LCD layer and cannot be removed.
  • Below is a self-adhesive diffuser sheet that you can easily remove and clean. At the bottom is a backlight layer that may be detachable, but I did not attempt it.

What Is the Procedure for Removing the Acer Monitor Stand?

Acer monitors may include a stand that is permanently attached to the monitor’s base. This stand may be challenging to remove to relocate the monitor. You can damage the stand, but it will cost extra to repair the monitor if you do.

It is hugely suggested that you take your time when removing the ACER monitor’s stand. A second person’s assistance is recommended if necessary when removing the ACER monitor stand.

  • Therefore, let’s begin by opening the ACER monitor stand. The following are the steps:
  • To begin, you must shut down the computer.
  • Then disconnect the power cord and the audio/video line.
  • Then, unscrew the screws from the back of the screen.
  • After that, you can detach the monitor’s back panel.
  • Following that, gently lift the monitor panel.

ACER LCD Monitors Disassembly

  • Disconnect the monitor’s power and video cords.
  • Place the monitor face down on a level surface covered with a cloth to protect the screen from scratches.
  • Disconnect the plastic hinge covering that is attached to the monitor’s base.
  • With the Phillips screwdriver, you can remove the four screws that secure the base to the monitor. Remove the monitor’s base and set it aside.
  • Remove the nine nuts that secure the back cover to the front bezel. Pry the rear cover and front bezel apart gently with the point of the flat blade screwdriver. 
  • Gently find your way around all over the monitor’s perimeter, gradually releasing as you need it.
  • Remove the LCD unit’s back cover, turn the monitor over and remove the front bezel. Reverse the screen.
  • The Phillips screwdriver unscrews the two screws that secure the metal shield in place.
  • Move the shield toward the monitor’s base until it becomes loose, then altogether remove it to reveal the primary circuit board and connecting board. From this point, you can view all of the internal parts of the Acer LCD.

FAQs Related to Disassemble Acer Monitor?

How Do You Remove the Stand From My Acer Kg221q?

To disassemble the stand assembly, carefully pull the lid downward. Please click ‘Like’ if you found the helpful answer! Select ‘Yes’ if the remark addresses your concern! Set the monitor face down on a solid surface and gradually pull the cover down.

How Do I Remove the Stand From My Asus Monitor?

Loosen the base from the stand by loosening the screw positioned at the tower’s base. Then, unscrew the hinge cover from the monitor body using your fingers. 3. Remove the two screws on the arm (Figure 1) using a screwdriver, and then disconnect the stand from the monitor.

How Do You Find Your Acer Part Number?

Your product’s SNID and registration number are placed on a label on the bottom. You can use these identifiers to access downloads and other product information online.

What Is Wide Mode on Acer Monitor?

Aspect adds small black bars at the top and bottom of the screen, resulting in a widescreen appearance. My impression is that Aspect, with the top and bottom bars, is realistic, whereas Full stretches the image up and down somewhat to eliminate the bars and fill the screen.


The most crucial and delicate process is the disassembly of the Acer monitor; it demands your time and great care. Occasionally, Acer monitors are disassembled because users wish to wall-mount their monitors to save space in their workplace. Additionally, users disassemble monitors to move them from one location to another. 

While disassembly of the stand and base needs considerable care, the methods mentioned above will assist you in determining How to Disassemble Acer Monitor? I hope you find this post beneficial.

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