How to Launch Steam Games on Second Monitor?

Multi-monitor setups are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among gamers. These can function as ultra-wide or flexible displays.

Additionally, they allow you to concentrate while gaming. However, this post provides the essential tips and tricks for professional or casual gamers.

So, the technological trend of dual monitor setups is gaining traction across the globe. Utilizing a multi-monitor configuration can significantly increase your job efficiency.

The use of a second screen makes no difference whether you are a professional who uses the dual-monitor configuration daily or an individual who uses it for your gaming addiction. This configuration significantly boosts your productivity and abilities.

Is It Possible to Launch Steam Games on a Secondary Monitor?

How to Launch Steam Games on Second Monitor

You may quickly obtain this approach using basic ways. Additionally, many individuals attempt to run a game with high system requirements on a low-end monitor. As a result, functionality will suffer.

Thus, when you restart a game, the system restores it to its original state, allowing you to play at your average pace.

If you wish to play your games on more screens for various reasons? If you answered yes, then carefully follow the instructions on how you Launch Steam Games on Second Monitor?

Utilize a Specialized Multi-monitor Management Tool

Before implementing any of the methods or workarounds detailed in this article, you should investigate the usage of a dedicated multi-monitor management tool.

These tools often enable you to quickly and easily conduct a variety of desktop upgrades and customizations. In this instance, playing games on monitors other than your primary monitor is simple with DisplayFusion.

This software utility is an exceptionally lightweight multi-monitor management tool that will enable you to boost your productivity and the amount of work you can accomplish with your setup.

Benefits of Using Displayfusion 

Several advantages of utilizing DisplayFusion include the following:

  • Customize hotkeys
  • Enable taskbars for multiple monitors
  • Enable title bar buttons for multiple monitors.
  • It comes with an unlimited-use trial version.
  • Customize how your favorite wallpaper displays in your setup.

How to Launch Steam Games on Second Monitor

It is a fascinating and advantageous activity for gamers to create a comfy gaming atmosphere. Yes, you may use numerous monitors to play games and improve your professional gaming talents simultaneously.

Additionally, you can customize the resolution and refresh rate of the screen to meet your gaming requirements. However, before you can take advantage of the benefits of dual-screen gaming.

You must be familiar with the way for opening steam games on the second monitor. There are several running steam games on the primary or secondary monitor. I shall detail them here.

Utilize Window Mode

Recent games have a greater emphasis on full-screen gameplay. The GPU configuration of your primary Display supports certain games and provides them with a dedicated platform on which to run.

Image cards do not adhere to the alternative presentation for deceiving around. However, if enabled by the engineer, you can employ the window mode to open the steam games on the following screen. The most recent games support three distinct ways:

  • Window mode
  • Window mode with no borders
  • Window mode in full-screen

To Launch Steam Games on Second Monitor, follow these steps!

  • Whereas the game is running, concurrently press the ALT + Enter keys.
  • The window mode will immediately appear in front of you.
  • For a better view, activate the full-screen mode.
  • On the second monitor, enjoy the game.

Additionally, you might check whether the game you’re playing has a window mode option in the settings.

Occasionally, gamers assert that after opening the game on the primary screen and compressing the window/very key, you can always see all currently opened windows, allowing you to shift the gaming window to your following screen and enjoy playing the game.

Changing Between Primary & Secondary Modes

You can make the second screen your primary Display if you intend to use it for steam gaming. It is the most effective and secure alternative for such gaming requirements.

Before proceeding to the settings window, verify that your second screen connects to the USB or VGA port.

To switch from primary to secondary display mode, follow the steps below:

  • To get started, click the begin button.
  • Press the control panel icon or navigate to screen > settings to access the control panel.
  • Now navigate to the section that displays the total number of linked screens.
  • From symbols on the two displays, upload an image of the panel you intend to utilize as your primary Display.
  • Select the checkbox labelled “Consider this my primary display.”
  • Choose ‘Apply’.

The Window for Browsing the Control Panel

  • Select Display. Navigate to Display>
  • Select a resolution from the drop-down menu.
  • Navigate to the settings
  • Now navigate to the section that displays the associated screen number.
  • From the two screens’ symbols, click on the screen’s image you want to use as the primary screen.
  • Then, check the container labelled “Make this my primary screen.”
  • Click the “Apply” button.

Utilization Of The Projector Mode

It is the most straightforward approach to Launch Steam Games on Second Monitor. On the desktop, the only choice is to adjust your monitor to the PC screen.

  • To use the projector mode, follow these steps!
  • Launch the game in projector mode.
  • Make your way around your desktop screen.
  • Simultaneously click the windows and P buttons.
  • Among the available options, choose the PC screen only option.

Then, your game will relocate to the subsequent screen by repeating these actions, leaving the primary screen clear. If you wish to revert to your fundamental presentation mode, repeat the procedure, return, and enjoy it!

Does Using Dual Monitors Affect Game Performance?

When using twin monitors, performance may suffer. It is undeniable when engaging in high-intensity activities such as gaming, watching high-quality movies, or participating in other specialized hobbies.

Frequently Asked Question

How does Steam work?

Steam is a cloud-based video game library. It enables users to save an extensive library of games without consuming excessive computer memory.

To begin using Steam, download and install the Steam “engine” or application on your computer. After that, you will have the ability to access the entire library of games, applications, and forums.

How Can I Play Games on My Second Monitor?

Attach the second monitor to your PC and start the game. Following that, go to your computer desktop and press the Windows and P keys simultaneously.

There will display a few options; choose the Computer monitor only option. Finally, your primary monitor will go dark, but the game will continue to operate on the secondary monitor.

Do Second Monitors Affect Performance?

Yes. Utilizing a second monitor requires your laptop to render additional graphics, consuming other CPU resources.

It simply depends on how you want to use the monitor, and your computer should support a second monitor without issue.

Take care not to use it while the battery is low since this may cause the battery to drain more quickly.

Does Dual Monitor Increase Productivity?

While you may accomplish most jobs with a single monitor, two monitors enable you to do the same tasks in a short time.

Indeed, dual monitors boost productivity by 20% to 30%, according to The New York Times story on a Jon Peddie Research poll.


Many people own a high-end laptop with a screen; therefore, a small investment in an excellent inexpensive 144hz monitor and connecting it to their high-end notebook will provide them with a high-quality gaming experience.

You may have enjoyed playing various games on your primary monitor. However, playing a game on a second USB-powered monitor display is a fantastic option to do it.

My entire article is written with the sole purpose of providing you with straightforward instructions on How to Launch Steam Games on Second Monitor? I hope, By going through all of the approaches, you ought to be able to obtain a suitable response to your queries.