How to Open Dell Monitor Easy Guide

Troubleshooting a Dell LCD monitor is frequently more expensive than the monitor itself. However, Dell does not fix monitors; it only replacements them throughout the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Therefore, if your Dell LCD monitor fails to perform correctly after the warranty period has expired, your best alternative may be to attempt self-repair. This guide will discuss How to Open Dell Monitor with great care. 

If you need to repair or replace an internal component of your Dell LCD monitor, you will almost certainly need to open the monitor to access the circuitry.

Whether as part of a monitor training exercise or to facilitate repair, a Dell flat screen monitor may occasionally need to be entirely detached. 

While such a task may appear to be entirely beyond the capabilities of anyone other than a professional, disassembling a Dell flat screen monitor can accomplish by a do-it-yourselfer with no prior knowledge of computer disassembly.

This technique can perform efficiently using a Phillips head screwdriver and a small plastic bag.

Why Do Consumers Prefer Dell Monitor?

Dell takes pride in the dependability and usability of its monitors, which boast one of the most extensive portfolios on the market.

Dell monitors can assist increase user productivity by utilizing some of the most modern monitor technology available.

  • Dell dual monitor stands enable the mounting of two monitors side by side.
  • Several Dell monitors feature an ultra-thin bezel, making the twin monitor setup simple.
  • Dell monitors have colour consistency and accuracy, wide viewing angles, and a high-resolution display.
  • Dell stands behind the monitors it sells, and several versions come with a Premium Panel Guarantee.

Dell Monitor Components

A monitor consists of:

  • Base
  • Screen
  • Bezel
  • Plinth 
  • Electronic circuits
  • Shiny shields
  • Metal “caps
  • Smaller ribbon cable 
  • RF shields
  • Brown capacitors
  • Buttons for customizing the screen’s settings
  • The casing covers and protects these components.

Efficient Method to Open Dell Monitor

Hopefully, this gives you the confidence to Open Dell Monitor and perform a repair that will significantly prolong the life of your display.

  • Detach the base from the monitor by clicking the keys on the screen’s backside.
  • Unscrew four black screws that secure the back bezel to the monitor’s inside.
  • Turn the monitor over so that the panel faces you and begin pulling up the front bezel with the flat-bladed screwdriver, popping open the top bezel in the process.
  • After releasing the bezel, you can keep the front bezel in place and remove the rear cover, leaving the front bezel in place.
  • You will notice two glossy shields secured by two screws; loosen the screws, and the shields will pop/slide off.
  • When removed, you will notice a ribbon cable connected to the screen with two levers on either side; insert those levers and stretch the ribbon cable out.
  • On the opposite side, a smaller ribbon cable pulls out. Additionally, you’ll notice the high-pressure plugs that hide beneath one of the RF shields; they’re typically pink and blue; take note of which plugs go where and unplug.
  • Now you may unplug around the perimeter of the LCD screen, which should come off in one piece.
  • You will see two boards, one of which secures by a single screw with a black non-shorting cover; remove the cover and then continue to remove the remaining three screws.
  • Locate where the electricity is usually plugged in and remove the two screws along either side of the power socket.
  • You should now be able to twitch the power supply board free, taking care not to break the berg strip connector that connects it to the other board. It usually emerges at a modest slant.
  • Once removed, flip it over and inspect the tops of the brown capacitors. You’ll notice that two of them have vented and become pyramid-shaped, indicating that they’ve blown. 

How to remove the dell monitor stand?

To remove the stand:

  • Placing the monitor on a soft fabric or cushion will help it stay in place.
  • To allow access to the release button, tilt the stand downward.
  • Press the release button using a long, thin screwdriver.
  • Pull the stand out while pushing the release button.

Method to Open a Dell Flat Screen Monitor

Unplug Monitor’s Bezel

  • It is the outer region that encompasses the actual display on the Dell.
  • Depending on the model of the Dell flat screen monitor, screws will be located along the perimeter of the monitor or disguised in this region by plastic or metal “caps” for aesthetic reasons. 
  • If required, remove these caps and store them carefully in a plastic bag.

Remove Screws

  •  To remove the screws, you can use a Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Keep these screws in the plastic bag if you need to replace or reassemble the screen later.
  • Remove the Dell flat screen monitor’s bezel altogether. 
  • The bezel will be open, so gently pry it off, beginning at a corner. 
  • If you intend to reuse the bezel, keep hold not to shatter or scuff it.

Pull Metal Brackets

  • You should locate the two metal brackets on either side of the exposed monitor. 
  • With the bezel removed, these hooks should be easily visible, as should two to three screws in each. 
  • Pull these nuts from the metal brackets using your Phillips head screwdriver.

Remove Inverter Cable

  • Determine the location of the inverter cable. 
  • After removing the bezel, the inverter cable—either white or black, it will be located in the bottom centre of the monitor, directly beneath the actual display. 
  • It terminates with a similarly coloured cable connector that is secured horizontally. 
  • Open this connector by turning it upright, which will cause the cable to disengage.

Pull the Screen  

  • Eliminate the Dell flat screen monitor. 
  • Try to pull the screen gently up and out after removing the bezel and disconnecting the inverter line. 
  • Please keep this in a secure location that gives appropriate support for the display but does not risk scratching it. 
  •  It completes the disassembly of your Dell flat screen monitor.

Method to Open a Dell LCD Monitor

  • Please switch off the power to your Dell monitor and disconnect it. If your monitor connects to the computer, turn off or disconnect the computer first.
  • Facedown, the monitor on a cushioned, flat surface.

Remove Stand 

Remove the screws that secure the monitor to the stand.

Pull Monitor’s Back Cover

  • Remove any screws that connect the monitor’s back cover to the front cover.
  • Remove the monitor’s back cover. Secure the monitor on all sides and push the flat-head screwdriver’s edge into the notch on the bottom of the monitor where the back cover joins the body. Pull the back cover gently upward and Straighten it.

Remove Metal plate and Connectors 

  • Remove the metal plate from the monitor’s base to reveal the high-voltage connectors (pink and white wires).
  • If you cannot remove the plate manually, use a flat-head screwdriver to pry it away from the monitor carefully.
  • Pull the white plastic ends of the high-voltage connections straight out of their sockets to disconnect them.

Unplug Monitor’s Sides

Remove the screws from the monitor’s sides.

Removal of Metal Housing 

Remove the monitor’s metal housing to reveal the circuits and other components. Each side of the housing should be grasped and lifted straight up.

What is the proper way to elevate a Dell monitor in a lockdown state?

The Dell monitors incorporate this function to maintain stationary during transportation. To unlock the display, press the lockdown/release button on the side of the adjustable stand while gently pressing down on the monitor. It will unlock the Dell monitor from its lockdown state.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do I Move My Monitor Up and Down?

Select Display Settings with a right-click on the desktop. Under Rearrange your displays, move the mouse the rectangles to align the rectangles with the orientation of the monitors on your desktop; for example, if one is noticeably smaller than the other.

Why Is My Dell Monitor Flickering?

Flickering monitors can be a result of faulty connections or wires. Check sure the Dell monitor cable connects to both the video input on the back of the computer and the video output on the back of the monitor before proceeding with any other troubleshooting.

How Do You Lift a Dell Monitor?

To get specific, you should position your screen between eye level and thirty degrees under your line of sight. This range establishes that our eyes typically point straight ahead and downward when we are at rest.

What Can I Use for a Monitor Riser?

You can easily create this yourself with wood, coach bolts, wing nuts washers, and elastic straps. If your monitors are not yet ready for mounting, you must remove them from their stands. Polish or varnish the wood to suit your desk for a more polished effect.


Dell users may choose to open their monitor to repair components or if the monitor is not operating correctly. Dell monitors’ only option within the warranty period is to replace the monitor. However, if the warranty period expires, you are responsible for rectifying the situation on your own. 

Therefore, you should take specific preventive actions before opening a Dell monitor. To avoid scratching the LCD screen while removing the stand, place the monitor on a soft, clean surface.

It is critical to pay particular attention to the polarity and type when replacing capacitors. Thus, I hope this tutorial assists you in determining How to Open Dell Monitor properly.