How to Play a Game on One Monitor and Browse on the Other?

Many computers support a dual monitor configuration, which simultaneously connects two monitors to the same computer. You can use a projector, Monitor, or even television; this is a multi-monitor.

Typically, a video card with two video ports suffices for connecting two monitors to the same system. Is it necessary to access the internet when playing games as well? If the answer is yes, this guide will come in handy.

Dual monitors provide split-screen mode, which is extremely useful in an office environment when users require numerous windows to be displayed concurrently for work.

For instance, a site designer may require the simultaneous use of Photoshop and Dreamweaver. If you’re wondering How to Play a Game on One Monitor and Browse on the Other, the answer is a dual monitor arrangement.

Dual monitors are simple to operate. They enable you to view critical information on a single screen for reference programs and easily transition between them. They’re even more effective when used in conjunction with computers.

Dual Monitors and Internet Browsing

Multiple monitors are top-rated in modern gaming setups. Nowadays, every conventional PC gaming setup includes dual monitors. Many people do this to get the most out of the games and what they offer.

Typically, individuals utilize the second Monitor for multitasking, so they arrange their set up this way, with gaming on the first and internet browsing on the second.

Things to Consider

These are requirements for gaming on one Monitor while browsing the internet on the other. You’ll need two displays to connect to your CPU or at least one Monitor to connect to your laptop (and use the laptop’s screen as a second screen). You must be familiar with the procedures for connecting several displays to a computer.

  • To ensure a safe installation, you must follow the mounting guide before installing the Monitor on a swivel stand.
  • Once you’ve read and met the conditions listed above, we can move on to the actual procedure of playing a game on one display while browsing the internet on the other.
  • Use a widescreen, high-resolution, high-refresh-rate display for gaming and a low-resolution monitor positioned vertically for web browsing.
  • A stand is offered to mount the display vertically, simplifying the process. On Amazon, you can purchase the most excellent swivel monitor stand.
  • Update Windows 10 to obtain the newest features and fix bugs for the connecting multiple Monitor’s functionalities.
  • Choose the most appropriate adaptor or connecting cable to take full advantage of the external Monitor’s features and the CPU/capability. 
  • Determine the optimal locations for both laptops. For instance, if your second Monitor is often used to browse the internet, position it vertically alongside the widescreen Monitor used to play a game

Why Do We Need an Additional Monitor?

Squeezing multiple windows into a single screen can be exhausting as well. The only way around this is to install an additional monitor.

Additionally, the computer should include a built-in option for selecting or switching between a primary and secondary screen. Things would be simpler if you had some task that needed to check concurrently while gaming on one Monitor.

For instance, if someone needs to examine tips while playing a game, the second Monitor is simple. Other programs should be kept separate from one another on both screens.

Drag and drop assist in accomplishing this since if programs retain on the primary screen, they overlap and interfere with one another.

How Do You Play a Game on One Monitor While Browsing the Internet on Another? 

Dual monitors provide split-screen mode, which is extremely useful in an office environment when users require numerous windows to be displayed concurrently for work.

Method :1

Assuming you’ve already connected a Windows 10 laptop to two displays (using this tutorial) and configured the monitors according to your needs, continue reading for a step-by-step guide to achieving the required outcomes.

  • Click Open the settings menu from the start menu.
  • Select the Display option from the options page.
  • Now, click the Identify button to obtain the monitor screen’s allocated numbers.
  • Make a note of or memorize these numbers. Assume the gaming monitor has allocates the number 1 (monitor-1), and the other Monitor has assign the number 2. (monitor 2).
  • Consider placing one gaming monitor horizontally in the center of the table and the other vertically on the first Monitor’s right side. To create this arrangement, click and drag the number 2 to the right of the number 1. Then click Apply to make the changes permanent.
  •  Then, under “Multiple Displays,” click “Extend these Displays.” Then choose number-2 and repeat the procedure to add monitor number two.
  • Click on number 2, scroll down to the display orientation area, and pick ” Portrait ” mode on the same settings screen.
  • Then, click the number one at the top of the display settings screen, and under “Display Resolution,” select the highest resolution supported by your gaming laptop.
  • To adjust the refresh rate, click on “Advanced display settings,” then on the name of the gaming monitor, followed by the maximum refresh rate supported by the Monitor.
  • For laptop users, three numbers will issue to each external display and laptop screen. If you wish to keep the laptop lid closed and only utilize the external Monitor’s screen, you must set anyone’s screen as the primary screen to see the taskbar and desktop objects on the external display. To enable it, check the box next to “Make this my primary display.”
  • At this point, you’re ready to play a game on one display while browsing the internet on the other. On the primary screen, launch the internet browser and then drag it to the right to open it on monitor-2. On the primary gaming monitor, you can now start a game.

Method: 2

Screen size has restrictions on what it can display at any given time. If not for gaming purposes, this configuration may aid with multitasking.

You can accomplish it by stacking numerous windows on top of one another and executing them concurrently. Even yet, this may not be sufficient, as the screen size remains limited. =

How to Run a Game in Borderless Windowed Mode to Use a Dual Monitor?

Every gamer has a question about Playing a Game on One Monitor and browse the Other. The most frequently given solution is to run it as a windowed game.

If you want it to run in full-screen mode, enable ‘Borderless Gaming.’ The optimal method is to configure the game to run in Borderless Windowed mode; however, not all games allow this.

Most new games include this as an essential feature in their graphical settings; however, it will be rare to discover such a mode in older titles.

Certain games will allow you to play in full-screen mode on the second Monitor. It is mainly dependent on the game you’re playing.

By removing the boundaries and selecting the maximized settings, you can simulate full-screen mode and navigate other programs.

Things to Consider During Multiple Monitor Configuration 

The following are some quick procedures for configuring several displays for gaming:

  1. Examine both monitors.
  2. Bear in mind that while most laptops enable multiple screens, the majority of desktop computers do not.
  3. Examine the computer’s video output ports.
  4. Verify that the motherboard supports twin monitor connections.
  5. It would be best if you inspected Visual and graphics cards.
  6. Verify the video connection type on the second Monitor.
  7. Utilize the appropriate wires and adapters.
  8. Connect everything and verify.
  9. If necessary, optimize the settings.

These steps will help you by connecting the screens to the computer. Combining the twin monitors may be challenging, but it significantly improves multitasking.

Advantage of Dual-monitor Configuration 

The significant advantage that a dual monitor configuration for gaming provides is the opportunity to achieve immersive gameplay while still having an additional display to yourself.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do I Play Discord on My Second Monitor While Gaming?

Bring up your game’s cursor and drag it off-screen into your second screen or. To move from your game window and your second Monitor, press Alt-Tab on your keyboard.

Why Do Gamers Have 2 Monitors?

You can multitask with a dual monitor arrangement while playing your favorite video games. This additional screen space can utilize as a desktop for browsing the web, watching videos, or displaying walkthroughs and other game-related information.

Does Fullscreen Borderless Affect FPS?

The fullscreen mode can improve performance compared to borderless windowed mode, assuming the game optimizes for the system and Monitor utilized. However, running a game in fullscreen mode precludes the player from accessing additional monitors or programs.

Why Do Gamers Use 3 Monitors?

You can configure Multiple monitors in the same area to modify your resolution settings in Windows. Some gamers prefer two or three monitors since it’s equivalent to having one sizable huge Monitor – you can see more at once than you can with a single monitor.


You have now reached the advanced level of multitasking and can increase your productivity by utilizing numerous monitors.

Although it’s a little pricey, a dual monitor setup is excellent for gamers who want to enjoy the best gaming experience while still browsing online.

Once you’ve mastered How to Play a Game on One Monitor and Browse on the Other, you can use the same procedures creatively and arrange the monitors to achieve a variety of productivity-enhancing scenarios.