How to Turn Night Mode Off on Motorola Baby Monitor?

It’s natural for a new parent to want to keep a close eye on their infant while they sleep in another room. Baby monitors can provide parents with significant peace of mind by enabling you to keep a constant attentive eye or ear on their infant.

Nowadays, technology helps monitor your kid as you work, run errands, or even travel halfway across the world! Thus, it is critical to understand how to use a Motorola baby monitor properly to safeguard your infant from injury. Thus, this article will learn How to Turn Night Mode Off on Motorola Baby Monitor.

Parenting has changed drastically due to technological advancements, and modern parents now have accessibility to more childcare equipment than ever before.

However, of all the infant gear that has been upgraded, one stands out: baby monitors. And Motorola, one of the most recognizable names in communication equipment, has been at the forefront of the charge.

Motorola Baby Monitor Components

ON/OFF Switch

To switch the Parent Unit ON or OFF, press and hold the Button, (Press any button to reactivate the screen.)

Indicators of Sound Level

Demonstrate the Baby Unit’s detected sound level – the louder the sound, the more LEDs light up.

Volume+ / Up

When in monitor mode, push to boost the volume of the speakers. While in the menu, press to advance. Press and hold in zoom mode to increase the image’s magnification.

Back / Left

Toggle to return to normal mode, or press and hold to travel left across the image. When on the main menu, push to navigate to the leftmost option. Press to return to the previous screen while in a menu.

Right / Zoom

When on the main menu, push to navigate to the right-hand option. To zoom in on a picture while viewing it, push. When zoomed in, tap and hold to scroll horizontally across the image.

Indicator of Power/Connection

When the parent unit is powered on, this indicator glows green. When the parent unit is looking for the Baby Unit or is in pairing mode, it flashes green.

Indicator of Mains/Battery Status

When mains power is linked, and the Parent Unit’s battery is being charged, this indicator illuminates red. Whenever the Parent Unit’s battery is low and requires charging, it flashes red.

What is Night Vision Mode?

Turn Night Mode Off on Motorola Baby Monitor

The Baby Unit is equipped with eight high-intensity infrared LEDs to capture crisp photographs even in the dark.

When the photosensor integrated towards the front of the Unit identifies a low amount of ambient light, the LEDs immediately activate.

The Parent Unit’s screen displays in black and white. At the top of the monitor screen, the icon will be visible.

How to Turn Night Mode Off on Motorola Baby Monitor?

Follow the steps outlined below:

  • Without powering the Parent Unit, you can disable the Parent Unit’s screen or night mode.
  • To switch off the LCD screen while leaving the audio monitor on, press the Parent Unit’s POWER ON/OFF button.
  • To turn the screen back on, click any button on the Parent Unit.

Where Should the Motorola Baby Monitor Be Placed?

Apart from ensuring that the Motorola wired baby monitor is at least three feet away from your baby’s crib and never placed in the crib or within arm’s reach of your kid, there aren’t too many rules.

When using a Motorola video monitor, you’ll almost certainly be hanging it on the wall, and you’ll want to choose a location that allows you to video your infant adequately.

The instructions included with your device will provide additional information on optimal practices.

Uses of Motorola Baby Monitor 

  • Then you may check to see whether the children are stealing time in front of the TV or playing video games. And with two-way communication, if they wander out, we can inform them that it is time to return to bed.
  • Setting up the Motorola baby monitor to supervise the kitchen is fantastic. Additionally, with the two-way communication, you may apprehend the small “snack thieves” and command them to “Return that!”
  • Suppose your pets tend to get into stuff around the house. You can use the baby monitor to keep an eye on the main living area to ensure they do not climb onto furniture, the kitchen table, or the counters. Alternatively, if you need to escape for the day, you can leave the pets alone while you are gone.

How Should Motorola Monitors Be Cleaned?

Using a slightly moist cloth or an anti-static cloth, wipe them down. Avoid washing the monitors with cleaning products. To avoid damage to the monitors, maintain them out of direct sunlight and avoid getting them wet.

It would be best to clean them down weekly to avoid stubborn smudges. These streaks will be tough to remove because you cannot use cleaning products.

Excellent Features of The Motorola Baby Monitor

Motorola baby monitors all fulfill the same fundamental functions: they allow you to view a live video feed of your baby on a small and portable screen with an integrated speaker. The following are the excellent features of the Motorola baby monitor.

  • The most critical aspect of a video baby monitor is its night vision. It is unable to take clear photographs in the dark without it. Unless you intend to monitor your kid only during their daily naps, ensure that the baby monitor you purchase includes night vision.
  • Certain Motorola baby monitors allow users to access the video feed via smartphone even when they are not connected to the local network. It enables you to monitor your child from anywhere, whether you’re at work, conducting errands, or simply in the next room.
  • While all Motorola baby monitors include at least one camera, you may want to consider purchasing a set with multiple cameras depending on the number of children you have (or the size of your home). Numerous cameras enable you to follow multiple locations or observe your infant from multiple perspectives.
  • Numerous Motorola baby monitors allow you to zoom in or out on the image, allowing you to get a closer look or a bird’s eye view.


  • You may shower.
  • You are permitted to sleep.
  • You may remain awake at night.
  • Motorola’s baby monitoring devices include superior night vision.
  • You can configure numerous cameras and observe them all in split-screen mode.
  • The most secure monitors are those that use Wi-Fi.
  • The primary advantage of Motorola monitors is their wide variety of viewing angles.
  • There is no reason to awaken them to check on them.
  • Communication in both directions

Safety Recommendations

Motorola baby monitors are generally safe to use. However, certain complications can occur when utilized improperly or without adequate attention.

Here are some important baby monitor safety recommendations to Turn Night Mode Off on Motorola Baby Monitor.

  • If your baby has previously been diagnosed with breathing issues or requires home oxygen, you and your physician can consider the safe use of a Motorola baby monitor.
  • Never Permit a baby monitor to become a substitute for personal supervision.
  • While baby monitors can be extremely beneficial, they should not use them in place of parental supervision. Take more notice if you haven’t seen or heard your baby move in a while.
  • Maintain continuous contact with your baby if they are unwell, as baby monitors do not pick up on respiratory infections or other characteristics that only a parent in the home will notice.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do You Fix Your Motorola Baby Monitor?

Reset the units by removing them from power and pressing the reset key with a pin until you hear a beep or the monitor switches off. Allow approximately 15 minutes before re-connecting the units. Permit up to one minute for synchronization between the camera and parent unit.

Can I Connect My Motorola Baby Monitor to My Phone?

Our newly revamped Hubble Connected For Motorola app enables you to be connected to your kid, house, and pets regardless of where you are. Download an app and attach it to your camera to immediately monitor what may be missing at home.

How Do I Make My Motorola Baby Monitor Louder?

When the Parent Unit is in the in-camera watching mode, hit the + UP or – DOWN button to alter the volume. The Parent Unit features eight distinct brightness levels. To adjust the brightness while the Parent Unit is in the in-camera looking mode, hit the LEFT or > RIGHT button.


Motorola manufactures some of the most effective baby monitors on the market. They include superior video quality, night vision, two-way communication, and other advantageous functions. You may sleep soundly at night and travel with peace of mind. 

To use the Motorola baby monitor properly, you must be familiar with its components. You can disable night mode by pressing the VIDEO ON/OFF key to turn on or off the LCD while leaving the audio monitor turned on.