How to Turn Off Splendid Demo on Asus Monitor?

Since 1989, the Asus brand, formerly known as AsusTek, has been in service. It is a market leader in gaming equipment, and its displays are among the best.

They’re known for providing high-quality gadgets, such as laptops, screens, computer components, and cellphones. The top monitors offer high resolution, fast refresh rates, and a vibrant display to keep up with the competitive applications.

Consequently, it is vital to understand how the Asus monitor works to use it successfully. As a result, in this guide, I’ll cover How to Turn Off Splendid Demo on Asus Monitor?

High-end gaming monitors should also include dynamic sync technology to eliminate screen tearing. While these performance characteristics are excellent, a good gaming monitor ought to have a reasonable level of color accuracy.

Their primary concentration is on gaming displays, such as this one that tops the 32-inch impression, but they also create monitors for office use. As a result, their gaming monitors are equipped with some of the most advanced technologies available.

For example, they manufacture displays with the fastest variable refresh rate. Some of their monitors have a refresh rate of up to 360Hz, providing fantastic visibility and the most immediate gaming experience possible.

What Is the Asus Monitor’s Splendid Key?

The splendid key is a button that allows the user to deactivate and switch off the ASUS monitor. Users can use this button to shut down, restart, or sleep on their computer from within the monitor’s settings interface.

It is an extra safeguard put in place by Asus to prevent customers from reaching for their keyboards to switch off monitors, which are frequently already in front of them.

What Is the Asus Monitor’s Splendid Demo Mode?

What is ASUS Splendid Demo Mode

For those unfamiliar with the word, a Splendid demo mode is a feature that enables you to alter the settings on your ASUS display to those that best reflect the company’s goods.

Splendid Plus Video Intelligence Technology is an ASUS-exclusive technology that includes eight pre-set modes suited for various forms of multimedia entertainment. 

The ‘Splendid Demo Mode’ merely illustrates the difference between an extreme Splendid setting with all the bells and whistles such as high saturation, excessive sharpness, and erroneous gamma and a typical setting.

For instance, if you own an ASUS monitor that includes audio features, you can use this function to visualize how it might appear with various audio settings.

How to Turn Off Splendid Demo on Asus Monitor?

Follow the steps outlined below:

  • On the monitor, click the Menu button.
  • Click the down arrow button until System Setup appears.
  • Select ‘Splendor Demo Mode’ from the Menu.
  • Press the Menu once more, and you’ll see On/Off.
  • Down arrow until the word OFF is highlighted.
  • Then, twice click the try me option (leftmost) to disable the Menu.
  •  Highlight ‘Splendor Demo Mode’ by pressing Menu. Again, press Menu, and you’ll see On/Off.

What is the Purpose of the ASUS Splendid Utility?

ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence Systems integrates and synchronizes various multimedia data sources to minimize noise and optimize conversion rates for a straightforward display addition.

In addition, it enhances contrast, brightness, skin tone, and color saturation (independently for Red/Green/Blue).

Excellent Features of ASUS Monitor

  • ASUS monitors are slim and lightweight devices designed for consumers who travel frequently and want to expand their displays’ screen area.
  • The ASUS monitor comes in the well-known dark black metallic hue, complete with a large ASUS logo on the lower bezel.
  • It weighs approximately 800 grams, making it extremely lightweight and comfortable to carry.
  • Compared to several other portable monitors, this one does not require a power chord; all that is needed is a USB cable.
  • The ASUS monitor’s screen is powered by the USB 3.0 connector, eliminating additional power adapters or cords.
  • A brightness control rocker and a power button are located above the USB port.
  • The display on the ASUS monitor is excellent — it’s a 15.6-inch panel with a 1366 x 768 resolution, a 16:9 aspect ratio, and a 500:1 contrast ratio. It should suffice for most operations; whether you’re diving into spreadsheets or watching a movie, the auto-rotate option comes in useful here. The protection sleeve is a helpful addition to this model, which doubles as a stand.
  • And the included three-foot USB 3.0 cable is more than enough to connect your monitor and create a comfortable work area.

The Benefits of an ASUS Monitor

  • Asus monitors feature a stylish and beautiful design that complements the aesthetics of your workspace.
  • The VESA compatibility of the Asus monitor enables it to be mounted on the wall.
  • The shadow boost feature enhances image detail in dimly lit regions on an ASUS display.
  • The Asus monitor’s high refresh rate, response speed, and adaptive technologies offer the best gaming performance possible.
  • Asus monitors include Smart viewing technology enables the viewing of high-quality images in a straight line.
  • Monitor Asus Allows for seamless transitions using adaptive and freesync technologies.
  • The Asus monitor’s video intelligence technology lets you experience the most outstanding video performance possible.
  • They have an ergonomic and adaptable stand that allows for a comfortable setting.
  • You can connect External speakers to your Asus monitor to improve the sound quality.
  • The IPS panel and high resolution of the ASUS monitor provide image clarity.
  • Multiple ports on an ASUS display are pretty beneficial for connectivity options.
  • The visual and game plus capabilities increase color performance on an ASUS display.
  • Asus monitors incorporate Eye Care technology to ensure that viewing sessions are comfortable.
  • Asus monitors include a wide viewing angle and a high-quality image at all viewing angles.

Asus Monitor Disadvantages

  • Although the built-in speakers on the Asus monitor are convenient if you don’t want to deal with a headset, they sound somewhat harsh. By and large, most gamers opt for a headset or higher-quality external speakers. The stereo speakers included with this monitor are adequate for hearing game audio but do not expect it to be as sharp as possible with more audio channels.
  • Specific ASUS gaming monitors include simple-to-use on-screen display options for calibrating colors, blue light filtering, and more. It does not, however, have on-screen display profiles. It might cause complications if the monitor is used for various purposes or if it is used by more than one person, as we all have unique visual requirements and preferences.
  • This monitor features an LED display that is susceptible to backlight bleed. It occurs when screen light “escapes” around the edges, resulting in an unevenly lighted display. It brightens the edges and can be highly distracting for gamers. Blacklight bleed can be caused by various factors, including the screen not being wholly flat or sealed at the borders. It is unfixable.

What Exactly Is Asus Vision Care Technology?

ASUS developed Eye Care technology to help reduce the symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency (CVS) caused by extended computer use.

ASUS monitors have ASUS Eye Care technology, ensuring an excellent viewing experience while keeping your eyes healthy.

Frequently Asked Question

Are ASUS Monitors IPS?

ASUS business monitors include an incorporated webcam, microphone array, and stereo speakers for video calls and live streaming. In addition, each monitor features an IPS screen for wide-angle viewing and delivers highly sharp imagery.

What Is Splendid on Computer?

This application optimizes the screen of ASUS notebook panels by procreating richer and deeper colors for a visually stunning experience regardless of the viewing environment. Your device must have an ASUS customized ICC profile included in the ASUS pre-install image; otherwise, the function will not work.

How Do I Turn on ASUS Gamevisual?

You must configure the GameVisual parameters via the Gaming Center program. ROG GameVisual is accessible via the ROG Gaming Center. On Gaming Center, a toggle switch allows for quick color mode switching.

Which Monitor Is Better, Hp or ASUS?

While the ASUS has a bigger 27-inch screen that allows for more multitasking space, the HP’s smaller screen allows for a greater pixel density due to its 1080p resolution. In addition, the ASUS has significantly superior ergonomics, as the stand is swivel adjustable.


ASUS is one of the largest monitor manufacturers, offering a diverse selection of products ranging from entry-level models to feature-rich gaming displays, which are among the best on the market.

In addition, the splendid Demo Mode of the Asus monitor simplifies moving between color optimization settings when you need to adjust the color settings for various conditions. 

As a result, it is vital to understand how splendid mode works on your monitor. You can accomplish it by clicking the Menu icon on the monitor.

Then press the down arrow button until System Setup appears. Following that, press Menu to bring up ‘Splendor Demo Mode .’Again, press Menu, and you’ll see On/Off.

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