How to Turn on MSI Monitor? Easy Guide

Gamers are always watching for the most excellent viewing experience possible. If they cannot notice an incoming enemy in their game, it is life or death.

That is why it is critical to select the appropriate MSI monitor setting, way of turning it on at the right moment and for an excellent game.

So, I’ll describe How to Turn on MSI Monitor in this article. MSI’s gaming displays include a joystick for manually adjusting these settings.

As a gaming display, the MSI monitor is just as critical to your gaming setup as your beefed-up gaming PC. On the other hand, choosing the correct one can be tricky – all the more so given the plethora of options and technological specs available.

The MSI monitors are an excellent choice if you’re searching for a high-performance 23-inch Full HD gaming monitor that features a 144Hz refresh rate, a 1ms response time, and FreeSync technology.

Additionally, it features Anti-Flicker technology, enabling you to compete in video games without experiencing eye strain or nausea caused by flickering screen effects. Its design comprises matte black plastic bezels and an aluminum alloy base that imparts a sense of solidity.

MSI Monitor Functions

MSI monitors can perform various duties, including game monitoring, in-game descriptions, game setup file, system configuration, hotkeys, joystick control, and additional capabilities such as PIP.

Excellent Features of MSI Monitors

How to Switch HDMI on MSI Monitor

Easily Utilizable

The display has sprung to life, and everything appears to be more precise. It is due to the monitor’s ultra-high refresh rate of 144 Hz and response time of 1 ms. You can tell that everything you do on the monitor occurs in real-time to the thousandth degree.

MSI Optix gaming displays feature a broader colour gamut than standard monitors. It implies that the situation does not have to be as it is.

Superiority of image

The screen on this gaming monitor is excellent. It is a substantial structure. It is incisive. Furthermore, the colours are accurate.

It is popular because it is suitable for video games and other applications that need crisp visuals, accurate colour reproduction, and a broad range.

This monitor will help you play games more easily. It features anti-flickering technology and a reduced amount of blue light. Additionally, it is the optimal strain meter.


The monitor is relatively straightforward to operate. It comes equipped with an OSD joystick accessible from the monitor’s front panel. Unlike most other monitors, this one does not have icons out of reach.

It will appear brighter when viewed through your eyes. Wide colour gamut – This allows for more game colour to be displayed on your screen.

You’ll have a better view of the game’s gameplay colors, and it’ll appear more realistic. The viewing angles of MSI gaming monitors are excellent.


This monitor offers numerous customization options to ensure that your work experience is as comfortable as possible.

However, this type allows for monitor tilting. It lacks the various ergonomic features found on competing displays.


MSI Optix gaming monitor focuses exclusively on its primary role. It features a straightforward yet attractive design and is crafted from high-quality materials.

These monitors are finished in a sleek black with no sides or top. It provides you with a highly contemporary appearance.

Although it primarily comprises plastic, it is nevertheless a high-end product. Despite this, it exudes a sense of excellence.

MSI went above and beyond to ensure that this device was economical without using low-cost materials.

Brightness and High Dynamic Range

It could help us purchase a better monitor because it lacks HDR technology and has a maximum brightness of 250 nits. It is a feature that many high-end displays already offer, but it will increase their price.

The high resolution enhances the visual quality of game titles. The refresh rate should be as quick as possible. Screen splitting and shaky frame rates are prevented if the response time is shorter than 1ms.

HDR, 360 hertz and Adobe RGB lighting are employed for games. Sure, folks do not desire these items. However, some people enjoy them.

These blue light reduction monitors might help you stay awake for extended periods while gaming. It significantly minimizes the quantity of blue light emitted by the screen.


If we examine the connections on this display, we may miss the lack of a USB-C port. However, this is acceptable because the other links are more than enough and reasonable.

It includes HDMI and DisplayPort inputs, which is a critical feature. These are the interfaces for any newly released or recently purchased equipment.

How to Turn on MSI Monitor?

Connecting a Monitor to a Computer

  • Connect the HDMI/DisplayPort cord from your monitor to the computer when the computer is turned off.
  • Assemble the AC adapter and power cable.
  • Connect the AC adapter to the display’s power port.
  • Connect the power wire to the outlet.
  • Activate the monitor.

Setup of OSD

Before setting the OSD, experts recommend that users consult the handbook.

Numerous models are available, each with slightly different configurations. You can find The handbook for a specific model on the MSI official website or the original package.

  • Press the Navi key after powering on the monitor. Right-hand corner: An OSD menu will appear.
  • The user can customize the OSD’s parameters, such as refresh rate, frequency sync, and brightness.

How Do You Troubleshoot if the MSI Monitor Does Not Turn on?

If your MSI monitor does not power on, the first thing I check is that the monitor is connected correctly; you also check all cables to ensure they are correctly connected.

If all cords are correctly connected and the power supply is operational, you may have to re-configure your monitor. Link the HDMI/DisplayPort cable to both your computer and monitor. Connect the monitor’s AC power adapter and cord to a power source.

Reboot your computer and convert on the monitor once this is complete. Ensure that you are displaying the correct input. It’s something that is frequently overlooked when dealing with monitor issues. You may be on the incorrect input.

The Most Significant Advantages of Using MSI Monitors

The following are some of the primary benefits of employing MSI monitors:

  • By utilizing MSI monitors, the installation and uninstallation operations are simplified.
  • You may swiftly install applications on various systems and in a variety of different locations. It reduces administration costs, streamlines the management of licence fees, and decreases maintenance and repair expenditures.
  • It Modifies applications to conserve system space. It can be made accessible for installation on-demand.
  • Upgrades, fixes, recoveries, and revisions of applications are simplified.
  • Utilizing the Roll-Back process makes performing a clean installation and uninstallation. 
  • It simplifies the process of creating new users and updating existing users.
  • It Eliminates the possibility of uncontrolled additional software and installations on a company network.
  • It Automates the process of software distribution. Programs can be downloaded using a service integrated into the system’s operating system.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Won’t My MSI Monitor Turn on?

Ascertain that the monitor and power supply are securely connected. Ascertain that the power indicator light is illuminated.

Ascertain that the monitor and graphics card are correctly connected via the display cable.

Replace the VGA / DVI / HDMI / DisplayPort cable with another similar display cable to do a cross-test.

Is There Software for MSI Monitors?

Gaming OSD is one of the many MSI-optimized gaming applications. It integrates many tasks such as game monitoring, in-game description, game setup file, system setting, hotkeys, joystick control, and additional capabilities such as PIP in an MSI monitor.

Are MSI Computer Monitors Good?

MSI’s Optix G27C5 display is a decent all-around performer. It excels as a gaming monitor due to its extremely low input lag, compatibility for FreeSync VRR, and quick response time.

While it is acceptable for professional use, its 1080p resolution, limited viewing angles, and poor ergonomics may not be for everyone.

How Do I Switch My MSI Monitor to HDMI?

To access the standard OSD menu, navigate to the Menu option on the right side of the panel. By clicking the – (minus) or + (plus) buttons on your MSI display, you will be able to locate your Source.

After that, the Source will switch between HDMI, Display Port, and DVI. At this point, you must click Save.


MSI uses a VA panel in this monitor to provide gamers with lightning-fast response speeds of 1ms without sacrificing viewing angles (178°) or colour accuracy.

Additionally, it has exceptional connectivity features, ergonomics, ease of use, visual supremacy, a killer design, immersive display curves, and admirable attention to detail, making it a worthy pick for nearly all sorts of gamers and games.

After reading this tutorial, I hope you will solve all your queries regarding How to Turn on MSI Monitor? You may activate the MSI monitor by turning your computer off and connecting your monitor through HDMI/DisplayPort.

Then assemble the AC adapter and cord. Connect the monitor’s power adapter. Connect the power cord. Activate the computer. Activate the OSD menu and choose your input source.

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