How to Turn Up Volume on ViewSonic Monitor Perfect Guide

For three decades, ViewSonic has built a reputation as a trusted global monitor and panel solutions provider. Like any other piece of computer gear, ViewSonic displays are not without their share of problems.

Occasionally you may need to reduce the volume when playing a game, or you may need to mute the volume while working on a crucial document, or you may need to do so for other reasons such as a headache, to speak with someone, or for any other reason.

Overall, when it comes to computer displays, ViewSonic is unquestionably one of the most well-known names in the industry. The ViewSonic brand is famous for producing high-quality monitors, and it is on par with other well-known brands such as Acer, Asus, BenQ, and others.

Whatever your display requirements are, whether they are for the most basic of jobs or more demanding applications such as gaming, ViewSonic will most likely meet them. 

How to Change Volume on a ViewSonic Monitor?

To alter the volume on the ViewSonic monitor, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Press the MENU button. The menu appears on the screen.

Step 2: To access the SOUND menu, click the left or right buttons.

Step 3: To gain access, hit the down button.

Step 4: Click the up or down keys to select an option, then the left or right arrows. The following choices are available to you:

Sound Mode

This option allows you to choose the sound mode. You have the opportunity to select from the following:

  • Usual and customary (for specific programs).
  • You can select Music for musical programs.
  • Watching a movie (for movies).
  • Sports are an excellent method to spend time with friends and family (for sports programs).
  • A person who uses a computer (for user setting sound mode).

Important Note: Please remember that you can also select the sound mode by pressing SOUND on the remote control.


This function adjusts the treble (high sounds).


This function adjusts the bass (low sounds).


This feature allows you to adjust the balance between the audio channels on the left and right.

Auto Volume 

This feature is activated to ensure that the overall sound levels for all streams are equal.

Surround Sound 

The button turns on or off the Surround sound effect.

Visual Impairment

  • Setting the mix of visual impairments audio with standard Audio is done using the Visual Impairment setting.
  • When available, audio explanations of on-screen action includes in the visually impaired audio version. 
  • You can enable it by selecting Mode from the drop-down menu. You can also control the volume from this menu.

Headphone Connection

  • Selecting Speaker On after connecting a headphone ensures that the Speaker’s sound continues to be audible when the headphone is disconnected. 
  • If you wish the Speaker sound to be muffled when a headphone is connected, select Speaker Off from the menu.

How to Change Sound Volume With the Front Panel or Remote?

How to Adjust Volume on Viewsonic Monitor

To Turn Up Volume on ViewSonic Monitor by using a remote, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: To access the monitor’s Main Menu, click the “Menu” button in the lower right corner. To get to “Brightness,” use the + and – buttons to scroll through the menu. You can do this by pressing the “Select” button.

Step 2: To increase the sound level, press VOLUME + on the display’s front panel or the remote control.

Step 3: Press the VOLUME button on either the central panel of the display or the remote control to lower the sound volume.

How to Mute the Volume on a ViewSonic?

  • To temporarily reduce the volume, you can use the MUTE key combination.
  • “MUTE” will pop up in the upper right of the screen because the display’s volume is muted.
  • Hit the VOLUME +/- or MUTE key to return to average volume.

Is ViewSonic a Good Brand?

In 2020, PC Magazine officially named ViewSonic as the finest monitor brand. In the year 2020, Brea, California (March 25, 2020) will be a city in California. This year, PCMag named ViewSonic Corp., a renowned global supplier of visual solutions, as its Best Monitor Brand for 2020.

Is There a Volume Button on a Monitor?

The minus button (located on the front panel) uses to raise the volume correctly. To do so, press the minus button on the front panel until the volume indicator appears. After the indication has been displayed, you can use the + button to increase the volume levels.

Why Does My ViewSonic Monitor Have No Sound?

Examine to ensure that the audio wire is linked to the Sound Card’s output (Audio out or Line Out) and that it is attached to the Monitor’s Audio In or Line-In input. On display, check to see no cords attached to the Headphone Jack (which is situated beside the Audio In port).

How Do I Adjust Speaker Volume?

Enter the Control Panel and select Hardware and Sound from the drop-down menus. Afterwards, select “Adjust system volume” in the Sound’s Sound section by clicking or tapping. For speakers, program sounds, or any other open Windows apps, utilize the Volume Mixer box.

Why Can’t I Hear the Volume on My Monitor?

If the monitor speaker isn’t showing up in the list, open the Control Panel and look it up. Check if the audio device recognizes the audio inputs after uninstalling and reinstalling. The sound card driver should also be installed and active.

How Do I Set Up Monitor Speakers?

Monitors should be placed at the same level as your ears and aimed directly at your eardrums, rather than angled slightly up or down.

Your loudspeakers and you should create an equilateral triangle with their distance equal to the distance between each Speaker and you.

How Do You Get Sound on ViewSonic?

It’s essential to make sure that the audio wire routes from the device’s output to the device’s input. Verify that you’re listening on your preferred device.

Double-Tap the Multimedia icon in the Control Panel by Start > Settings > Settings Menu. Some audio issues can be traced back to a computer’s software.

How Do I Turn Up the Volume on My ViewSonic Monitor?

The Viewsonic monitor’s volume control and arrow buttons must be “pushed up” to work. For two people, this was a significant benefit.

How Do I Adjust the Volume on My Monitor?

  • You can access Control Panel by selecting Start, then Control Panel.
  • Make a selection from System Volume and then click Adjust system volume.
  • After setting the Device volume slider to 75 per cent of its maximum range, click Advanced to continue.

Does ViewSonic Monitor Have Speakers?

This monitor, equipped with twin integrated speakers, combines excellent screen performance with powerful stereo sound to provide an immersive multimedia experience for users.

What Is the Best Way to Place Speakers for Sound?

Adjust the distance between your speakers and the nearest wall to at least 2-3 feet. It will reduce the number of sound reflections, which might have a detrimental impact on the clarity of the playback.

Angle the Speaker to your liking (toe-in). Your speakers should be angled inward to aim straight towards the listener’s head – more precisely, at a point right behind the user’s head.

How Do I Connect Speakers to My Monitor Without Aux?

If your computer monitor does not have a 3.5mm audio-jack connector, you will need to use an HDMI extractor to hear sound via it. The HDMI extractor will provide audio and video jacks in two alternative configurations.

Consequently, you may link the content directly to the monitor while Connecting the Audio straight to the external speakers.

Why Won’t My ViewSonic Monitor Turn on?

A problem with the ViewSonic monitor that connects to an electric socket and would not turn on most likely stems from the outlet that the ViewSonic monitor plugs into.

Plugging another device into the electrical outlet, such as a lamp, will allow you to evaluate whether or not the outlet is troublesome.

Which F Key Is for Volume?

To make a key a regular function key on such keyboards, press and hold the Fn key while using the keyboard. The primary function of the F12 key, for instance, on the MacBook laptop, is to boost the audio volume.

Does ViewSonic Monitor Have HDMI?

While laptops typically only have one port to connect an external monitor, many ViewSonic monitors include VGA, DVI, and HDMI.

How Do I Use Headphones With My ViewSonic Monitor?

  • The headphone socket outputs whatever HDMI feeds the monitor if HDMI is connected.
  • Connect your display and sound system via a 3.5mm audio wire.
  • There is a simple audio out jack on the monitor.
  • Connect your headphones via the connector provided.

Where Is the Volume Control?

On top of the keyboard, you’ll find them near the “F” keys. Typically, they are located on laptop keyboards’ with “F” keys.

You can access these functions by pressing and holding the Fn button on the keyboard. You can also use External speakers’ volume controls to adjust the loudness.

What Is the Shortcut for Volume?

When using Windows 10 or Windows 7, the Windows key + A or Windows key + B will bring you to the control panel’s notification centre.

Where Is My Volume Icon?

Select Taskbar settings from the context menu by right-clicking the space in the taskbar. Continue scrolling down the window until you reach the Choose which symbols appear on your taskbar option, which you should select. Look for and press the volume icon setting button.

How Do I Access ViewSonic Monitor Menu?

Use either the One (ViewMode) or two (Setup Menu) keys to access the Setup Menu. To access the Setup Menu, hit the three keys. Click the One (ViewMode) or Two (Menu) keys to access the menu.

How Do I Navigate My ViewSonic Monitor Menu?

To access the monitor’s Main Menu, click the “Menu” button in the lower right corner of the screen. To get to “Brightness,” use the + and – buttons to scroll through the menu. You can do this by pressing the “Select” button.