How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor for PS3? Easy Guide

The Sony PlayStation 3 is an entertainment system that enables users to play games, watch Blu-ray movies, access the web, view photos, and listen to music.

The HDMI cable, which the PS3 utilizes to transmit high-definition video to an external device, can be linked to any screen, including a television or laptop monitor.

It is a brief Guide on How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor for PS3? The PS3’s HDMI cable, which transmits high-definition video from the console to an external computer, can be connected to any screen, including a television or laptop monitor.

Numerous individuals using a laptop as their primary computer may like to utilize it as a monitor for their PlayStation 3. It is achievable and will not require the purchase of another monitor, but there are a few points to consider first.

Verify Your Laptop’s Compatibility

When using HDMI to play PlayStation 3 games on a laptop computer, the most critical factor to consider is whether the laptop has an HDMI-in port.

The majority of Laptops For Students have a single input intended to emit a signal rather than receive one. In some rare cases, your laptop may have an HDMI in port, which will be labeled “HDMI In.”

Nevertheless, this is so unusual that you’ll need to search specifically for a laptop with the feature. You can easily accomplish your goal if your laptop includes the feature; otherwise, you will be unable to.

What You’ll Need to Use Your Laptop as a Monitor With PS3?

  • PlayStation 3
  • HDMI Cable
  • Video Capture Card/Software for card
  • Laptop

Laptop As PS3 Monitor with HDMI Port

You can play your PS3 on a desktop monitor if you have a laptop equipped with an HDMI input port – but only in this case. 

  • Locate your laptop’s HDMI port.
  • Connect your laptop’s HDMI cord to the PlayStation 3.
  • Switch both devices on and wait for them to discover one another.
  • It may take a few minutes, but everything should work well after you’ve passed this stage.
  • You can adjust the Screen Resolution Setting to meet the requirements of your laptop.
  • Now that they are connected and communicating, you can use your laptop as an external monitor.

There are two types of HDMI ports, and certain laptops may lack the appropriate one. If you want to do this, you’ll need to purchase a wire with an HDMI port on both ends.

It’s because one end plugs into your tv or monitor and the other end fits into the HDMI slot on the side of your computer (sometimes under a flap).

There is no use in attempting this method if it does not work, as it will not function without the right cable.

How to Connect a Laptop to a PS3 as a Monitor via a Video Card for Non-HDMI Ports?

If your laptop lacks an HDMI port, you’ll need to recognize the video port and buy an adapter or video card that supports HDMI connections. VGA, DVI, HDMI, and composite S-Video are laptops’ most common video ports.

There is a 99 per cent chance that you have a digital video capture device. It is a compact box with inputs and outputs. It allows you to connect many devices that generate video signals.

  • On the back of your PS3, you’ll find an HDMI port. Ensure that the other end of the HDMI cable is plugged into the capture card’s “In” port for the data from your PS3 to be transmitted to your laptop.
  • The packaging or user manual should have included instructions on downloading video capture card software. 
  • Utilize the incoming video signals via the device’s included software.
  • The data from your PS3’s HDMI out port may lag slightly as it is transmitted via your laptop’s USB port.
  • Once everything is powered on, your laptop will display the PS3 screen. If not, investigate the video capture card’s connections, particularly the HDMI cable and port, as well as the USB cable and port.

What Are Your Options if the PS3 Fails to Recognize the Video Output?

By powering on your laptop before turning on your PS3 console, the console will be able to detect the video output. Hold the “Power” button down for four to six seconds to turn on your PS3.

After holding the power button for four to six seconds, you should hear one beep and a series of two quick beeps. After hearing the two quick beeps, release the power button. 

Allow for the configuration of your laptop’s screen with the PS3 console. Most laptops should automatically detect the foreign device and link the connection type and resolution.

If your laptop does not have this feature, consult the manual for your laptop and adjust the video settings to satisfy the PS3 console.

Which Is Superior, HDMI Or VGA?

HDMI offers numerous advantages over VGA. HDMI not only supports more data, allowing for higher resolutions and frames per second, but it also supports audio.

Why Is It Necessary To Connect The PlayStation 3 To The Laptop?

A PlayStation 3 game console can be attached to a laptop computer for various reasons. Between the PS3 and your phone, wireless communication is possible.

You can access the hard drive of your computer, as well as its images, audio, and pictures, from the PS3’s menu.

Additionally, you can connect the console to a computer and use it as a gaming television display. These are two opposed relationships.

For Monitoring

How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor for PS3

An external video capture card for your laptop is a good investment. This system will be connected to the computer via USB and feature composite and S-video outputs.

Connect the capture card to your laptop. Install the included CD-ROM program into your disc drive. This program assists the device in recognizing the card’s drivers and includes a video viewing/editing feature.

Attach the PlayStation to the capture card via the RCA composite cable with the PS3. Open the video application and turn on the console to view it on the program’s computer. To enlarge your game to fill your entire screen, activate the “full screen” button on the game’s application.

For File Sharing

  • Navigate to Settings and scroll down to Network Settings on the PlayStation 3 menu. 
  • In Internet Access Settings, locate your wireless router among the available connections. 
  • If the router is protected, you must enter your password. 
  • The Network Settings list will show “Enabled” for Internet Connection when you are connected.
  • Link the laptop and PS3 to the router if you have one. 
  • It is necessary for a PS3 with 40 GB of memory but no built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Connecting the machines is accomplished via a USB cable. 
  • A USB cable with two thin connector plugs is required to connect your game controller to one PS3’s USB-style ports.

FAQs – How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor for PS3?

Can I Use My Laptop as a Monitor for My Playstation?

Perhaps an HDMI or video capture card is required to use your laptop as a monitor. It means that you can technically play your PlayStation 4 “on” your laptop by installing PlayStation Remote Play and connecting it to your PlayStation 4. Like the PS Vita, it allows you to access your PS4 games via your computer.

How Do I Use My Laptop as a Monitor for My PS3 Windows 10?

It’s relatively simple to set up. On the PlayStation 4, you’ll want to install the PS4 Remote Play app on Windows 10 and then follow the on-screen instructions. After that, connect the PS4 controller to your laptop, and you should be able to use your PS4 on your laptop via the network.

How Can I Use My Laptop as a TV Monitor?

Press the Windows button on the laptop and type ‘Settings’. Then navigate to ‘Connected devices’ and click the top-right ‘Add device’ option. The drop-down menu will display a list of all the devices you can mirror. Select a television, and the laptop’s screen will begin mirroring the television.

How Can I Use My Laptop as a Monitor Input?

Press Windows Key+P on the desktop or laptop you want to use as your primary device. Choose how you should display the screen. Select “Extend” if you want your laptop to function as a true second monitor, providing additional screen space for the productivity applications discussed previously.


There are numerous ways to use your laptop as a PS3 monitor. Additionally, there are some connectivity issues. There are numerous benefits to using your laptop as a monitor with the PlayStation 3, including saving money by not purchasing an expensive display when all you need is something small; and sharing content between screens without experiencing lag in response time.

You can use your laptop’s HDMI ports to connect to a PS3 as a monitor, or you can use video cards for non- HDMI ports. Does that conclude the debate on  How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor for PS3? Additionally, this article discusses the issues you may encounter when using your laptop as a monitor with your PS3 and how to resolve them.