How to Watch YouTube Fullscreen Dual Monitor? 3 Ways

Some people like to work on a small screen, while others prefer to use a multi-monitor configuration to complete their tasks, including watching videos on a computer screen. For those of you who frequently utilize multiple monitors, this post will demonstrate How to Watch YouTube Fullscreen Dual Monitor?

Even though dual monitors are convenient if you view a Flash video in full-screen mode on YouTube, Hulu, or any other website, click anywhere on the different monitor and force your Flash video clips to exit full-screen mode immediately. Any tweaking with your browser’s settings will be ineffective in addressing the problem.

Easiest Ways to Watch YouTube in Full-Screen Mode in Dual Monitors Setup 

How to Full Screen Across Two Monitors

There are many possible ways to view YouTube in full-screen mode. Still, here we will discuss only two main ways to watch video on several screens: first, by stretching the video player’s window with your mouse, and second, by using PotPlayer or IgnoFlash Patch tool.

By Using Mouse 

With the help of a mouse, it is simple to watch YouTube in full-screen mode with a dual-monitor setup. To understand this, follow the instructions outlined below.

  • Select the YouTube video using the right-click.
  • Select “Pop-out” from the drop-down menu.
  • Now you can watch the video in a new browser window.
  • You should fully open the window.
  • The top bar is now visible.
  • You can find “Show Controls” by right-clicking the video and selecting “Show Controls.”

By Using the IgnoFlash Patch 

This open-source patch alters the Flash Netscape and ActiveX plugins to retain full-screen Flash videos even if the focus is lost.

Full-screen Flash video playback on one device while using another display is possible with IgnoFlash, thanks to its non-interfering video scaling and minimization.

Downloading and Installation of the IgnoFlash Patch For Windows

First, download and install the Flash Player Full Screen Patch. Then, make sure to read these three steps before attempting to run the program:

  • Close all open tabs in your browser.
  • Open the task manager to see if your browser is still running in the background.
  • Perform a test run of the.exe file to ensure that it is free of any issues. Make sure that Run set to “Administrator.”

Benefits of Using IgnoFlash Patch

Anyone who needs to multitask without being forced to view tiny Flash videos may find this helpful app. With IgnoFlash, you may view instructional videos and take notes simultaneously.

You can view a lecture in full-screen mode using dual monitors while taking notes on the other screen.

By Using PotPlayer

In Windows, you can use several displays to play video simultaneously by downloading and installing PotPlayer. PotPlayer is an excellent music player. They were the same folks who worked on KMPlayer at the beginning. As a result, they can now be considered a stand-alone online business.

Install PotPlayer on your Windows PC to get started. Even though the official website states that it is only compatible with Windows 8.1 and older, you may install it on Windows 10. To Watch YouTube Fullscreen Dual Monitor follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Select Preferences from the three horizontal buttons on the player after being installed and opened.

Step 2: Select Fullscreen Mode from the Playback menu. Extending the youtube video is as simple as selecting additional displays from a list on the right. 

Step 3: Select “Monitor” from the drop-down menu and choose the first screen.

Step 4: Select the second monitor from the “Extend video picture ” from the drop-down choice.” The same applies if you have more than two displays.

Step 5: Press the Apply and OK buttons to complete the process.

Step 6: Finally, Play the YouTube video in PotPlayer and then select Full Screen from the menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

You should be able to see your multi-monitor configuration while your video is open on multiple monitors.

What Is YouTube Full-Screen Size?

When you browse YouTube from television, you will display the image you upload in its entirety; that is, it will cover the entire background of your channel with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Desktop display: The image will have a resolution of 2560 x 423 pixels and fill the entire screen.

Why Is My YouTube Video Smaller Than the Frame?

When you use YouTube on a computer, the video player’s size is automatically adjusted to fit the remaining space in your browser window. To vary the size of your video player manually, set the size of your browser.

How Do I Make My Two Monitors Full Screen?

  • Select Control Panel by pressing “Windows Key + X.”
  • Go to the Display.
  • On the left pane, select Adjust Screen Resolution.
  • Restart the computer after you’ve saved your modifications.

How Do I Change My YouTube Layout?

  • Make changes to a portion of the document.
  • To access YouTube Studio, log in.
  • Select Customization from the left-hand menu. Layout.
  • Click Options once you’ve hovered your mouse pointer over the section you’d like to change. You can edit Section material in the corresponding section.
  • Modify the content of the section in the edit screen.
  • Publish your work by clicking the Publish button.

How Do You Make YouTube Fill the Whole Screen?

In the upper-right corner, select your profile icon. Navigate to the “Settings” menu. “General” is where you’ll find it now. Turn on the “Zoom to Fill Screen” switch.

How Do You Watch YouTube Videos Vertically?

If you want to use this grand YouTube gesture, swipe up on the video you are watching to expand the Display and swipe down on it to return to the portrait orientation.

How Do I Enable Floating Window on YouTube?

Press and hold the Android home button while a video is streaming in the YouTube app to start PiP playback. After a while, the video to a PiP window.

Using the PiP window, you may move it across the screen, enabling playback to continue while other applications are running. Double-tapping the PiP will allow you to restart playback on the YouTube app.

What Are the Benefits of Having Two Screens?

The use of dual monitors effectively doubles your desktop space, which helps to reduce the amount of clutter on your screen.

Move some tasks to the second screen to free up part of the space they are taking up on the first screen. While you have most of that extra space, it is much easier to maintain your organization.

Why Do Youtubers Use 2 Monitors?

It is possible to multitask while playing your favorite video games with a dual monitor configuration, ideal for gamers.

This additional screen real estate can utilize as a desktop computer for online browsing, video watching, or displaying overviews and other information for a game if one has purchased it.

Does Dual Screen Affect Productivity?

Jon Peddie Research conducted a long-term study comparing the utilization of dual monitors vs. single monitors.

According to the study’s findings, having a second monitor enhanced user performance by an average of 42%.

Are Dual Monitors Worth?

Comparing two monitor settings to a single monitor setup, the organization discovered that productivity rose by 25%. Productivity increases by 35.5 percent when three displays utilize.

Even though it takes some time to become accustomed to the experience, you won’t want to go back once you do.

How Do I Stretch a Video Across Two Monitors?

You can access the control panel by selecting Graphics properties from your desktop’s context menu. Upon launching the control panel, click on Display, then Multiple Displays to begin.

Collage is the display mode you want to use under Select a Display Mode. Select Enable from the drop-down menu that appears.

How Do I Get Full Screen On Dual Monitors?

  • Close all running applications.
  • You may access Display Settings by right-clicking a space on your desktop and selecting Display Settings.
  • When you choose the Multiple Displays drop-down menu, you can select Duplicate or Extend these displays, or Display Only on one or Show Only on 2.

Why Is My YouTube Display So Big?

The size of the YouTube video player adjusts based on the browser window’s height. Video quality changes from 360p to 480p to 720p when Chrome resizes, while the player gets larger.

Is It Better to Stream With Two Monitors?

To stream effectively, you need to use at least two monitors. It will allow you to play games in full screen on your primary monitor while still keeping track of the conversation, contributions, and the OBS preview on your secondary monitor.

How Do You Watch Two Videos at Once?

In Sound Assistant, select the app you want to use as the first audio device. The first app in split-screen mode should be used for video playback, while you should use the second app for browsing. Make sure you watch both videos before you do this.

It would be best if you directed the audio tracks for each video to a distinct audio source to play both videos.

How Do You Maximize the Size of Your Computer Screen?

  • Exit any running programs. 
  • Hold down the Windows key and click the P key on your keyboard. 
  • Choose one of the following display styles from the drop-down menu. 
  • Close all currently running programs. 
  • Select Display Settings by right-clicking an empty place on your desktop.