How to Find Dell Monitor Model Number? Easy Guide

Dell has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality computers and monitors since 1984. Each year, the company introduces several new monitors to the market, with its most popular Model remaining on the market for up to 3 years.

In addition, monitors are available in various configurations, from one of the most basic to the most complex professional-grade monitors. Nonetheless, all Dell monitors are identified by their unique model numbers.

Therefore, to determine the technical specification of your Dell monitor, it is vital to Find Dell Monitor Model.

The best and easiest way to recognize your product model and receive tailored service is to let the Dell Support website identify your product or enter the Service Tag associated with your product.

Alternatively, you can choose your product from a list. This third possibility provides the general support relevant information on your product model rather than the specifications and capabilities of your specific computer.

Why Do We Identify Dell Monitor Models by Their Model Names?

Dell EMC has adopted a new model number naming scheme for monitors. It is for a variety of reasons:

It simplifies the configuration and identification of IT personnel and systems. Dell can adhere to regulatory certifications and other external obligations more efficiently. You can instantly identify the following by using the model number:

  • The screen’s size and resolution
  • The technological generation
  • Make a point of highlighting the monitor’s various features.
  • Where it stands in comparison to other monitors
  • It is far easier to comprehend and apply than previous naming conventions:
  • You are not required to re-learn any of the applicable standards.
  • It will become increasingly relevant as additional monitors are released.

An Efficient Way to Find Your Model No of Dell Monitor

 Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • After clicking the Start button, type System Information into the search field.
  • Click System Information in the search list, under Programs, to launch the System Information window.
  • In the System section, look for Model.

How to Locate the Dell Monitor’s, Service Tag?

Dell employs product identifiers such as the Service Tag, the Express Service Code, or the Serial Number to access technical specifications, documentation, and warranty information.

Utilize the Service Tag, Express Service Code, or Serial Number to access specialized support options for your Dell product. The Service Tag is a seven-character alphanumeric code, while the Express Service Code is a ten to an eleven-character numeric representation of the Service Tag.

Dell accessories and peripherals, including keyboards, mouse, and external hard drives, do not include a Service Tag or an Express Service Code. However, Dell technical support can assist you in identifying such products by using the Dell order id.

The Service Label or Express Service Code label on Dell monitors is located on the monitor’s back panel. The Service Tag or Express Service Code sticker is located on the bottom panel of Dell projectors.

Can We Check the Model Number on the Dell Monitor’s Product Label?

For most computers, the product model number is located on a label or can be a sticker outside the chassis. In addition, you may find the label on the tower case’s back, top, or side.

What Is Dell Known for?

The company is well-known for its advances in supply chain and electronic commerce, most notably its direct-sales strategy and its “build-to-order” or “configure-to-order” manufacturing technique, which involves delivering custom-configured personal computers to customers.

Is Dell a Successful Company?

“Dell’s objective is to be the world’s most successful computer company by providing the most satisfactory customer experience in the markets in which we operate. Dell will do so to achieve the following customer expectations: Highest quality. Technology at the cutting edge.

What Makes Dell Unique?

Dell’s key strategy for achieving and maintaining a competitive edge is an innovative direct-to-customer business model. Additionally, Dell differentiates itself from the competition through its on-demand manufacturing services.

Is Dell Monitor a Good Brand?

With few exceptions, the majority of Dell monitors are well-built and designed. Excellent color accuracy. Dell monitors are known for their superb pre-calibration performance and accurate color reproduction.

Who Makes Dell Monitor Panels?

Only two businesses make Dell monitors: Wistron Corporation in China, at its Zhongshan, Guangdong facility. This plant manufactures monitors for use throughout the world. This factory’s monitors are sold in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

How Old Is My Dell Computer?

Locate it in the table to instantly determine your computer’s age. For models not listed here and to choose the exact purchase date of your computer, visit and enter its service tag in the warranty status search.

Dell computer models that are often purchased are classified according to the calendar year in which they were released.

What Do Dell Model Numbers Mean?

How to Find Dell Monitor Serial Number Using Command Prompt

The first digit of the model number represents the generation of the series, the second digit specifies the display size, and the third digit shows the processor generation.

For instance, the mighty Latitude E6420 is a 14-inch computer powered by an Intel Core series processor from the second generation. Dell’s workstation notebooks are known as Precision.

Why Are Dell Monitors So Popular?

Dell displays, on average, have superior ergonomics versus LG monitors and are slightly more suitable for office use. However, most LG monitors we’ve examined have special motion handling and excellent gaming capabilities. So generally, purchasing a Dell monitor is a good bet.

Are Dell Monitors Made by Samsung?

Samsung, LG, and a few other companies are manufacturers — they create and produce their monitors. They are the factory’s owners. Dell, HP, Viewsonic, and others are original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) – they may (or may not) manufacture the monitors, but another business manufactures them to their specifications.

Are HP or Dell Monitors Better?

The Dell monitor features a higher resolution, a wider color gamut, and a brighter display. However, when operating at its highest refresh rate, the HP offers wider viewing angles, improved color fidelity, and a faster response time.

What Is Dell’s Strategy?

Dell’s goal is to directly deliver products and services to consumers, cutting out the intermediary. “Dell’s business approach combines a direct customer focus with an extremely efficient production and supply chain management organization, as well as a focus on standards-based technologies.”

Why Dell Is More Efficient Than Competitors?

Dell maintains a competitive edge in the computer business due to its incredibly efficient supply chain/distribution infrastructure.

In addition, due to Dell’s inventory management technology, they can attain higher profit margins and earnings. A business’s most enormous liabilities are inventory and labor.

What Is Dell Business Model?

Dell’s business model is built around product and service design and development. It outsources the manufacturing of its products to third-party contractors to reduce costs and expedite delivery.

What Is the Difference Between Dell P and S Series?

The primary distinction between the Dell P and S series is their functional capabilities. Dell P series laptops are specified for professionals, while the Dell S series monitors are designed for gamers on a budget. S series monitors provide a compact gaming experience with full HD quality.

What Is Dell U Series Monitor?

The Dell U Series displays are the company’s UltraSharp monitors. The U Series monitors have a screen size of around 24 inches and an IPS panel type. The UltraSharp series monitors include an extremely bright display that you may enhance to 300 cd/m2.

Are Dell U Series Monitors Good?

It’s an outstanding gaming monitor, with a rapid response time at the maximum refresh rate, an extremely minimal input latency, and a high refresh rate.

In addition, the ultrawide aspect ratio creates a more immersive gaming environment, ideal for first-person shooter games and deep role-playing games.

How Does Dell KVM Monitor Work?

With the integrated KVM switch, you can control up to two PCs using a single keyboard and mouse linked to the monitor.

Auto KVM is supported for multiple-input configuration. Adjustments to the On-Screen Display (OSD) for simplicity of setup and optimal display.

Do Dell Monitors Last?

A computer monitor’s life expectancy ranges between 30,000 and 60,000 hours on average. Therefore, it equates to between ten and twenty years of use, assuming the computer is used for approximately eight hours every day.

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