How to Use iPad as a Second Monitor

Use iPad as a Second Monitor

Adding a second monitor is a common practice for those needing more screen space. If you occasionally need a second display, such as when working from home, but want to avoid investing in a second monitor, you can use your iPad instead. While Windows doesn’t include any in-built support for using an iPad as a … Read more

How to Tell if Your Monitor is 1080p? Easy Guide

How to Tell if Your Monitor Is 1080p

Computer monitors displays have varied specifications that affect the appearance of your games, movies, and even web browsers. A 1080p monitor is capable of displaying images in actual high definition. A 1080p monitor has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, which corresponds to the thousands of small squares that appear on the screen at … Read more

How to Get Catalyst Monitor Ready? Easy Guide

How to Get Catalyst Monitor Ready

Generally speaking, a catalytic monitor is a piece or segment of an activity that the vehicle routinely conducts or that must be performed to verify a specific element or condition of the vehicle. It is possible that the catalytic converter monitor will not operate unless particular driving circumstances meet. According to the vehicle application, this … Read more

How to Activate USB Ports on Dell Monitor Step by Step Guide

How to Activate USB Ports on Dell MonitorHow to Activate USB Ports on Dell Monitor

USB ports and connectors have been more functional with each new edition of Dell monitors, paving the door for smaller, lighter, and more portable devices. However, while new standards increase speed, power, and adaptability, they also introduce a complicated array of features and functionality to consider when determining which USB port or accessory is best … Read more

How to Connect Xbox 360 to PC Monitor? (VGA or HDMI)

How to Connect Xbox 360 to PC Monitor

Gaming is a love for those confident in their ability to play games on various platforms, including the PC, PlayStation, and most notably, the Xbox. Nowadays, even operating systems offer a diverse selection of games. As previously stated, Windows 10 has a Windows Store via which you can download and install a plethora of games … Read more

How to Connect PS2 to Monitor? Easy Guide

How to Connect PS2 to Monitor

The PlayStation 2 is a classic video game console that debuted in 2000. If you possess one, there’s a good chance you have a sizable game library for it. To extend the life of your PlayStation 2 console, you may desire to take it with you, especially if you are a regular traveler or live … Read more

How Long Does a Monitor Last? (LCD & LED)

How Long Does a Monitor Last

The life of a computer monitor is dependent on the type of light source utilized and the amount of time spent on the monitor each day. Your computer monitor is just as critical as the PC setup’s central processor unit (CPU).  A damaged computer monitor will undoubtedly reduce productivity and prevent you from accomplishing critical … Read more

How to Connect a Speaker to a Monitor? Simple Guide

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Monitors are an integral aspect of any system or computer configuration. It enables you to view data and information to perform updates and other critical tasks. If you are going to be listening to music or other audio files, you probably wonder if monitors have speakers. Monitors are classified into two broad categories: those with … Read more

How to Disassemble Acer Monitor Step by Step Guide

How to Disassemble Acer Monitor

Perhaps you require additional space in your small home or workplace, want a different style, and want to mount your Acer monitor display. Whatever the purpose, your Acer computer monitor can be placed on the wall in the same manner as a flat-screen television. However, this requires the disassembly of the monitor. There are numerous … Read more

How to Use an All in One PC as a Monitor? 5 Easy Ways

How to Use an All in One Pc as a Monitor

All-in-one computers perform identically to traditional desktop computers but are smaller and take up less room. Nevertheless, some people may remain interested and wish to join or use the display of their all-in-one computer as a secondary monitor. Their curiosity may stem from the fact that their all-in-one computer is no longer in use, or … Read more