How to Reset Summer Baby Monitor? Easy Guide

Parents who wish to be reassured by having a constant view of their child regardless of what they’re doing in the home now have the option of baby monitors.

We now can keep a close eye on our children while they sleep, thanks to the advent of video baby monitors. The Summer Baby Monitor appears to be a two-camera model that functions through radio transmission. 

With exceptional picture quality and cutting-edge modern technology, it enables you to see, hear, and know whether or not your kid is doing well. However, there are instances when you will need to reset your summer baby monitor to ensure optimal operation.

In general, there are a variety of characteristics that make this Summer baby monitor with two cameras a viable option for a primary video baby monitor solution.

It features a variety of viewing angles and is a significant upgrade over prior Summer Infant baby monitors.

Can the Summer Baby Monitor Be Connected to Your Phone via Bluetooth?

Summer Infant’s LIV Camera On-the-Go Video Monitor Camera is the industry’s first travel camera developed specifically for today’s mobile parents.

Simple Sync Technology simplifies configuration. Live audio and video streaming are available via the free “Summer LIV Cam” App, which is available for IOS and Android electronic devices.

How Do You Install a Baby Camera for the Summer?

Connect the Camera. Place the camera on a flat surface, including a bureau or shelf, or attach it to the wall with the included screw and wall anchor.

NEVER set a camera or its wires within three feet of a crib. Tighten the cord to the wall with the six supplied security clips to keep it out of the baby’s reach.

What Is the Purpose of Vox on the Summer Baby Monitor?

The video display’s Voice-Activated Alert (VOX) option enables you to conserve power. For instance, you may wish for your video monitor to turn off while your baby sleeps and on when your infant cries. By modifying the VOX sensitivity settings, you may adjust the Camera’s sensitivity to your baby’s cry.

An Efficient Way to Reset Summer Baby Monitor

How Do I Resync My Summer Baby Monitor

Follow the steps underlined below:

  • While the power cord is attached, press and hold the reset button on the underside of the Smart Baby Monitor. 
  • Maintain this position until the green LED across the front of the long flashes and then shuts off.


To Reset Baby Monitor, it is necessary to understand the excellent features of the summer baby monitor.

  • The summer baby monitor features a flat-screen display with a 5-inch color LCD. You can utilize the color screen to monitor your child and switch it off when not in use.
  • When the screen is switched off, the sound will continue to play. If the monitor is not plugged in, the screen will immediately turn off after a few minutes to conserve battery power.
  • This system has a range of 600 feet, which means it should work in most homes unless they are quite large.
  • This monitor also works well at night, as it utilizes infrared LEDs to transmit a high-quality video signal to the display. This feature activates automatically when the room is dark, so there is no need to adjust during nap or bedtime.
  • This Summer baby monitor features a wide-angle lens, which provides a more comprehensive view of your child’s room. It is especially beneficial after your infant becomes a toddler and can even get out of bed on their own.
  • The Summer baby monitor includes a two-way audio communication option. It means that you can hear your kid and communicate with them via the monitor. It is more effective with older toddlers since it allows you to converse with them, perhaps reminding them that it is night or inquiring about what they require from downstairs.
  • A 12-foot power cord is included with the Summer baby monitor. You should have no problem reaching an outlet with a 12-foot cord. However, with this monitor, you should be able to position it anywhere in your child’s room with plenty of cord to spare.
  • Summer baby monitor is not a wireless monitor; it utilizes a kind of wireless communication known as frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS). In a nutshell, it utilizes radio signals. Some people choose wifi monitors since they enable you to monitor your kid using a baby monitor app on your phone.
  • You can add additional cameras to this setup. The standard package includes one camera and one monitor, but you may add up to three more cameras for increased coverage of your child’s room. Additionally, whether you have more than one child, you can install cameras in various rooms so that you can monitor both with the same portable device.

Advantages of Summer Baby Monitor

  • A summer baby monitor can enable you to unwind as frequently as you wish. Additionally, you will avoid disturbing your sleeping infant by opening the door.
  • You may sometimes wish to look at your infant at night to confirm that everything is fine. Summer baby monitors are equipped with night vision. Without turning on any lights, observe your sleeping child.
  • Summer baby monitors that are audio-only can result in unnecessary excursions up the stairwell to the nursery. From the comfort of your chair, a summer baby monitor will enable you to examine any disturbances.
  • A summer baby monitor will enable you to determine whether or not your infant requires assistance. Sleep training a baby will be significantly easier if you are not required to observe your infant whenever there is noise.
  • Summer baby monitors include a two-way speak option, ideal for soothing your baby to sleep if she has difficulty falling asleep. When your baby is a little older, the two-way communication will also come in useful for informing them to put their toys away and return to sleep!
  • Obtaining 40 winks can be difficult when you’re on the lookout for a baby. If you keep a summer baby monitor by the side while you slumber, you will immediately hear any disturbances.

Disadvantages of Summer Baby Monitor

  • It may be a deal-breaker for parents who want to continually monitor what’s going on in their child’s room (while nothing is going on). The screen will turn off after 30 sec if there is no sound and nothing crosses the SleepZone barrier.
  • A poor touch can be aggravating, especially late at night. If you’re concerned enough about your youngster to activate night vision, you don’t want to add the stress of maybe turning off your monitor.
  • You’re undoubtedly aware that you will require a very powerful light to display a color image for the baby monitor. Additionally, while the light is very temporary, it may be sufficient to awaken your infant. We can all agree that this is a serious issue.
  • This baby monitor’s camera is quite large. In contrast to other stationary cameras, this one is intended to move. It is just one application of the 360 Tilt technology. The Camera will move to capture a complete image of your child’s room. Therefore, utilize the accompanying wall mount hardware to take advantage of this function. If you intend to take this monitor on excursions, secure the camera using Velcro.

Is It Possible to Hack Summer Baby Monitors?

Almost every baby monitor is hackable. However, the type of monitor you use has a significant impact on how easy or difficult it is for hackers to do so. Web-connected baby monitors are susceptible to hacking from anywhere on the planet, and you would not want to welcome them into your child’s bedroom.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do You Sync Your Summer Baby Pixel Monitor?

You must use the Summer Baby Monitor camera with the monitor’s handheld. To connect the camera to the monitor, power on the camera and then press and hold the camera’s power button for roughly seven seconds. While syncing, the camera’s blue LEDs will flash.

Why Does My Summer Baby Monitor Say No Signal?

Ascertain that the camera is uninstalled before resyncing. If the camera has not been deleted, proceed to delete the camera. Adjust the monitor to be in the same location as the camera. Ascertain that the Camera and the Monitor are both powered on.

Why Does My Summer Baby Monitor Beep?

If the handheld unit beeps to suggest a low battery, recharge it. The gadget will remain to beep until the battery is recharged. Please switch off the portable unit, change the battery, replace it, and power it back on. Restarting the portable unit can address audio difficulties, such as feedback.


Summer infant Monitor is a simple but dependable product. While you’ll need to ensure that the cot has some lighting around it at night to see the infant, $130 for a camera and base unit monitor isn’t a bad value.

You must reset the summer baby monitor to operate properly as with other baby monitors. To reset the summer baby monitor, while the baby monitor is turned on, push and hold the restart button on the underside of the Smart Baby Monitor.

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