10 Best Gaming Monitor For GTX 1080 in 2023

Dell, ASUS, Acer, LG, and ViewSonic are some of the most outstanding gaming monitor manufacturers that produce high-quality panels. Peoples who may now purchase Best Gaming Monitor For GTX 1080 GPUs at reduced costs? Research is all that is required.

Dell makes the best displays for flicker-free viewing, without a doubt. As you may know, a gaming GPU must match a gaming monitor’s specifications. The Dell S2417DG is an excellent choice for reducing ghosting when used with a 1080 GTX graphics card.

One other item to consider is the refresh rate. Refresh rates of up to 144 Hz are possible on the finest GTX 1080 monitors. Even at the highest frame rates, high-quality images are assured. 

As long as you’re playing a fast-paced game, your graphics card will handle it, and the Monitor will display 4K at 60 frames per second. However, this is dependent on the specific configuration.

What’s the Point of Having a Dedicated Display for the GTX 1080ti?

As far as visual performance goes, getting the appropriate screen is critical. You’ll have to deal with lagging if you have a simple display and a powerful graphics card. 

On the other hand, if the graphics card does not support your high-end gaming display specification, there will be a problem with performance.

G-Sync 1440P 144Hz monitors are the most commonly used by GTX 1080Ti owners. For those with a larger budget, 4K TVs are now available. 

Additionally, the size of the screen is an important consideration. With this high-end graphics card, I recommend using a display larger than 24″ to get the most out of it.

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Dell Gaming Monitor S2417DG YNY1D

81h+G1RaKhL. AC SL1500
  • Max Resolution: ‎2560 x 1440 Pixels
  • Screen Size: 24 Inches
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Dimensions: ‎21.28 x 7.09 x 19.44 inches
  • Weight: 13.4 pounds
  • Screen Surface: Anti-glare, Hard coating (3H)
  • Voltage: 33 Volts

The Dell S2417DG is the Best Gaming Monitor For GTX 1080 for individuals looking for a medium-sized screen at an affordable price because it supports NVIDIA G-Sync dynamic refresh and has a fast response time.

You’ll be able to stay one step ahead of your competition thanks to its quick response time and reduced input lag. If you’re planning on using a GTX 1080 three-monitor configuration and want to keep the monitors, all the same, this might be the best option for you because it’s more affordable.

Dell S2417DG YNY1D Gaming Monitor with GTX 1080 has the following features and specifications:

  • The 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution of Quad HD (1440P display)
  • The screen is 24 inches wide.
  • A refresh rate of 165 Hz and a response time of 1 ms.
  • A horizontal and a vertical viewing angle of 170° and 160°, respectively.
  • 16:9 is the expected aspect ratio of the TN panel display.
  • Sizes 24″ and 27″ are readily available.
  • Technology that doesn’t cause flickering
  • USB, HDMI, and DisplayPort

Buyer’s Guide: Best Gaming Monitor For GTX 1080

Best Gaming Monitor For GTX 1080

Make sure you know what you’re getting before purchasing a monitor. Before making a purchase, consider these factors:

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a monitor is an important consideration when shopping for a new one.

We already knew that videos are images shown rapidly, and our brains interpret this as motion rather than a fixed image.

The number of images a monitor can display in a second determines its refresh rate.

There are 60 images displayed per second, 120 images per second, and so on, on a 60Hz monitor.

Your eyes see the smoother the video, the more pictures the Monitor can fit in the period.

High Resolution

Your computer needs a high resolution if you plan to use the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card.

It is only at a high resolution that You can reveal the GTX 1080’s full potential. Full HD resolution should always be your goal (1920 x 1080 pixels).

It is because a Full HD monitor cannot display the graphics produced by the GTX 1080.

Panel Type

When deciding on a monitor’s panel technology, there are several things to remember. The advantages and disadvantages of various types of monitor panels are detailed below.

There are three different types of panels: TN, VA, and IPS. The user’s preferences should guide the selection of the panel.

G-Sync Compatibility

You must ensure that the Monitor you purchase is G-Sync compatible, as Nvidia’s GTX 1080 has built-in G-Sync technology. 

The primary goal of G-Sync technology is to eliminate screen tearing for a more pleasurable viewing experience.

You may not know this, but there are two versions of adaptive sync, G-Sync for Nvidia and FreeSync for AMD, so be sure to select a G-Sync display for your GTX 1080.

Screen Size

You should choose the screen size according to the user’s preferences. A large screen with a high resolution takes up a lot of desk space, but a smaller screen with a high resolution takes up less desk space and looks excellent. 

The better the immersion, the bigger the screen, although with a bigger screen, good resolutions are recommended.

Best Gaming Monitor For GTX 1080 Review’s

Based on my research, I’ve compiled a list of the most popular displays used by NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti owners. Product reviews here are based on customer feedback and testing by industry experts.

ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR – Best Monitor for NVIDIA GTX 1080

51qJMrJKlEL. AC SL1000
  • Max Resolution: 2560 x 1440 Pixels
  • Screen Size: 27 Inches
  • Refresh Rate: 165 Hz
  • Dimensions: 24.39 x 9.36 x 21.75 inches
  • Weight: 15.43 pounds
  • NO of USB 2.0 Ports: 2
  • Screen Surface: Smooth

Gamer’s Monitor for the Swift PG278QR: ASUS’s Rog Swift PG278QR, one of the first 144Hz monitors, made its debut. Overclocking is supported and has a wide range of connectivity options to accommodate a wide range of input devices.

NVIDIA’s G-sync variable refresh rate technology is supported by the ASUS, making it capable of handling most games seamlessly. The little input lag makes for a pleasant gaming experience. The restricted viewing angle is less noticeable when gaming in front of the TN screen.

One central black pillar (with a rectangular foot to the stand) holds this ASUS in place, and the bezel is skinny with red LED highlights. Be sure to have a large workstation for this Monitor and any other needs, as it is huge.

The Monitor’s stand features a channel for better cable management, allowing it to be viewed in either portrait or landscape orientation.

In addition, the ASUS has a flicker-free screen, which means that users who are generally disturbed by panels with low refresh rates can easily use the ASUS. 

It has a TN panel, which means it has a restricted viewing angle, washed-out colors, and seems gray, but it does not have any ghosting or bleed from the backlight, making it ideal for gaming.


  • Exceptional control of motion.
  • Low latency when entering data.
  • Even when viewed up close, it maintains its accuracy.


  • Blacks appear gray in a dimly lit space because of the absence of contrast.

LG 32GK650F-B – Geforce GTX 1080

91gpmhtA+KL. AC SL1500
  • Max Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels
  • Screen Size: 32 Inches
  • Refresh Rate: 144 Hz
  • Dimensions: 28.2 x 10.7 x 23.8 inches
  • Weight: 18.30 lbs
  • Aspect Ratio: 16 : 9
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount

Despite its lower price than our top recommendation, this Monitor outperforms its peers in terms of performance. This Monitor is our second favorite on the list because of its beautiful colors, rapid refresh rate, and low price.

The LG 32GK650F-B takes the top spot for the best FreeSync display for your GTX 1080 Ti. Even if the name is a mouthful, this is one of the most outstanding 1440p gaming monitors available with FreeSync support, if not the best.

Playing any game at 1440p resolution is an excellent experience for those who have never had the chance to do so before because of the massive 32-inch 1440p display.

In addition, there’s more! This Monitor has a native 144Hz refresh rate in addition to its huge display. Its built-in FreeSync technology provides a smooth and fluid gameplay experience.


  • Freesync support
  • Large display
  • Beautiful colors
  • Cheap


  • AVG Response time

Acer Predator XB273K – Best Display for GTX 1080

71KaGlmHBSL. AC SL1500
  • Max Resolution: 3840 x 2160 Pixel
  • Screen Size: 27 Inches
  • Refresh Rate: 144 Hz
  • Dimensions: 24.76 x 12.09 x 21.3 inches
  • Weight: 24.00 lbs
  • Display Type: LED
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount

The 27-inch Acer XB273K display features a small bezel. As a result, you’ll have a larger field of view to enjoy. With the bezel design, it’s possible to utilize this Monitor in a dual-display configuration.

The shade cover on this display is a unique feature. Detachable, the overhead screen light is protected when attached to the light shield. The base of the stand is divided into two diagonal legs by a large upright construction that continues to the bottom.

This Acer display has four USB 3.0 ports, two DisplayPort 1.4 connectors, and two HDMI 2.0 ports for connecting devices.

As a result, this display is compatible with any computer with one of those ports. The Predator XB273K has a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution. Because of this, it has the second-highest resolution on this list.

The UHD resolution is a must-have option for games needing high-definition visuals. On the other hand, IPS-panel technology enables the display to produce a wide range of vibrant colors and breathtaking pictures. With a color spectrum of 90% DCI-P3, this Monitor’s visual capabilities are remarkable.

As previously stated, a 144Hz refresh rate is required for the GTX 1080 to run well. Thus, this display is a 144Hz gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 120Hz, making it ideal for gaming. Better visuals with better clarity and less blur are the result.

Nvidia G-Sync technology is also used in this display. Its job is to keep the game running smoothly, regardless of the demands placed on it by the player. Stutter and tear-free gaming is also made possible by this technology.

The graphics card’s response time is another element that makes it more enjoyable. The reaction time of this Monitor is 4 milliseconds. Predator Acer monitor is DisplayHDR 400 VESA certified.

A more realistic image is produced to improve the contrast ratio and color saturation. As a result, the Monitor’s maximum brightness is 400 nits.


  • Incredibly high-quality images
  • Color accuracy is excellent
  • G-Sync Innovations
  • Effortless operation
  • Stylish style
  • Multiple ways to connect


  • DisplayPort 1.4 has several restrictions
  • Improvements are needed at the black level

Dell S-Series S27 – Best Budget Monitor for GTX 1080

81ONemBAVtL. AC SL1500
  • Max Resolution: 2560×1440 pixels
  • Screen Size: 27 Inches
  • Refresh Rate: 155 Hz
  • Dimensions: 24 x 7.2 x 15.5 inches
  • Weight: 20.35 lbs
  • Screen Surface: Anti-glare, Hard coating
  • Mounting Type: VESA Compatibility

S-Series S2719DGF is a 27-inch panel with a 2560 x 1440p resolution with LED lighting. It features a tilt, height, and swivel adjustment for added convenience. 

However, the 155Hz refresh rate sets it apart from the LG 32GK650F-B in terms of performance. The 1ms response time is more than adequate for eradicating any corrupted images.

You can view maximum refresh rate displays through the S2719DGF’s two 2.0 HDMI connections. You can use the USB port on the gadget to connect speakers or headphones to the device. 

As a result, ghosting is a rare occurrence on this display. In addition, the anti-glare crystal in the lens avoids eye strain. The pixel pitch of 0.2331 mm and 3.68 million pixels are provided.

The LG 32GK650F-B has the same 350 candelas per square meter brightness as this gadget. Although its 27-inch counterpart dwarfs it, neither the picture quality nor the field of view will be compromised.


  • The amount of light is just appropriate and very practical.
  • Only HDMI2 supports 155Hz. 144Hz comes naturally to the Monitor.
  • You can play racing games at full speed.
  • FreeSync.
  • A response time of one millisecond.
  • The use of metallic paints. With a metallic look.
  • No-Sync support is provided.
  • Adjustments include pivots, swivels, and more.


  • It isn’t a significant concern; however, the HDMI refresh rates are inconsistent across the two ports.
  • The LG 32GK650F-B is smaller.

LG 34UC89G-B Curved Gaming Monitor

  • Max Resolution: 2560×1080 Pixels
  • Screen Size: 34 Inches
  • Refresh Rate: 75 Hz
  • Dimensions: ‎32.6 x 11 x 18.3 inches
  • Weight: ‎18.7 pounds
  • Screen Surface: Anti-glare, Hard coating
  • Voltage: ‎100240 Volts

Ultrawide, with a curved panel and full HD resolution, this LG monitor is 34 inches wide. Viewing angles are improved because of the screen’s curvature, making the experience more immersive. 

Using NVIDIA G-SYNC, the Monitor’s refresh rates are synced with the GPU in the user’s PC, eliminating screen tears for a smoother, faster gaming experience.

This Monitor’s Crosshair feature allows gamers to step up their game. 144Hz refresh rate and a response time(GTG) of 5ms are provided to ensure a seamless gaming session.

A 32.70 x 17.70 x 13.00-inch monitor with an LED display is included. While the Dynamic Action Sync feature ensures seamless, fluid gaming action, the Monitor may optimize its settings to enable Black Stabilizer to expose superior detail in dark conditions.


  • The display is curved.
  • The display on the Monitor is rather nice.
  • The viewing angles on this display are excellent.


  • The display can consume too much desk space.
  • You may have improved upon the reaction time.

AOC C32G1 32″ Curved Frameless

81lGKc7oDGL. AC SL1500
  • Max Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Screen Size: 32 Inches
  • Refresh Rate: 144 Hz
  • Dimensions: 21.8 x 9.64 x 20.87 inches
  • Weight: 15.38 lbs
  • Screen Surface: Matte
  • Mounting Type: VESA Mount

In terms of 32-inch gaming monitors, the AOC C32G1 32′′ Curved Frameless Monitor is an excellent value. It sounds fantastic with its curved shape and AMD FreeSync for smoothest competitive games.

All games will run smoothly at any frame rate, thanks to the Premium FreeSync support. In addition, the C32G1 has a curved 32-inch VA panel that displays an ultra-detailed Full HD 1920x1080p resolution at a 144Hz refresh rate and a reaction time of less than 1ms.

If you’re looking for the smoothest competitive gameplay possible, AMD Free Sync and Rapid 1ms response times will give you exactly that. 

Your games will run more smoothly and fluidly than ever, and you’ll notice a near-instantaneous response time to your mouse and keyboard movements.

A 1800R curved display is included (VA panel). This curved shape wraps around you and provides an immersive gaming experience.

This Monitor’s small bezels on all three sides make it ideal for multi-monitor setups. Matte black plastic covers the majority of the screen. 

The bottom of the screen, the back, and the base are all decorated with red accents, which aren’t too distracting. There is no denying that the AOC is a gaming display, but it isn’t very eye-catching.

Flickering is virtually eliminated thanks to the Monitor’s direct current illumination. There will be no bothersome flickering; you may enjoy your strenuous game sessions comfortably.


  • With AMD FreeSync Premium Technology, you won’t experience any stuttering or tearing.
  • Awe-inspiring levels of contrast.
  • Tilt-adjustable design with a curved, frameless shape.
  • A decent level of fidelity to the original color.
  • Wide viewing angles and absolute immersion are provided with a curved VA panel.


  • Rivals have a lot more possibilities for customization.
  • There are no ports for USB devices.

BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P – Best Gaming Display for GTX 1080

71+iuN7lIyL. AC SL1245
  • Max Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Screen Size: 24 Inches
  • Refresh Rate: 144 Hz
  • Dimensions: 22.44 x 8.74 x 16.97 inches
  • Weight: 13.01 lbs
  • Aspect Ratio: 16 : 9
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount

The BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P is the best gaming monitor if you seek a high-quality display.

It’s a common desire among gamers to play at the highest possible frame rates. Refresh rates of 144hz allow you to play games at 100 frames per second without any latency on the BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P monitor.

With a 1ms response time and full HD 1080p resolution, the BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P stands out. This Monitor is offered in three different configurations.

The first has a standard 24″ 144hz refresh rate, and the second has a 24″ 144hz DyAc monitor profile, and the third has a 27″ HD display with a larger screen.

There is a problem with the BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P monitor’s compatibility with Xbox 5 and PlayStation 5. It is impossible to attain greater than 120hz refresh rates with these consoles and this display.

However, this display should work well with the NVIDIA GTX 1080 (which I’m referring to in this post).

The simplest version of the device includes an HDMI port and a DVI-D port. In addition, there is a model that includes both DisplayPort and HDMI ports.


  • Quick and efficient service.
  • The input lag is relatively low, which is fantastic.
  • Exceptional brightness and excellent ability to handle reflections.


  • At an angle, the image deteriorates.
  • It has no advanced features, such as FreeSync, to offer gamers.

OMEN 27 Gaming QHD Monitor for 1080Ti

71 LMGdy+DL. AC SL1500
  • Max Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels
  • Screen Size: 27 Inches
  • Refresh Rate: 165 Hz
  • Dimensions: 10.73 x 24.16 x 21.07 inches
  • Weight: 14.00 lbs
  • Aspect Ratio: 16 : 9
  • Display Type: LCD

The HP Omen series displays are rapidly making their way into the market, even though many believe HP is only good at producing high-quality laptops and printers. 

The HP Omen 27″ screen is one of the most recommended gaming monitors because of its high-speed 1440P panel and customizable G-Sync technology. Dual monitor and triple monitor setups are no problem with this.

The QHD resolution of 2560×1440 pixels can be seen on a 27-inch viewable area thanks to its 27-inch TN screen. Playing on this screen is as smooth and responsive as possible, thanks to its 165Hz dynamic refresh rate and response time of 1ms.

Because it is compatible with any operating system and can be connected simply by plugging it in, there is no need to install any drivers or software before making the connection.

It boasts a dynamic contrast ratio of 10M:1 and a 16:9 aspect ratio with 3.7 million pixels.

It’s easy to enjoy movies from a safe distance because of the 170-degree broad viewing angle of the three-sided micro-edge design. You can use the configurable ambient lighting option to match the current illumination on your PC, keyboard, and mouse.

You can use it on any surface because of its matte black color. Even the stand is made of black metal, which is exceptionally durable. The HDMI, DisplayPort, audio, HDCP support, and two USB 3.0 connections allow you to connect your various devices. You can also select between 24.5″, 32″, and 35″ in length.


  • At an angle, the image is still accurate.
  • Excellent design.
  • Incredible response time.


  • A low level of contrast

Acer Predator Gaming X34 Pbmiphzx

  • Max Resolution: ‎3440 x 1440 Pixels
  • Screen Size: 34 Inches
  • Refresh Rate: 100 Hz
  • Dimensions: ‎32.16 x 11.78 x 22.47 inches
  • Weight: ‎21.4 pounds
  • Special Feature: Curved Screen
  • Voltage: ‎230 Volts

An Ultra-Wide monitor is a way to go if you want an immersive gaming experience. In recent years, ultrawide gaming displays have grown highly popular. 

Multi-tasking is made more accessible with this sort of Monitor’s large amount of available screen real estate, increasing output. The most OK Ultra-Wide Monitor for your GTX 1080 graphics card is the Acer Predator Gaming X34 Pbmiphzx.

One of the best gaming displays on the market is the Acer Predator X34 Pbmiphzx. It’s compatible with G-Sync, which means you can play without worrying about your eyes watering. 

There’s also an IPS panel, which offers more colors and a comprehensive range of viewing angles for improved visuals. There is also 4ms responsiveness and a 100Hz refresh rate to keep things running smoothly in games.

While it isn’t as quick as the displays above, it does an excellent job of enhancing the overall visuals. If you only play slow-paced games like RPGs and your primary goal is to get an immersive gaming experience, I recommend this Monitor.

The X34 Pbmiphzx has a sleek and futuristic design, making it ideal for gamers that seek a high-end gaming setup. It also has excellent ergonomics, allowing you to place it in any position you like. The X34 Pbmiphzx is the most outstanding Ultra-Wide Monitor for your GTX 1080 graphics card, and we highly suggest it.


  • Astonishing style.
  • High-definition pictures.
  • G-Sync performance is excellent.
  • Latency is not an issue.
  • The sound quality is excellent, thanks to the integrated speakers.


  • Pricey.
  • Navigating menus can be time-consuming.

What is the optimal resolution for the GTX 1080?

The GTX 1080’s optimal resolution is 1920×1080. Because of its high performance, the GTX 1080 is well-suited to games at 4K resolutions. The framerate will be decreased, and you may suffer lag if a game isn’t optimized for this resolution.

When playing at 144Hz, the GTX 1060 may not be able to run as many frames per second on a 144Hz panel as it would otherwise. The GTX 1060 can run at 144Hz on a 60Hz panel.

According to Tom’s Hardware, To play games at 144Hz, you’ll need a monitor capable of handling the card. It is a rare occurrence.

FAQs – Best Gaming Monitor For GTX 1080

Can a GTX 1080 run 165Hz?

However, it can also be seen as a waste. With that said, 1080 should have no issue hitting 142-165.

How many monitors can a GTX 1080 run?

HDMI 2.0b and a DVI dual-link connector round out the card’s connectivity options. It can power up to four monitors at once.

Can a GTX 1080 run 3 4K monitors?

That’s correct. As a result, the GTX 1080 is NVIDIA’s clear winner in all our tests. More than the $999 Titan X, we have the HBM1-powered Radeon R9 Fury X, which can handle 11,520 x 2160 better.


A computer wouldn’t be complete without a display. You should choose the type of screen for the kind of work you intend to accomplish on it, whether it’s gaming, video production, graphics editing, or coding, for example. Size, pricing, panel type, refresh rate, and resolution are just some of the options for these displays.

As a result, you must select the Best Gaming Monitor For GTX 1080. NVIDIA’s freshest and most fabulous graphics cards will benefit significantly from the products on this list. You are free to select any of them and enjoy the gorgeous visuals.

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