How to Adjust AOC Monitor Brightness? Easy Guide

You’ve probably heard of AOC as it is a very famous choice of computer monitors. The AOC Company manufactures a variety of monitors in various resolutions, including 1080p, ultra-wide, 4K, and even curved monitors.

Many of their monitors include a variety of excellent characteristics, including high resolution, many ports such as HDMI and VGA, a sleek and attractive design, a fast refresh rate, cool brightness feature, etc.

But, occasionally, your monitor’s brightness varies, and you feel uneasy while using it for various purposes such as gaming, watching movies, or doing office work.

AOC offers a wide variety of monitors in a variety of sizes. For example, you can get portable displays, gaming monitors, and home/office monitors. AOC office monitors include extensive ergonomic adjustment capabilities.

Additionally, they provide compelling gaming displays with premium setups. All of the new monitors come with a three-year warranty. Additionally, they optimize the monitor’s energy efficiency.

Are AOC Monitors Effective?

AOC monitors are pretty outstanding, particularly considering their price. They are straightforward to use, adhering to the brand’s user-friendly ethos, and highly reliable.

However, its primary selling point is its affordability. When compared to the competition, AOC monitors are less expensive. With AOC, you won’t have to worry about overspending.

Are AOC Monitors Supremely Gaming-Oriented?

AOC monitors are excellent for gaming, general use, and pretty much everything else you can imagine. With AOC’s heavy focus on gaming, it’s unsurprising that the performance they offer for the price is outstanding and that their products sell well.

AOC displays are excellent and typically offer the best value for money, as long as you don’t expect them to work as well as monitors costing significantly more when subjected to excessive response times. Casual gaming at 144Hz or less, daily use for viewing movies, altering the screen height, and so on, are all excellent values.

Is AOC a Trustworthy Monitor Brand?

AOC, formerly Admiral Overseas Corporation, is a multinational electronics firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Ross Saragossa founded it.

It began as the Asian division of his Admiral Company but was later formed in Taiwan in 1967 as the world’s first manufacturer and exporter of color televisions. It had changed its name to AOC International in 1976, which it retains.

How to Adjust AOC Monitor Brightness?

How to Adjust Screen Brightness on AOC Monitor E970sw

As you all know, you can adjust brightness by using the brightness slider. On the right-hand side of the taskbar, click the Network icon and then drag the Brightness slider to change the brightness.

A simple way to adjust the brightness on an AOC monitor is to Ascertain that you have installed the AOC Monitor Drivers. Then, using the Contrast and Brightness Controls, adjust the brightness and contrast of the image.

To adjust automatically, press the button. Finally, ascertain that no extension cable or switching box utilize. But to know How to Adjust AOC Monitor Brightness, you can also use an alternative method as mentioned below: 

Specific monitors allow Windows to adjust the screen brightness automatically based on current lighting conditions. To determine whether your Computer monitor supports this, navigate Settings > System > Display. Click brightness, look for the Adjust brightness instantly when lighting alters, check the box, and select it to use this function.

This automated adjustment helps ensure that your screen remains viewable regardless of your location. If you’re using it, you can still adjust the screen brightness for a built-in display using the Brightness slider.

Excellent Features of AOC Monitor

  • The majority of AOC’s latest displays feature a bezel-less design. That means they’ll look nice, and they’ll work flawlessly with a multi-monitor setup. Additionally, experts have seen some bold designs on their gaming display selection.
  • Additionally, analysts have noted that AOC produces monitors with distinctively designed monitor stands. Further, several of their monitors enable VESA wall mounting. Compatible with pivot, tilt, and height adjustment, depending on the display.
  • AOC monitors feature flawless color accuracy. Additionally, their gaming monitor portfolio includes monitors with a high refresh rate and a fast response time. Additionally, their monitors feature a slew of connectivity connectors on the rear.
  • You should be worried about the display panel provided by AOC. Researchers discovered that AOC monitors utilize a variety of popular display panels, including TN panels, IPS panels, and even VA panels.
  • Additionally, AOC’s high-end monitors feature metallic display stands. Additionally, you’ll like that all of their displays have complimentary interface cords such as HDMI or DisplayPort. Furthermore, their transportable monitors construct durable materials. They will last a long period if appropriately used.
  • Additionally, they sell curved displays, widescreen monitors, and standard monitors. Thus, AOC monitors are of the highest grade display panel quality.
  • It would be beneficial if you were also concerned about the monitor’s build quality. According to reports, AOC manufactures its displays with high-quality materials. They do not make use of reconditioned display panels. When you choose AOC, you will receive brand new everything. You’ll adore their one-of-a-kind monitor stands.
  • Additionally, their high-end displays use metallic monitor stands. Additionally, you’ll like that all of their shows have complimentary interface cords such as HDMI or DisplayPort. Moreover, their portable monitor constructs durable materials. They can work for a long time if used properly.

Advantages of an AOC Monitor

  • AOC monitors deliver the sharpest images possible from your computer, allowing you to see every detail.
  • AOC is an excellent monitor for folks who enjoy editing and color-correcting images and videos on their computer. It produces more realistic colors and images, resulting in a higher-quality visual output.
  • AOC’s curved gaming display features a high refresh rate of 240 frames per second. The higher frame rate assures exceptionally smooth, fluid in-game action, making it ideal for first-person shooter games.
  • AOC Comes equipped with various connectors that let you connect all your entertainment devices.
  • Due to the IPS technology, you can view the screen from any angle without sacrificing color or contrast.
  • AOC’s menu system includes advanced settings for savvy gamers who enjoy customizing their visuals, colors, and other interactive on-screen effects.
  • AOC monitors are the best for gaming because they combine a 1ms response time with a high refresh rate of 120hz, giving you the edge when playing fast-paced action games.
  • The AOC monitor features the industry’s best flicker-free technology, which reduces eye fatigue, while the Low Blue Light setting protects your eyes from damage caused by prolonged use. Multitasking is a breeze with its 49-inch screen.

Who may Purchase AOC Monitors?

Somebody who doesn’t like to spend a fortune on monitors and is only interested in basic functionality should consider AOC monitors without hesitation. They are ideal for routine labor and are also highly dependable. 

Where Can You Purchase AOC Monitors?

AOC authorized resellers and online retailers such as Amazon and Top Buy stock the best AOC monitors. As a result, customers benefit from purchasing from these stores since they will have accessibility to more selections and will be able to correlate pricing amongst stores.

Frequently Asked Question

Is AOC Better Than Dell?

The AOC offers a more excellent resolution of 1440p than Dell’s 1080p, making it a better pick if you also use it for employment. Still, its response time is slower, particularly in dark environments.

Is AOC Better Than Asus?

For most people, the ASUS PG279QZ is superior to the AOC AGON AG271QX. The ASUS monitor is an IPS panel with significantly improved viewing angles, while the AOC monitor is a TN panel with near-instantaneous response time and improved black uniformity. In addition, the ASUS PG279QZ features enhanced ergonomics and a BFI option for a sharper image.

Is AOC Better Than Acer?

The Acer is an ultrawide monitor with significantly broader viewing angles, a quicker response time, and a brighter display to counteract glare. On the other hand, the AOC features a VA panel capable of producing deeper blacks and greater out-of-the-box color accuracy.

Is AOC Better Than Samsung Monitor?

Overall, the Samsung CHG70 outperforms the AOC CQ32G1. The Samsung has a significantly faster response time at its maximum refresh rate, a local dimming option, HDR support, and superior ergonomics.

The AOC, on the other hand, offers a broader field of view angles and superior out-of-the-box color accuracy.


AOC’s primary objective is to provide users with the most incredible display technology available. Additionally, they wish to keep prices within an acceptable level. As you are aware, they give a three-year warranty.

In general, it is the most significant budget monitor and comes with a slew of unique features and benefits. However, you may occasionally need to reset or adjust the brightness level on your display to make it more comfortable for your eyes.

Thus, you can modify the monitor’s brightness using the brightness slider or the brightness button or by browsing Settings > System > Display.

To enable this feature, click brightness, then look for and select the Adjust Brightness instantaneously when lighting changes check box. I hope this guide will answer all of your queries about How to Adjust AOC Monitor Brightness?