How to Remove Samsung LCD TV Stand? Easy Guide   

Samsung’s LCD TVs come with free, detachable stands that you may take out of the box. You can mount a Samsung LCD television to a wall or a desk using the stand.

You get everything you need to set up the Samsung TV when you buy it, including a compatible stand. It depends on what kind of television you have.

To mount your TV on the stand, you must use a guide threaded through its frame and fasten it to a firm pedestal. The stand may have been in place before it came, but it now needs to be removed so that You can mount the television on the wall.

So, in this article, I will discuss How to Remove Samsung LCD TV Stand? All you’ll need is a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the standoff and mount your LCD TV.

To the casual observer, your television stand, also known as the pedestal stand, may appear insignificant.

Your streaming experience will be impacted, though, because of its purpose. You can remove it and replace it with a different stand. LCD TV stands and bases can be purchased online or at your local appliance store.

Consider using a wall mount instead of a TV stand if you have one. To save space, you can mount LCD TV to the wall. Its crystal display may be the perfect complement to the beauty of your home’s interior.

Can You Change the Stand on TVs?

You can purchase a pedestal stand explicitly made for use with aftermarket wall mounts, and it will use the same mounting points. 

Are Samsung’s LCD Television Stands Designed to be Removed?

There is a wide variety of stands available on the market, some of which are designed for use with flat panels while others can accommodate curved displays.

Samsung televisions that come equipped with a built-in stand are an immense pleasure, and you won’t be worried about removing the stand whenever you want to change the look of the room because the stand is already part of the television.

Continue reading if you’re going to find out how to get a Samsung to stand explicitly tailored to your needs.

If you wish to change rooms, you can effortlessly remove the stand from your Samsung LCD TV and transport it with you. This feature is standard on almost all of Samsung’s LCD televisions.

If you ever decide that you want to transfer your television to a different location, you may also purchase a separate stand for it. These supports are included with the television, and depending on the model you are buying; you may have the option to mount the tv to the wall or place it on a desk.

You must be aware that every stand features its unique measurements, irrespective of where you choose to position your brand-new television.

You can obtain a stand that is tailored specifically to the dimensions of your new television if you are concerned about how much space it will take up.

Even while a stand is included with the purchase of the vast majority of Samsung televisions, you still have the option to buy a stand independently if you plan to mount the tv on the wall. Here we have a good choice for you to buy the Best Removable Samsung TV Stand.

removable samsung tv stand

Is Screw Included in Samsung TV Box?

Mounting screws are not included with Samsung televisions; therefore, you will have to purchase a wall-mount and screws independently. They will, however, come packaged with adapters for mounting on the wall in addition to a stand mount.

How To Disassemble A Samsung LCD TV Stand?

How to Remove Legs From Samsung Tu7000

Removing the lock from the Samsung TV stand or pedestal stand is simple. You will require a soft sheet, a screwdriver, and a steady work surface.

Things You Will Need 

Before attempting to remove your Samsung TV’s pedestal stand, you’ll need the following four items:

  • A flat surface large enough to accommodate a flat-screen TV.
  • To protect the workplace, use soft cloth.
  • A magnet on the end of the Phillips-head screwdriver is ideal.
  • Someone who can assist you in lifting the TV.

A Practical Method to Remove the Stand From Samsung LCD TV

Step 1: Set the television on a flat surface with a soft blanket or cardboard box that is slightly larger than the television screen. While taking the stand apart, this will help keep the screen safe.

Step 2: Place the television on the blanket to face the screen.

Step 3: To remove the guiding stand from the television, remove the screws holding it in place using the Phillips-head screwdriver. The television stand’s pedestal is secured with four screws located right above it on the back. First, remove the two screws at the top of the screwdriver, and afterward, the two screws at the bottom of the screwdriver.

Step 4:Place a soft cloth on the place where you will be working to protect your television screen from scratches. The fabric should be larger than your display.

Step 5: Place the TV facedown on the sheet.

Step 6: Using a Phillips-head screwdriver, remove the screws securing the TV guide stand to the wall.

Step 7: Stick the sticky side of a small piece of masking tape to the screwdriver’s head. Lift the screw out of the screw well by pressing the screwdriver head on the screw with the tape adhesive.

Step 8: Using a small gap in the bottom of the television, remove the guide stand by pulling the pedestal, which includes the stand, out of the television.

How Can You Detach the Stand From a 55-inch Samsung LCD TV?

Disabling the Samsung TV Stand is the first step. Lay the TV down face down on a clean, level surface to get started. Removing the four screws holding the TV stand to the wall will free it.

Remove the screws with tweezers from their recessed holes to liberate the stand. If you have access to a small pickup magnet, it’s a good option.

Can a 55-inch LCD TV Be Placed on a 50-inch Stand?

Place the TV at least 108 inches away from the viewing area if you have a 54-inch screen. Large, medium and small television stands.

Recommendation for a TV Stand Size Recommendation for Minimum TV Diagonal Dimensions The maximum TV size (Diagonal) More than 70 inches in length.

FAQ – How to Remove Samsung LCD TV Stand?  

How Do I Remove the Stand From My Samsung Legs?

You must pop off the little cover on the back of the television to access the HDMI port. The part where you raise up or out was marked with a small downward-pointing arrow on my model. Those two screws are now exposed. They may still not come out of the sockets as far as you can go.

What Size Bolts Go in the Back of a TV?

10, 12, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, and 60mm are the most frequent lengths of M8 screws used in televisions. Some televisions require a longer millimeter screw. Airflow behind TVs, etc., requires spacers on nearly all screws.

Can I Change the Legs on My Samsung TV?

Your new Samsung television will come packaged with an appropriate stand and all the necessary hardware for putting it together. If you have lost or damaged your mindset, you could be able to buy a replacement for it on the page that we have dedicated to spare parts.

Are TV Mounting Screws Universal?

As a reminder, remember that the screws that hold your television screen in place are primarily for that purpose. As a result, they’re predicted to be widely adopted. You should note that you may universally use only screws with the same VESA size to install your TV


When people try to install or remove Samsung Frame TVs, they almost invariably feel very overwhelmed and anxious about the procedure. Stands have an excellent design, but the installation and removal processes might be challenging due to the nature of the material.

On the other hand, as you can see from this post, you have the instructions on How to Remove Samsung LCD TV Stand, and you can see the process of removal does not involve a great deal of complexity.

To protect both yourself and your television from potential harm, it is strongly recommended that you do all of this out with the assistance of a friend.

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