How to Clean Alienware Monitor Step-By-Step Guide

A good habit is to keep your computer clean. For instance, your screen gets dirty over time and can become a breeding ground for allergens and viruses from sneezes and coughs. As annoying as fingerprints can be, the strain on your eyes from a messy screen is much worse.

Cleaning your display requires a little more effort than a simple wipe-down, and you should avoid certain items. This post will discuss How to Clean Alienware Monitor? It is critical to maintaining your screen clean for a variety of reasons. 

A filthy screen can reduce the contrast and brightness of the monitor, resulting in eye strain when you squint to view it better. While this may not result in long-term or severe harm to your display, it will decrease your enjoyment of using it.

It would be best not to believe that you can clean your monitor using the same multipurpose cleaner you use for other purposes, including mirrors and windows.

The Step-By-Step Guide To Cleaning A Alienware Monitor 

To learn, follow the steps below.

Wear Gloves

  • When cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, you should wear disposable gloves.

Power Off Your Monitor

  • Shut down your monitor. Disconnect AC power from the equipment you intend to clean. Additionally, you should remove batteries from things such as wireless keyboards.
  • Because smudges and other imperfections are more visible on a black screen, turning off your monitor makes it convenient to see what you’re doing. Additionally, it is safer for both you and your Alienware monitor. 
  • Cleaning your display while it power on and the activated pixels may result in screen damage or an uncomfortable electrical jolt. Kindly switch it off.

Use a Microfiber Towel

  • Using a microfiber towel, wipe your monitor. 
  • If all that is on your screen is dust, a fast wipe should suffice. 
  • Brush the screen carefully with the microfiber cloth in long strokes. 

Utilize a Cleaning Fluid (Optional)

  • If the monitor display has a thick layer of dust, and it has gradually been replaced with more troubling filth or perhaps dried mucus from an unexpected sneeze or mysterious specs of who-knows-what, Then you’ll want to use cleaning fluid.
  • However, it is critical to use only filtered or distilled water, as tap water includes minerals and other impurities that might damage the screen or create unpleasant streaks. 

Use a Vinegar to Water Solution

  • Add several drops of white vinegar to the water if the filth is particularly obstinate. 
  • Avoid spilling any on your monitor.

Remove Excess Fluid

  • Spray the liquid into a cloth, wring off any excess fluid, and then use broad strokes to wipe the screen clean.

Use a Glass Cleaner (Optional )

  • Following cleaning or disinfection of a glass surface, you may clean with a glass cleaner specialized for display surfaces again, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Dry the Monitor 

  • Using a clean, soft microfiber cloth or allowing it to air dry, gently dry your Alienware monitor.
  • To avoid electrical damage caused by moisture, ensure that your computer’s screen is dry before powering it back on.

Dispose of Used Gloves

After each cleaning, dispose of the disposable gloves used. Wash your hands thoroughly immediately after removing and disposing of gloves.

Is It Possible to Clean the Monitor With Water?

Scratching and damaging the screen using rough pads, paper towels, or cloth towels is possible. Experts recommend cleaning your monitor with a light microfiber. Cleaning cloth and distilled or still water. Other types of water may contain minerals that leave a deposit on the screen’s surface.

How to Make a Cleaner at Home for Alienware Monitors?

Fill a spray bottle half with distilled water and half with isopropyl alcohol. Replace the lid and shake vigorously. Put onto a dust-free microfibre cloth, spray the cleaning liquid.

Slowly move the cloth in a circular motion over the dusty region. Additionally, you can use this combination to make a DIY mirror cleaner.

What Precautions Should You Follow While Cleaning Alienware Monitors?

       How to Clean Alienware Monitor

It would be best to take the following precautions before and during the cleaning process.

Avoid Excessive Pressing

Do not increase the pressure to wipe the screen clean if the dirt does not lift easily while dry wiping. LCDs, large-screen televisions, and laptop screens are particularly sensitive, and applying excessive pressure when cleaning them may result in irreversible damage.

Avoid Direct Spraying on the Screen

When cleaning liquid is sprayed directly onto a monitor or laptop screen, it flows down the screen and into the bezels, allowing the liquid direct access to the interior of the TV, monitor, or laptop screen.

Unplugged Device First 

It would help if you still disconnected the equipment before beginning the cleanup process for two reasons. The first reason is that it is easier to notice dust and debris on the black backdrop of the screen while the tool is disconnected, and the second reason is that if you are applying a liquid cleaning solution, you want to avoid being shocked.

While you may be able to spot it before it does additional harm, it is preferable to spray your cleaning solution onto a microfiber cloth and wipe down the screen rather than applying it directly.

Avoid Using Chemicals

 To clean your computer screen, it recommends avoiding using ammonia-based products such as Windex, rubbing alcohol, or anything that contains compounds such as acetone or ethyl alcohol. These compounds have a detrimental effect on the coating used on LCD panels and flat-screen televisions.

Also, Avoid the following products that contain these chemicals:

  • Any cleanser containing chlorine, such as bleach
  • Hydroperoxides including hydrogen peroxide
  • Acetone, paint thinner, benzene, methylene chloride, or toluene are all examples of solvents.
  • Amphetamine
  • Alcohol ethyl

Applying any of the substances indicated above will permanently harm the surfaces of certain products. You can limit the danger of damage by following the actions suggested in this document.

Don’t Use Old Rags

To begin cleaning a monitor screen, dry-wipe it with a smooth, lint-free cloth. Never use hand towels, tissue paper, toilet rolls, and old rags since these may scratch the screen or leave unrepairable grooves in the glass. Wipe the screen gently, making sure to get around the sides and into the corners.

How Should a Computer Display Be Cleaned?

The safest method for cleaning a monitor screen is to use a damp microfiber cloth. Never directly spray a cleaning solution onto the monitor screen since the liquid may absorb inside the device and cause harm.

FAQs – How to Clean Alienware Monitor? 

Can You Use Wipes to Clean Your Monitor?

Most screens have a thin outer film that is readily damaged when disinfectant wipes such as Clorox or Lysol uses to clean them; therefore, avoid using those chemicals to clean your laptop. If your laptop screen has a glossy finish, avoid using any cleaning chemicals on it.

Is Alienware Good for Gaming?

In general, any modern Alienware system will provide above-average gaming performance, along with a high-quality design and build, as well as superior after-sales support and guarantee. Their products are instantly recognizable and provide information about the proprietors.

How Can I Safely Clean My Monitor?

Switch off and disconnect your gadget. Begin by wiping the screen clean with a dry microfiber towel. To clean non-porous surfaces such as the screen of fingerprints and smudges, spray 70% isopropyl alcohol into a cloth or use pre-moistened alcohol wipes or a Clorox Disinfecting Wipe; do not use bleach.


If dirt and dust accumulate in the monitor, it might harm the monitor’s performance. Depending on your profession and interests, you typically spend 8-12 hours a day before your monitor.

Consequently, it is vital to maintain a clean and germ-free monitor. Use gloves, a microfiber towel, and a cleaning solution such as alcohol or isopropyl alcohol to disinfect your Alienware monitor.

It would be beneficial to follow the procedures mentioned above before cleaning the monitor. We hope this guide assisted you and eliminated many of your problems about  How to Clean Alienware Monitor quickly and comfortably. This article also discusses the hazardous chemicals to avoid when cleaning Alienware monitors.