How to Reset Eufy Baby Monitor? Easy Guide

The Eufy SpaceView video baby monitor is a non-WiFi model that has been a popular choice among parents. The Eufy brand is a leader in innovative home technology.

It is a division of Anker Innovations, a well-known manufacturer of phone accessories. However, you may occasionally need to reset it to function smoothly.

As a result, I’ll describe How to Reset Eufy Baby Monitor in this article. Eufy is thus not a newcomer to the technology arena. It is demonstrated by some of the Eufy SpaceView baby monitor’s standout features, such as the customized voice activation option.

Whereas the Eufy SpaceView is ideal for tiny infants, it is perfect for the years when your children are old enough to get out of the crib but not old enough to understand how doorknobs operate.

The gleaming, billiard-ball-sized monitor rotates 330 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically, allowing you to peer into every recess and cranny of your children’s room. Additionally, a wide-angle lens is available to enhance the angle of view to 110 degrees.

Non-WiFi Eufy Baby Monitor

The Eufy is a non-Wi-Fi device. That feature is not available on non-Wi-Fi displays. They function using a radiofrequency system with a limited range and have fewer features. Excellent if you’re afraid of the terrifying hacker from the movies.

It isn’t good if you’re seeking the most outstanding product possible. Just a note: after extensive investigation, we’ve concluded that wifi baby monitor hacking is not particularly common.

Eufy Baby Monitor Functioning

The 5-inch 720p touchscreen display measures 3.1 by 6.0 (HWD). To the right of the screen are a menu button, a four-way directional button for pan and tilt control and menu navigation, and a chat button that returns you to the last menu screen.

An antenna folds into a slot at the monitor’s top, along with the power and volume buttons. Around the rear is a pop-out easel-style stand for usage on a smooth surface, a reset button, and a speaker. 

The right side of the display features a power LED, a micro USB charging port, and a reserved MicroSD card slot. Rechargeable batteries deliver up to seven hours of continuous power and seventeen hours in the power-saving option.

In addition, the camera broadcasts the photos using FHSS, utilizing radio frequencies rather than wifi. Consequently, it gives you peace of mind if you are apprehensive about hackers.

By pressing the menu button, a menu of settings options is displayed on the left side of the screen. For example, you may modify the screen brightness, set the time before the screen goes to sleep, and activate sound-activated alerts from this Menu.

Additionally, you can configure the duration of the warnings (10, 20, 30, and 60 seconds) and the sound sensitivity. Other options include setting the time, enabling zoom (1.5x and 2x), adding and deleting cameras (up to four can be paired), enabling/disabling night vision, and adjusting the camera’s refresh rate to avoid flickering.

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How to Reset the Eufy Baby Monitor to Factory Settings?

Following are the guidelines mentioned below that will assist you in knowing about resetting your Eufy Baby Monitor.

  • Tap and hold the Sync button for ten seconds to reset eufyCams. Typically, the Sync button is situated near the top of the eufyCam.
  • If you choose to reset the device, you will need to reconnect it to the eufySecurity app. After reconnecting eufyCam to the HomeBase, you will display videos on the app.

Eufy’s Outstanding Features

Now, let’s look at the excellent features. These features contribute to Eufy’s exceptional performance as a baby monitor

  • The Eufy Spaceview is the superior baby monitor for image quality. The image is easier to read than on the Infant Optics XDR-8 display. The 720p visual quality is comparable to other baby monitors that use your smartphone as the receiver.
  • The Menu is straightforward to use due to the interface’s design. The navigation and controls are simple and easy, like those on your iPhone or GPS watch. The Eufy is vastly superior. Other baby monitors appear to have been inspired by an outdated DVD player’s UI design.
  • The monitor camera has night vision, allowing you to observe your sleeping angel. Night vision is adequate for viewing your baby’s face from a distance of 13 to 16 feet. Additionally, the receiver enables/disables night vision.
  • The Eufy Spaceview includes a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2900mAh. It is sufficient for the day, such as naps and overnight surveillance. Once again, Eufy outperforms its rivals in terms of battery life.
  • Directly from the monitor, speak to your child. This feature is excellent for soothing your infant or requesting that your toddler return to bed. You may feel as if you are Big Brother, but nothing is as assuring as you enter the room. Nonetheless, it can be advantageous in certain instances.
  • Eufy’s baby monitor features a sound-activated alarm system, so you’ll always be aware when your kid demands your attention.
  • You can set the monitor to sleep mode, which turns off the display when no sound is detected.
  • The Eufy Spaceview is equipped with a specialized microphone that discriminates between strange and background noise. When your baby begins to cry, for example, the monitor sends an alert, and the speaker and screen turn on, allowing you to see your infant.

Advantages of Eufy Baby Monitor

Eufy Baby Monitor
  • Having the video available with a single click is, undoubtedly, convenient. Because app-based wifi monitors need your phone, you may have to unlock it and launch the app when the desire to see your child strikes. A non-Wi-Fi device, such as the Eufy, is significantly faster and more uncomplicated.
  • The parent unit is an additional device that you must carry around. However, it is pretty thin and lightweight and weighs less than a typical smartphone. Fits comfortably into your slim jeans as well.
  • You do not require to create an account or pair your camera and parent unit. Turn both of them on, and you’re ready to go. Combine it with the parent unit’s modest footprint, and you’ve got yourself a winner! It’s an excellent mode of transportation.
  • Extremely useful if you want to hear if something is problematic without hearing every noise. Continuous background noise can rapidly irritate wifi choices such as the Nanit or even the Summer Infant. Eufy’s audio alerts enable you to reduce background noise while increasing the alarm’s volume and length, making it ideal for a good but comfortable sleep.

The Disadvantages of Eufy Baby Monitor

  • The significant disadvantage is that the wall mount was built just for corners.
  • It only has a 460ft range.
  • Its night vision clarity is substandard.
  • The Eufy lacks a motion detection mechanism similar to the Pixel Zoom HD, making detecting ninja movement more challenging.
  • Only a small selection. It’s only 460 feet away compared to the monitors’ limitless range. Even the majority of monitors that are not wifi capable go beyond that.

Is Eufy a Secure Platform?

Eufy manufactures both interior and outdoor surveillance cameras that you may use to monitor your home, pets, and neighborhood. They come with industry-standard features such as high-definition video, live streaming, two-way audio, and night vision.

You retain your personal information locally on a microSD card and then stream it live to your phone via the Eufy app, which protects your footage with high-end encryption. 

Additionally, these cameras include a feature that allows you to send a warning message to your dog if he enters the living room when he is not supposed to. Humans highly regard it. 

Frequently Asked Question

How Do I Turn Off My Eufy Baby Monitor?

Talk to the camera by pressing and holding the Talk button. When the Menu is active, press the Talk key to reset the previous menu level. To turn on/off the monitor display, press the Power button. To switch the monitor on or off, toggle the power button for 2 seconds.

How Do You Wipe a Eufy Camera?

To reset the Eufy indoor/outdoor cameras, click and hold the Sync button for ten seconds or until two beeps are heard. Typically, the Sync button is positioned on the device’s back. The camera’s default settings will be re-established.

Can the Eufy Baby Monitor Be Hacked?

That is mainly because it is not internet-connected—you plug it in and aim it towards your child’s bed. However, connected gadgets have a history of security issues, and of all the home automation devices in your home, a monitor is the least likely to be hacked.


Remotely supervising your infant provides you with peace of mind and flexibility that you would not have otherwise. While the Eufy SpaceView is not flawless, its visual and audio quality, combined with its long battery life, makes it one of the finest non-WiFi baby monitors in its budget range. 

Simple installation. Slim and lightweight, the parent unit. Audio monitoring warnings are simple to understand and incredibly useful. My guide’s primary objective is to assist you in adequately resetting your Eufy baby monitor.

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