How to Clean BenQ Monitor? Easy Guide

Maintaining a clean computer is an important habit. Your computer, particularly your monitor, accumulates dust and grime over time.

Not to mention the spread of germs caused by sneezing and coughing. While fingerprints are undesirable, the eye strain caused by a cluttered monitor is far more so.

Cleaning your display requires a little more effort than a simple wipe-down, and you should avoid certain items. This post will discuss the proper approach to clean your computer monitor. We will assist you in this article by bringing you through the complete process of How to Clean BenQ Monitor securely.

In any case, thorough cleaning preserves the appearance of interactive displays by removing unsightly smudges, fingerprints, and dust.

Cleaning also complements excellent germ-resistance skills, ensuring that schools, businesses, and other organizations are well protected against cross-contamination.

Who Is the Manufacturer of BenQ Monitors?

BenQ Corporation is a Taiwanese multinational corporation created in 1984 by K. Y. Lee. It is a marketer and seller of technological products, electronics, and communication equipment. BenQ is an acronym that stands for “Bringing Enjoyment’ N’ Quality to Life.”

BenQ Corporation has an uncanny ability to combine performance and aesthetics. As a result, their monitors are nearly ubiquitous in the world of professional gaming. This company has created some of the top gaming monitors available today.

Things to Consider 

  • The 70% rating for rubbing alcohol is critical. A weaker solution will not eliminate germs, as some will survive. Exceeding 90% may have the counterintuitive consequence of shielding specific viruses and gradually deteriorating the display surface. Therefore, keep the alcohol content between 70% and 75% for optimal effects.
  • You may be tempted to clean screens using readily available alternatives to microfiber cloths, like paper towels, but resist. They’re far too abrasive and will harm the surface of your interactive display.
  • Similarly, although screens are constructed of glass, it is not acceptable to clean them with glass cleaning fluid. Glass cleaners include a high concentration of active substances that can damage the display’s germ-resistant and anti-glare coatings and create streaking and spots.

Simple Tools That You Will Require

Cleaning germ-resistant interactive screens safely and effectively does not involve much effort. You will require the following:

  • Disposable gloves
  • Two lint-free microfibre cloths
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol

Is It Necessary to Disinfect Your Monitor?

We have learned the value of hygiene and cleanliness due to the pandemic. It has refocused attention on sanitization. Naturally, Here are a few pointers to assist you:

It would help if you used neither bleach nor rubbing alcohol or ethanol. These tend to damage LCD monitors permanently. Always use a mild sanitizer as directed by the manufacturer. Details are included in the owner’s manual.

Ordinary soap is not an ideal alternative. It can cause harm to the screen.

Avoid putting your monitor and keep your distance when sneezing or coughing. Also, avoid eating near your desk.

How to Clean BenQ Monitor?

If your monitor is glossy, light use of these remedies may be acceptable, but we strongly advise against it. Cleaning your monitor with normal water and a microfiber towel is best. Assemble the cloth so that it is only pretty wet.

Cleaning frequently with water and a cloth will keep scuffs, dust, and germs at bay. It’s simple and takes only a few minutes.

The following are the fundamental steps for cleaning any BenQ monitor:

#1) Switch Off Your Computer Monitor

To ensure safety, power down and unplug the computer.

#2) Wipe the Monitor With a Cloth

Utilize a small amount of water – the cloth should not be dripping wet. It should be slightly moist.

#3) Apply Light Pressure

While cleaning the BenQ monitor, apply light pressure. Excessive application may result in harm. Avoid entirely pressing the screen. Run the cloth over the area, and you’re done.

Allow it to dry

Dry your monitor gently with a clean, soft microfiber towel or air dry it. To avoid electrical damage caused by moisture, ensure that your computer’s screen is dry before turning it back on. We suggest that you repeat this procedure once a week for optimal maintenance.

Cleaning by Using Isopropyl Alcohol 

  • The gloves should be placed first, followed by a thorough wipe of the entire screen with a dry cleaning cloth. Use little pressure and avoid squeezing the screen. Allow your hand and cloth to glide across the screen in a sort of gliding motion.
  • After that, spray isopropyl alcohol onto the second cleaning cloth. Utilize your discretion, but there is no requirement to saturate the fabric completely. If alcohol spills from it, you’ve used too much; wring it out. As previously indicated, alcohol can be sprayed directly onto the display at no time!
  • Gently wipe clean the entire screen one more time with the alcohol-soaked cloth. It does not have to appear wet to be effective. Germs are easily eliminated by even little amounts of 70% alcohol, which is why a lightly damped towel works well. Keep in mind to clean the screen’s angled corners, you may need to gently move the cloth with your finger to get in there.
  • Clean the display bezel (or frame), remote control, pencils, and other accessories related to the interactive display using the towel. Additionally, you can clean the back of the monitor if it is accessible, paying careful attention to ports such as HDMI.
  • Allow ten minutes for the alcohol to drain completely before reconnecting and re-powering everything. Discard the clothes and gloves unless they can be completely washed with hot water and sterilized.

Cleaning of Glossy & Matte Screen BenQ Monitors

Clean BenQ Monitor

If your BenQ monitor is glossy and constructed of glass, you may be able to sterilize it with a little amount of ethanol or another rubbing alcohol. It’s because glass, like metal, is more resistant to numerous chemicals than other surfaces.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as even glass screens include glare-reduction coatings that will wear off and become destroyed if harsh chemicals are used. It is preferable to be safe.

You should never clean matte surfaces with conventional cleaning solutions or agents, permanently damaging the display. Additionally, LCD cleaning solutions sold in various shops and retailers serve to clean, i.e., remove smudges and dust.

They are not sanitizing or disinfecting. They will, however, remove pesky fingerprints and layers of dust that can dull the appearance of your display.

Significance of BenQ monitor

BenQ has a monitor to suit everyone’s needs. Certain monitors have a high resolution, making them ideal for video editing and photography; others are console monitors, while others are ideal for PC gaming. If you’re in search for the optimal gaming experience, a BenQ monitor is an excellent choice.

These monitors are available in various sizes, from compact to huge, and include resolutions up to 4K. It’s simple to find the ideal monitor for your room.

BenQ displays offer exceptional features at a range of pricing points, from entry-level to high-end. These are both amazing and stunning things. You will not be happy with your buying journey.

Safety Measures

Numerous cleaning solvents are available on the market designed specifically for computer monitors. While these products are effective, you do not need to purchase them; distilled water should suffice for most monitor cleaning, and you may add some white vinegar for persistent filth.

Additionally, avoid using paper towels, rags, old T-shirts, or other items commonly used to wipe clean household surfaces. Monitors are more sensitive than they appear, and these textiles, even paper towels, are abrasive enough to harm the screen, even more so if they have been used for other tasks and gathered grit. 

Microfiber cloths are the safest option, such as those used to clean glasses or vinyl records. Clean it of dirt and dust before sweeping across your display.

Powering down and disconnecting the BenQ monitor is preventative. Although there is little physical danger, it is critical to keep you safe and avoid inadvertent equipment damage, as liquids and complex electronics do not mix well.

FAQs – How to Clean BenQ Monitor?

What Should I Clean My Monitor Screen With?

Switch off and disconnect your gadget. Begin by wiping the screen clean with a dry microfiber towel. To clean non-porous surfaces such as the screen of fingerprints and smudges, spray 70% isopropyl alcohol into a cloth or use a pre-moistened alcohol wipe or a Clorox Disinfecting Wipe; do not use bleach.

What Should Never Be Used to Clean an LCD Screen?

Avoid using solvent cleaners that contain acetone, ethyl alcohol, ethyl acid, ammonia, or methyl chloride in particular. Additionally, you should avoid using items that could scratch the screen’s fragile surface.

Can I Use Glasses Cleaner on My Monitor?

Avoid wiping a screen with Windex. According to Button, it is designed exclusively for glass and may be too abrasive for fragile computer screens. Additionally, avoid eyeglass cleaners that do not disinfect. However, if your screen has some persistent stains, the best solution is to use water.


Depending on your work and interests, you usually spend 8-10 hours a day before your monitor. Thus, it is critical to keep it clean and germ-free.

It would help disinfect your monitor and use gloves, a microfiber towel, and a cleaning solution such as alcohol or isopropyl alcohol.

It would help if you took precautions before cleaning the monitor. Fortunately, the procedure is pretty straightforward. Do we hope our article aided you and clarified many worries about How to Clean BenQ Monitor? 

Finally, while the interactive displays from BenQ are highly sturdy, they are not waterproof. It inhibits the direct application of liquids or chemicals to the screen.