How to Use a Monitor Without a PC? (Complete Guide)

Monitors are critical pieces of gear for anyone who works with a computer or laptop regularly. Monitors display the output that the input has interpreted in the computer or laptop’s central processing unit (CPU).

Video Display Terminal (VDT) is another name for this piece of hardware (VDU). Sometimes, you may need to use the display and not the computer’s processor or other components.

However, as previously stated, a monitor displays the processing results; it cannot do any operations or examine anything on its own.

So, if you are one of the individuals who are curious about whether or not you can use your Monitor without a computer, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I’ll explore whether it’s possible to use a monitor without a computer and How to Use a Monitor Without a PC? However, with technological advancements, it may soon be feasible to purchase a monitor that does not require a pc.

Having a portable monitor would make it easy for individuals on the go to utilize their monitors without having to bring their desktop or laptop computers along.

You can connect your TV device, laptop, PlayStation 4, and any other hardware to display an output display, such as monitors. Most monitors have numerous display connectors, including HDMI, VGA, and DVI connections.

Regular users increasingly connect their screens to their computers through HDMI connectors, which work flawlessly and deliver high-definition images.

Do Monitors Work Without a Pc or CPU?

The CPU or PC processes input from the user, and the resulting output shows on a monitor. A source of input requires a computer monitor that does not have a CPU.

As a result, the Monitor will be able to display content from the source. When it comes to this scenario, you can use anything from a cell phone to a cable box or DVD player to your advantage. You can display a TV, a video game console, or even a security camera feed on your Monitor.

You can, for example, view your favorite movies on the Monitor using a DVD player. As with the VCR, you can view the video content recorded in tapes on your computer monitor.

Again, if you buy a gaming console like the PS4, you can connect it to your Monitor and have a never-ending supply of gaming fun. The Monitor will display output from the input sources of the DVD player, VCR, and gaming console.

You can utilize a monitor without a CPU or PC. As we previously stated, a monitor’s output determines by the source of its input. When it comes to monitors, it’s possible to describe them as “brainless hardware” that examines the output of its source.

If your Monitor does not connect to any input source, you may see a blank screen that displays no information on your computer’s screen. You’ll need to connect a few extra wires, such as adapters or converters, to the Monitor’s input to get around this problem.

You can also use your Monitor in various ways, including a television, a gaming monitor, a laptop monitor, or any other video display function.

Is It Possible for a Monitor to Function on Its Own?

A monitor cannot function independently without the assistance of another device that sends a signal to the Monitor to display the output on the screen.

Devices such as Chromecast and Firestick and connecting to PCs and laptops allow them to maximize their potential. Only all-in-one monitors can work on their own because they have a PC-like setup integrated into them.

If you compare these freestanding all-in-one monitors to their desktop counterparts, you may be astonished at how much better they perform. They also come in different sizes, that ranges from small to giant screens.

How to Use a Monitor Without a PC?

Can You Use a Monitor Without a PC for PS4

Using today’s technology, you may quickly turn your Monitor into a television. When connecting your Monitor to current gadgets, you’ll need an HDMI port on your display.

Many older monitors indeed lack HDMI ports. Using an HDMI to VGA converter if your Monitor does not have an HDMI port is an option.

Here is a step-by-step guide To Use a Monitor Without a PC.

  • To use the converter, you must first turn off your Monitor.
  • Afterward, connect the converter’s VGA output port to a VGA cable.
  • Using a VGA cable, attach your setup box to the other end.
  • Turn on the computer’s power, turn on the Monitor, and choose the VGA signal source on display to connect.
  • Attach the audio cable from your converters to the speaker.

Is It Possible to Connect a Laptop to a Monitor?

Connecting a monitor to your laptop will allow you to use it as a display device. You can join a second monitor if your laptop has additional ports.

Your laptop and display can be connected through HDMI cables for easy viewing on the go. Laptop displays are too small for many people to see their work.

They dislike working on small screens since it makes them more irritable and requires more focus. Consequently, many buy a second display for their laptops so that they may view the content at a much greater size.

Multitaskers may find themselves in need of additional screens to keep up with their workloads. Instead of switching between tabs on your computer screen, consider purchasing a monitor that you can attach to your laptop or computer.

Programmers must perform frequent code reviews. They must also verify the code’s output as they work. 

By changing windows or tabs on the computer, the coder accomplishes this task. At times, this can be aggravating. Programmers, rest assured that we feel your agony.

To avoid the tedious job of switching tabs, you might get a second monitor. In this approach, you may simultaneously work on your code and monitor the progress of the live server.

Is There a Way to Link a Monitor to an Android Box Without Pc?

You can use the android box to connect a monitor, just like a television. In today’s world, most people enjoy having and using apps on their screens.

As a result, the android box and displays may be readily connected and configured. Playing games, surfing the web, using apps, and viewing movies and TV shows on your favorite channels are possible with an Android box. You can operate an Android box with the aid of a monitor.

You can use HDMI or VGA cables to connect the Monitor’s display ports. Many of the most recent and modern monitors contain HDMI inputs. It would be best to plug the speaker cord into your Android phone.

As a last resort, most Android boxes come pre-loaded with speakers. Depending on the model of your Monitor, you may be able to connect speakers via HDMI.

  • Plugin your devices, Monitor, and Android box with their respective power cords.
  • Please turn on your Android box and connect it to your WiFi/Ethernet network. Then, set it up and begin using it.
  • You’ve got everything you need. In this manner, an android box can link up with the display.

What Is the Efficient Way to Use a Gaming Console With a Monitor?

If you do not have access to high-quality gaming monitors, this is an opportunity to play games on your computer monitor.

It’s as simple as connecting any gaming console to the display connectors and calling it a day. The steps below will lead you through connecting your game console to your Monitor:

  • attach one edge of an HDMI cable to the gaming console and the other end to the Monitor using the included adapter.
  • Connect the video connection from the console to the converter box. Insert the console connectors into the same input group as the converter box’s plugs so that the colors of the plugs in the converter box match.
  • Connect the Monitor’s output to the adapter box or port’s output by connecting the Monitor’s appropriate cable to the adapter box or port.
  • Ensure that the correct input is selected; nevertheless, if only one is available, the console should be visible until both the Monitor and the console turns on. Connect the audio wire to the HDMI converter to complete the process.

Frequently Asked Question

Can You Connect a PS4 to a Monitor Without a PC?

A computer monitor can be used in place of television when playing games on your PS4 or practically any other game console. It would be best to verify a few things first, including the input ports on display and whether or not the Monitor includes speakers for audio output.

Can a Gaming Monitor Work Without a PC?

You will require a personal computer or laptop. The Monitor shows whatever the computer or laptop is producing. You cannot use a monitor in isolation.

Can You Use a Gaming Monitor for PS4?

Numerous high-end gaming monitors also give excellent motion performance and input lag compared to conventional televisions, advantageous if you’re a real competitive gamer. There are 4K monitors available for the PS4 Pro and 1080p monitors for the primary PS4.


A computer monitor is not the only purpose for a monitor—all of the peripherals supported by the device shown on the screen. An external display for your laptop can use as a TV screen, a gaming screen for your PlayStation, and more.

All-in-one PC monitors are the only way to use a monitor without a PC. Otherwise, you can use it to watch TV or play video games via a console connection.

For the Monitor to perform as intended, an external device you must connect even without a PC or laptop. I hope that this post has assisted you in better understanding How to Use a Monitor Without a PC.

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