How to Use a Secondary Monitor While Gaming on the Primary?

Multiple monitors are prevalent in today’s gaming setups. Many do this to maximize the interactive experience that video games provide. However, dual displays are advantageous for playing your favorite games.

However, some gamers configure their setup to multitask while gaming—that is, perform things on a second monitor while their game is running on the Primary.

Dual monitor gaming is always more enjoyable than single monitor gaming. You get to experience more game details and can more easily focus on the areas that interest you—knowing How to Use a Secondary Monitor While Gaming on the Primary enables you to multitask while being immersed in the game.

Multiple modern gaming displays are prevalent nowadays. Therefore, let us examine how this dual setup arrangement can use.

Better efficiency and productivity drive many designers to explore technology to enhance their work processes. A multiple monitor configuration is one of several strategies for increasing workplace efficiency, cooperation, and communication.

Why Would You Desire to Utilize Multiple Monitors?

For Multitasking 

If you do not want to use multiple monitors for gaming objectives, you can configure your computer such that you can multitask. 

To Increase Screen Limit

The size of the screen restricts the amount of information that you can display at any given time. In this case, we require a second screen or multiple monitor configuration. 

To Run Many Windows

While you can run many windows concurrently and build them on top of one another, you restrict the amount of information displayed in each window and the number of windows that fit on your Display. It is also a crucial factor for using a second screen.

To Get Additional Workspace 

You have to install an additional monitor. Consider the size of your screen to be great real estate. When you require extra workspace, you must acquire another real estate in a second or even third monitor. 

It’s simple enough to switch between windows, but having them all visible simultaneously would be pretty beneficial when dealing with multiple items that require immediate attention. 

How Can You Start a Multiple Monitor Configuration?

Acquiring an additional monitor appears to be a straightforward process. Although, it is not as straightforward as buying a replacement screen and plugging it in.

It requires the proper hardware. At the very least, ensure that your video card supports multiple displays and is compatible with your existing hardware. 

Things to Consider 

To set up multiple monitors, you will require the following:

  • Multiple-monitors
  • A video card capable of simultaneously supporting the appropriate number of displays.
  • Cables suitable with the Display and video card.
  • Before configuring your Display, ensure that your video card driver software is updated.

Why Do Multiple Monitor Configurations Require Video Cards?

When you go to the store to get one, bring your computer’s hardware and specifications with you so that the salesperson can advise you on the best video card to purchase.

You can design the new video cards to support multiple display configurations. They function even with a single-display monitor, the standard configuration for monitors.

However, they did not overlook the likelihood that consumers purchasing gear for gaming purposes may eventually acquire many displays.

How Can You Work With Multiple Displays?

How to Use a Secondary Monitor While Gaming on the Primary

Now that you’ve acquired a multiple-display configuration, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with its works. Your computer should quickly identify the presence of numerous monitors.

It’s now an issue determining which one will broadcast particular programming. Different operating systems play an essential role in selecting a primary and secondary screen.

Built-in Settings and Microsoft Operating System

Your computer’s operating system should provide built-in settings that enable you to select a primary and secondary screen.

It is often accessible via the settings menu and the display menu. It is the standard location to do checks on a Microsoft operating system. You’d then be able to click and drag the apps to the appropriate Display.

Built-in Settings and Linux

If you choose to utilize another operating system, such as Linux, the process will be entirely different and maybe more complex.

While there are advantages to using alternative operating systems, Microsoft is the most widely used and recognizable to most people.

Video Cards and Operating System

The graphics card or video card arrives with software that allows you to customize its operation. You can bypass the operating system’s settings and directly access the software that came with your hardware.

These occasionally have a more excellent interface, and the settings you require are most often present here. That is far more convenient than navigating through multiple windows and options in the built-in setting of an operating system.

How to Use a Secondary Monitor While Playing Video Games on the Primary Monitor?

When a second display becomes accessible, it can function as an entirely independent screen or as an extension of the first.

Create an extension if you want to run a game on the primary screen while another screen displays something else. Thus, your keyboard commands and mouse movement will switch across monitors.

How to Use a Secondary Monitor While Gaming on the Primary?

Let’s begin by making the right screen your default gaming choice in Windows 10.

  • Modify the Display Configuration
  • Select the background with the right-click menu. Select Display Settings from the menu.
  • Make the screen on which you want to play the game the primary “Make this the primary display.”
  • The selected monitor should now designate as the Primary.
  • Customize the NVIDIA Control Settings
  • Click ‘Set up numerous displays’ under the Display option on the left plane.
  • Select “Make primary” from the context menu when right-clicking on the display number for the primary Display.
  • Apply and then Yes to confirm.
  • Utilize Windowed Mode Without Borders
  • Navigate to your game’s graphical choices.
  • Locate the display mode options and turn on borderless windowed mode.
  • Examine your aspect ratio settings.
  • If you go to another monitor, the game will run in full-screen mode.
  • Alternate between screens by using Alt+Tab.

Advantages of Using Multiple Monitor Configuration

  • Additionally, this can be useful if you enjoy your favorite game while also completing your responsibilities. Perhaps you need to check a game’s advice, and you want to be allowed to do so while playing.
  • Additionally, you can work on your gaming avatar while waiting for a show to begin streaming live on the second monitor.
  • With multiple monitors, communication becomes easier because you may communicate with other employees, customers, and management without disrupting your work.
  • One of the primary benefits of multiple monitors is keeping vital information on one screen while working on the second. Multiple monitor configurations make it simple to compare many files and projects.

Disadvantages of Using Multiple Monitor Configuration

  • With more potential for productive applications comes an increased risk of distraction. While maintaining email open all day can be beneficial, having it continually visible can also be distracting. 
  • Maintaining an open Instant Messenger or Twitter window can be an even bigger time sink.
  • Additionally, there are logistical issues. A second monitor requires more desk space, which may not always be possible or desirable in compact areas.
  • Additional displays must also be purchased, imposing a short-term investment for the organization that you will not repay until greater productivity achieve.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do I Use My Mouse With an Extended Screen?

Right-click on your desktop and select “display” – you need to see the two monitors displayed there. Click detect to determine which is which.

The monitor can then be clicked and dragged into the place that corresponds to the physical layout. After that, try moving your mouse there to check whether it works!

Does Fullscreen Borderless Affect FPS?

The full-Screen mode can improve results compared to borderless windowed mode, assuming the game optimizes for the system and monitor utilize.

However, running a game in fullscreen mode precludes the player from accessing additional monitors or programs.

How Do I Make Games Full Screen on Dual Monitors?

To use your second monitor for gaming, you must first enter Windows Settings by pressing the Win + I buttons simultaneously.

Following that, navigate to system> Display. Expand the drop-down list of monitor settings and pick the Show only on two options.

Why Is My Mouse Not Working on My Second Monitor?

Select Control Panel from the Start menu. Then, select Appearance and Personalization, followed by Display.

From the left column, select the Resolution or Adjust Resolution option, which will display your displays as numbered icons. Drag and drop the monitor icons to align them with your physical configuration.


With most of the things you want to accomplish, a single display may not be sufficient. When multiple monitor configuration is complete, you can perform additional activities on each screen or play games that support multiple display modes. Or, better yet, work perfectly!

Purchase the appropriate graphics card, connect it to the suitable monitors, change the built-in or given settings, and you’re ready to go. All that remains is running the game and dragging and dropping the other apps. I hope this article helped you figure out How to Use a Secondary Monitor While Gaming on the Primary?

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