How Big Is a 27 Inch Monitor? (With Dimensions)

A fundamental factor to consider when purchasing a gaming monitor is its size. Most experts recommend that gamers adhere to a screen size of 24 to 27 inches for optimal visual quality and Full HD resolution. Typically, most of us will go for a 27-inch monitor, which appears to be significant.

Computer monitors are something that most people cannot afford to update regularly. As a result, selecting the optimal monitor size for your purposes becomes the most challenging and critical process.

If you require a monitor that is not ultrawide but is still large enough, the 27-inch monitor is an excellent alternative. Today, I will walk you through the ways of determining How Big Is a 27 Inch Monitor is and estimating its dimensions in this article.

Once it comes to selecting the ideal monitor, you must take numerous considerations, the most critical of which is the screen’s size.

It relies on two factors: your visual distance and the resolution of your display. Choosing the optimal display size is critical. However, the size of a curved screen may vary.

Why Would you Need to Know the Sizes of Your Monitor?

The primary reason is to budget for desk space. Screen real estate can easily take up all available space on your desk, depending on your usage.

If you intend to run two monitors, you may want to break out the measuring tape. Because a 27″ display is smaller than a 27″ monitor, you will require less space. As a result, dual monitors placed side by side will occupy an area closer to 48″-50″ than 54.”

The most effective technique to maximise space and minimise head movement is tilt the monitors. For example, you’re viewing a single display, your primary monitor, directly ahead of your seat. Then angle the second monitor slightly toward you, the extended monitor.

If the size is less than required, the appropriate response times and refresh rates will be ineffective. While The more significant the screen, the more windows it can have, and hence, more multitasking is feasible. Images are displayed in greater detail, and films have a more professional image.

How Is the Size of the Monitor Determined?

The diagonal measurement of the monitor’s size is taken from one edge to the other. A 27-inch monitor is not designed to be comprehensive; the screen’s height, width, and thickness are not specified.

For example, a 27-inch monitor may have dimensions ranging from 21.22 x 25.25 x 8.03 inches to 24.1 x 1.8 x 14.3 inches.

The monitor’s size is calculated as the distance between the top diagonal and the bottom corner diagonal equals 27 inches.

If you have a 27-inch display, the diagonal distance between the bottom left and top right corners, or from the top left to bottom right corners, is equal to 27 inches.

You can sketch on cardboard, a washable wall, or even chart paper with the aid of a measuring tape.

Why Aren’t 27-inch Monitors Precisely 27-inch in Size?

It’s all about the diagonal measurements. As a result, when measuring the monitor’s size, do not measure from top to bottom or left to right. Rather than that, measure diagonally from one top corner to the bottom diagonal corner.

If you have a curved or widescreen display, you will measure in this manner. Similarly, regardless of the aspect ratio, you will use the same measurement approach for TVs, projectors, and other computer monitors.

The Factors That Affects the Size of the Monitor

How Big Is a 27 Inch Monitor

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of a monitor screen determines its width and height. A monitor’s most frequent aspect ratio is 16:9.

Bezel Size

The monitor display size does not include the bezel size. Bezels enclose an additional space on the monitor’s sides. The bezel surrounds your monitor. 

Older displays have broader, more prominent bezels, whereas newer monitors have a slimmer and smaller bezel, the more compact the monitor’s overall footprint on your desk. 

Slimmer bezels have gained popularity in recent years, but they can only be thin with televisions. The bezels help shield the monitor from direct contact and secure the components.

27-inch Monitor Specifications

Monitors with a 27-inch screen are appropriate if you sit approximately three to four feet away from them. In the case of this seating configuration, this size is right.

If you are too close to it, though, you will have a more difficult time watching the entire screen and assessing everything that happens in the game.

It might be costly if the game is fast-paced and aggressive. If you enjoy the scenery in games, opt for a 27-inch display. However, you should select the appropriate resolution.

Most Suitable Resolution of 27-inch Monitor

It would generally provide the most satisfactory gaming experience at an optimal viewing distance and 1440p resolution. 27″/1440p provides an unmatched viewing experience because of its larger visual field and more excellent resolution.

Nowadays, the majority of 27-inch monitors feature a resolution of 1440p. However, several models of the same size are available with a 2K (1080p) or 4K (2160p) resolution.

Someone may convince you to put money in a 27-inch 4K monitor. However, most of these monitors operate at a maximum frequency of 60 Hz. On the other hand, a good selection of 27-inch QHD gaming displays with a typical refresh rate of 144 Hz is available.

27-inch monitors perform well at 1080p, but with 1440p resolution, you have significantly more screen space, offering this size monitor ideal for gaming and working at home.

Why Is A 27-Inch Monitor the Best Size?

Different display sizes are beneficial for various games, but it also depends on what you intend to do with your monitor.

For the most immersive experience with single-player games, there is no dispute that a 27-inch or larger monitor would suffice. 

It also applies to gamers who work at home, providing additional screen real estate for composing documents or editing films.

Competitive players may desire increased information available to their eyes without moving their heads, or they may be using a low-powered PC incapable of handling more significant screen sizes.

Is a 27-inch Monitor Sufficiently Large to Accommodate a Split-screen?

A 27-inch monitor is quite significant compared to the more popular 21-inch and 24-inch monitors. The 27-inch display has a split-screen mode, conveniently allowing you to view two applications simultaneously.

A dual arrangement with a 27-inch monitor would be ideal for any application that requires additional horizontal area.

Frequently Asked Question

What Size Is Monitor Best for Gaming?

24 and 25-inch monitors provide sufficient screen space for gaming, and during competitive gaming, it’s easier to view everything in your range of view, such as maps. Additionally, a smaller screen has a greater pixel density, which results in more legible text than a larger screen with the exact resolution.

Is It Better to Look Up at a Monitor or Down?

You should avoid looking up or down at your screen. In an ideal world, your eyes should be aligned at a spot on the screen around 5-10 cm below the monitor’s top edge. The screen’s center should be approximately 17-18 degrees below eye level.

Is a 27 Inch Monitor Big Enough?

The optimal display size is determined mainly by the monitor’s resolution and the distance between you and the screen. Most people generally believe that 1920×1080 should not be utilized on more than 25 inches displays. While 1440p is suitable for displays more significant than 27 inches, and 4K is ideal for monitor displays more prominent than 27 inches to 43 inches in size, it depends on your personal preference

How Much Bigger Is a 27 Inches Monitor Than a 24 Inches Monitor?

If you set 27 inches vs 24 inches side-by-side, you will get a sense of the room’s size. On one side, it measures 27 inches; on the other, it measures 24 inches. The diagonal difference will be around 7.5 cm if you align them parallel. However, when holding the 27-inch in your palm, you will notice how enormous it is.


A 27-inch QHD monitor display with a refresh rate of 144Hz is excellent if you’re seeking a monitor that can provide both saga-driven and fast-paced games optimally.

Twenty-seven inches is neither too large nor too small a monitor size, assuming the resolution and refresh rate areas mentioned above.

Along with the screen size, bezel width, and weight, you can assess whether the monitor is a good fit for your desk or setting. 

This article will assist you in determining How Big Is a 27 Inch Monitor is and guide calculating the desk space required to accommodate the monitor and selecting an optimal size display for daily work and gaming.

A 1440p 27-inch monitor may seem excessively large for certain sports players, but this is the best size overall if you can get used to it.