How to Connect PS4 to Monitor Without HDMI?

Gaming consoles are becoming increasingly popular among children and young adults. These simple-to-use technologies have made gaming more accessible to children and older adults.

Typically, these gaming consoles are connected to tv to play games. Still, if you do not have a television or are damaged, you will undoubtedly choose another method such as a laptop or monitor.

Many choose to use a monitor in these instances due to its larger screen. Before connecting the PS4 to the monitor, verifying the port connections on the PS4 and the monitor is critical.

If so, we are here to inform you about some simple methods that will help you understand How to connect PS4 to Monitor Without HDMI? Take note of the connecting ports found on both of these devices.

HDMI is a high-definition multimedia port, and PS4 consoles equipped with modern technologies include this port. It can transmit audio and video, but most computer monitors lack HDMI interfaces.

Additionally, if the monitor you’re connecting to your PS4 does not support HDMI, you’ll need an adaptor. Furthermore, if the display lacks a built-in speaker and you enjoy hearing sound while gaming, you can either use an external speaker or connect headphones to your PS4 remote.

How to Connect a PS4 to a Non-HDMI Monitor Using a Converter?

Though contemporary monitors are reasonably priced, some people still own an older monitor that lacks an HDMI port.

As a result, connecting the latest gaming systems to older monitors is hard. So, different methods are discussed below to Connect your PS4 to Monitor Without HDMI.

If your PC Monitor does not have an HDMI port, it must have one of the following: VGA, Composite, or DVI. However, because the PS4 only comes with an HDMI connector, connecting without one requires a converter that converts HDMI to the required format.

Utilizing an HDMI converter is one of the most straightforward and accurate alternatives for using a PS4 and a TV without an HDMI. It converts the signal to a format that the television can comprehend and display. There are several multiple kinds of HDMI converters, and you must select which one you require.

Adapters Required

As described above, Adapters are required in this case if the monitors do not have appropriate HDMI jacks. Tulips are the most frequently used approach. The primary downside of this method is that it transmits images of poor quality.

To connect, put adapters into the appropriate ports, then power on the TV receiver and use the control panel to select the desired signal. By employing this strategy, you will avoid the appearance of synchronization issues. You must select the appropriate converter.

Guideline for Purchasing a Converter

When purchasing the appropriate converter, you should consider the following guidelines.

  • It would be best if you preferred adapters that are powered via USB. Without additional power, it is possible that the adapter will not work with your PS4.
  • The converter includes a 3.5 mm jack. VGA and DVI may not generate sound; therefore, the game will run silently on the console if you use a converter without a connector. Certain adapters come in a variety of models.
  • When purchasing, it is suggested that you educate yourself with the product’s qualities or inquire with the seller about the product’s attributes to avoid returning the item.

How to Link Your PS4 To A Monitor by Using VGA? 

How to Connect PS4 to Monitor Without HDMI

Now, suppose you’re interested in connecting it to a PC monitor with a VGA port rather than an HDMI one. Then, in addition to the HDMI cable, you’ll need an HDMI to VGA converter, an HDMI switch, and a VGA cable. 

HDMI Switch is required since the PS4 may occasionally fail to communicate directly with the monitor when using a converter. Similarly, the VGA port does not provide audio, but the converter includes a separate connector.

Utilize a VGA to HDMI Converter

  • Attach one end of your VGA cable to the monitor and the other to the adapter, in the same way as you done along the HDMI cable.
  • Additionally, you can connect speakers or headphones audio jack to the adapter.
  • If it does not connect directly to the adapter, you can connect your PS4 to the monitor via the HDMI converter.
  • You may power your PS4 using the HDMI converter power cable.
  • Link one edge of the HDMI cord to the Converter input and the other to the PS4’s HDMI port.
  • Once all of the settings are complete, power on display to connect both devices.

How to Link Your PS4 To A Monitor by Using DVI?

HDMI and DVI are both digital signals, which means that if your tv or monitor has a DVI input, you will get better results than you would with one of the converter types described above. Additionally, you should avoid the audio loss or low-quality audio that might occur with an HDMI to composite converter.

Use a DVI to HDMI Converter

  • Link the HDMI cable to the PS4 and the DVI converter to the other end.
  • Connect the DVI cable to the converter and then to the display or television via the other end of the DVI cable.
  • Now, turn on the display, pick the appropriate input, and power on the PlayStation 4. 
  • Only you can see the Sony logo on display, and you can also increase the volume to determine whether or not the sound is present.

How to Connect Your PS4 To A Monitor by Using a Composite Converter?

To summaries, if you do not acquire a sound bar, you must use this technique. An HDMI cable, an HDMI to Composite converter, and a composite cable are required. While HDMI to Composite cables are available, you cannot assure their quality, and some have audio difficulties.

Utilize a Composite Converter to HDMI 

  • Link one end of the HDMI lead to the PS4 and the HDMI to the Composite Converter. Connect the USB power cable to the HDMI Converter that comes with the converter.
  • Connect the Composite cable to the TV and Converter according to the colour code.
  • Now, turn on the television and select the appropriate input. Once this is completed, you will be connected and see the Sony logo.

How to Link a PS4 to a Monitor via an Internet Connection Wirelessly? 

The wireless technique is more convenient because it enables video game downloads. Take the following steps:

  • Using the joystick, navigate to the navigation panel. Select “settings” by pressing the “up” button.
  • Navigate to the “network” tab and click the “configure Internet connection” option.
  • Choose a home network from the list that appears. Password has been forgotten. To decline the offer to hire a “proxy server.”
  • After finishing the process, you must log into your account and create a suitable password. 

It is not essential to establish a new profile if you have already used the PS3 game panel. Registration is possible with the use of the previous password and signs in.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I Use My Laptop as a Monitor for My PS4 Without HDMI?

Although both devices use the HDMI output, you cannot use a laptop as a monitor for the PS4. Unfortunately, this will not work because both computers and PS4s use HDMI output and neither are designed to accept HDMI input. While the HDMI ports are fully compatible, the cables handle only one-way video signals.

Can You Connect a PS4 to Just a Monitor?

Link your PS4 to a monitor equipped with a VGA port. In the same way, as we done with the HDMI cable, connect one end of your VGA cable to the display and the other to the adapter. Additionally, you can connect speakers or headphones to the adaptor.

Does PS4 Have Bluetooth?

You can connect Bluetooth headphones to a PlayStation 4, but only if they are functional with the PS4. Because most conventional Bluetooth headphones are incompatible with the PS4, you’ll need to ensure that you have Bluetooth headphones designed particularly for the PS4.


Connecting a PS4 to a computer monitor is an essential and straightforward process. By following the instructions, users can effortlessly connect their console to any monitor without performing any further steps or manipulating the console in any way. All that is required is the appropriate cable and adapters.

We’ve discussed the most convenient and best ways to inform you about  How to Connect PS4 to Monitor Without HDMI in this article. It enables smoother gameplay with only a few simple settings.

All of the strategies are simple and effective at creating an immersive gaming atmosphere for you. You may easily enjoy your gaming experience if you follow these simple steps with care and attentiveness.