How to Connect PS2 to Monitor? Easy Guide

The PlayStation 2 is a classic video game console that debuted in 2000. If you possess one, there’s a good chance you have a sizable game library for it.

To extend the life of your PlayStation 2 console, you may desire to take it with you, especially if you are a regular traveler or live in a dorm room. However, it would be best to connect a monitor to it permanently.

This guide will demonstrate How to Connect PS2 to Monitor and switch between them on the fly. Additionally, it will discuss how to use a component PS2 cable to obtain a clearer image than a composite PS2 cable.

It sounds straightforward enough; you want to play your PlayStation 2 (PS2) or another hybrid video-capable gaming system on your computer monitor. As it turns out, this can be pretty challenging, but there is a way to fix this. 

You might begin your search for adapters on Amazon and eBay and uncover a plethora of various options within seconds. Certain adapters appear to work quite well, with RCA inputs across one side and VGA or HDMI on the other.

Can a Playstation 2 Be Connected to a Computer’s Monitor?

If your monitor features an HDMI output, you can connect your PS4 to your display through an HDMI connection. Everything should function properly if your console links to your monitor via HDMI. You can also click any 3.5 mm stereo jack external audio device to a display without built-in speakers.

What Ports Is the Playstation 2 Equipped With?

Two USB ports and a FireWire port includes on the PlayStation 2. In 1988, Sony and Nintendo agreed to develop a CD-ROM adapter, dubbed the Super Disc, for the upcoming Super Nintendo.

How to Connect a PS2 to a Monitor?

Your monitor must have a VGA port, but it may also have other ports such as DVI, HDMI, or others. You can connect the PS2 to the monitor by using these ports.

How to Connect PS2 to Monitor by Using VGA Port?

What You’ll Require

A few items are required to connect your PS2 to a desktop monitor successfully. The following are the alternatives available to you:

#1) Converter or Switch Box

A switch box enables you to play PS2 games on your computer monitor. This machine can convert the visual signal from your PS2 to VGA. Additionally, switch boxes facilitate audio transfer between the PS2 and speakers, while VGA monitors lack functionality.

#2) Analog Video Converter Active

 You can purchase Active analog converters to transmit your PS2 signal to your monitor. The analog converter should have a component video input and a VGA output. Additionally, you will want a power supply, as the device requires external electricity to operate.

There are also passive converters available. However, they may not always function. Consequently, it is preferable to use an active analog converter.

#3) Television Tuner Box

A TV tuner unit can make connecting your PS2 to your VGA monitor simple. TV tuner cards include a video input that accepts analog PS2 signals. Additionally, you have a VGA output to accommodate an older display. Further, external speakers may support by TV tuner boxes.

#4) Cable Component

A component cable is needed to configure your PS2 and VGA monitors. At one end of a component cable or audio/video cable, there are multiple colored connections. It connects your PS2’s analog signal to the converter or switch box.

By default, PS2s do not include a component cable. You purchase a component cable separately.

#5) VGA Adapter

You should connect Your VGA monitor to the switch box or converter through its VGA wire. Otherwise, you’ll need to purchase a VGA cable to connect the two systems.

#6) Audio Cable 3.5mm

Two 3.5mm audio cables will be required to connect your PS2 to the converter and your speakers. Most of us will even come upon spare 3.5mm wires in our homes. Otherwise, they are readily available online or at your neighborhood audio/video equipment store.

Procedure to connect PlayStation 2 to a VGA Monitor

How to Connect PS2 to Monitor 1

Connect Cable Component

  • The initial step is to attach the component cable between your PS2 and the converter, switch box, or TV tuner. 
  • Connect the cable’s colored ends to the colored inputs on your switch box or converter. 
  • Connect the component cable’s opposite end to the PS2 video output.
  • Additionally, your switch box, converter, or television tuner requires an additional power source.

Connect the VGA Cable

  • The next step is to connect your VGA cable. This procedure is relatively straightforward.
  • Attach one end of the VGA cable to the display the other to the switch box, converter, or television tuner.
  •  Tighten the screws or nuts on both edges of the VGA connectors to secure the connection.

Audio Cables to Connect

  • Connect a single 3.5mm audio wire between the audio output of your PS2 and the audio input of your switch box. 
  • Connect the other audio wire to the audio output of the switch box and the speakers.
  • You may use the same procedure to connect the audio output of your TV tuner box to PS2 and your speakers.

Activate Your Systems

  • Now turn on your monitor, PlayStation 2, and speakers. 
  • You may need to adjust the PS2 setup to ensure it syncs with your VGA monitor.
  • Select the Component Video Out option from the System Configuration menu in PS2. Then, if your component cable has five colored ends, pick Y Cb/Pb Cr/Pr. 
  • Otherwise, use the Y Cb/Pb Cr/Pr RGB option. Additionally, you may need to select the screen size or aspect ratio corresponding to your VGA monitor.

Insert Your CDs 

  • Now, insert your CDs into your PS2 and do a connection test. 
  • Examine the image quality and audio output. 
  • If everything checks out, you can immediately begin your gaming career.

The prerequisites and procedures to Connect PS2 to Monitor are listed below.

The function of The Switch Box

The switch box is just the device that controls everything. Additionally, it refers to a converter. It accepts A/V signals from the Playstation 2 and computer and allows you to switch between them on the fly.

You’ll also require a switch box capable of accepting the right sort of input. Connect the PS2 through a component cable rather than the original composite cable for optimal quality.

Connect All Cords

  • Connecting the Playstation 2 is a straightforward process.
  • Connect the component cable to the PS2 and the switch box. 
  • The switch box features five color-coded connectors that correspond to the component cable.

It’s a bit complex for the computer, so I’ve separated it into video and audio ports:

Video Port

  • Keep it linked if your computers connect to your monitor via DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort. 
  • Then, using a VGA cable, connect the monitor’s VGA port to the switch box’s VGA-OUT output. 
  • You’ll now have two video cords connected to your monitor, and switching between PS2 and the computer will require switching visual sources directly on the monitor.

What Is the Location of the Video Cable on a PlayStation 2?

It would help connect the video wire to the PlayStation 2’s backside. All PlayStation 2 video cables plug into a single port on the PlayStation 2’s backside.

The video port positions on the back of the fat PlayStation 2s in the bottom-right corner and the rear of the thin PlayStation 2s on the right side, adjacent to the power connector.

Audio Port 

  • If your speakers connect to your computer via a single 3.5mm (1/8″) audio wire, begin by unplugging them. 
  • Connect the audio cord from the speakers to the switch box’s Audio Output.
  • Then, using a 3.5mm male-to-male audio cable, connect the computer to the switch box’s Audio Input.

Digital & Surround Sound

  • Suppose your speaker system connects to your computer through a digital coax/optical cable, or you have three analog 3.5mm cables (for surround sound). In that case, the circumstances become slightly more complicated. 
  • If your sound system has numerous input sources, you can use digital and analog sources and switch between them using the proper system controls.
  • You can use a 5.1 Logitech speaker system with analog and digital coax and optical connections. 
  • You can connect the three analog connections from the speaker controller to your monitor and the controller to your PS2 through a digital optical cable.
  • To play the PS2, you can use the controller’s Source button to switch from analog direct (computer) to digital optical (PS2).
  • Another alternative is to unplug your computer’s sound card and plug it into the VGA box or PS2. However, each time you switch, you will need to swap cords.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I Connect My Playstation to My Monitor?

Link your PS4 to a VGA-equipped monitor through the VGA connector. As with the HDMI cable, connect one end of the VGA cable to the display and the other to the adaptor. Additionally, you can join the adaptor to speakers or headphones

Does Ps2 Have Vga Port?

Because most PS2 games support only interlaced mode, they will not work in VGA format without requiring a model swap. It results in issues; some are reversible, while others are not, and it may also rely on the monitor you are using. To begin, we’ll look at the VGA cable included with the PS2 Linux kit. Sony manufactures only this cable.

Does a Monitor Need a Pc?

True. Apart from showing output, a monitor possesses no gaming or other features. To output the information system to the monitor, you’ll need a device (PC, PS4, X-Box, Chromecast, cable box, etc.). Laptops, tablets, and all-in-one computers are exceptions, as they incorporate all components into a single unit.

Can You Connect a Ps2 via HDMI?

Regrettably, the PS2 does not work well with newer high-definition televisions, as the PS2’s supported video modes are frequently unavailable. Thus, the device is self-explanatory: one end connects directly to the PS2, while the other features an HDMI output. You can click the cable to an available television port.


You can use these guidelines to connect your PS2 to a monitor via the VGA, DVI, or HDMI outputs. You can arrange your connections and obtain a converter or switch box supporting these output ports.

Additionally, you can purchase a VGA TV tuner unit. Following that, connect your wires and speakers, and begin the gaming pleasure! I hope this article will assist you in figuring out How to Connect PS2 to Monitor?

If your display connects via DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort, you must change both the monitor’s source and the switch box whenever you want to switch between PS2 and computer.

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