Top 7 Best Gaming Monitor for Call of Duty Warzone in 2023

It is critical to pick the proper monitor when purchasing one for the Call of Duty: Warzone game. The Call of Duty: Warzone game is massive, and the more familiar you are with the terrain, the better your chances of winning the battlefield game.

With a small display, you will be unable to see other players, vehicles, or other critical objects on your screen. All of these facts are necessary to win the game.

Monitors can also last a long period – frequently five years or more – and you’re likely to use them every day unless you’re playing games or attempting to complete some work.

To prevail in Call of Duty Warzone, you’ll need suitable gaming hardware, including a great display. So, We will discuss some of the Best Gaming Monitor for Call of Duty Warzone in this article.

While some screens are very standard and may be used effectively with a capable gaming PC, others offer a high resolution or a fast refresh rate. To power these displays, you’ll need a strong graphics card.

When determining the ideal monitor for Warzone, numerous elements must be considered, including frame rate, refresh rate, display, sound, and color.

A split-screen configuration gives you additional screen real estate and enables you to multitask while playing games. Nowadays, there are numerous possibilities, including variations in resolution (1080p, 1440p, and 4K), screen technologies (FreeSync and G-Sync), etc.

This guide will assist you in making judgments by covering all pertinent specifications types, and we’ll also locate the most significant pricing for you.

About Call of Duty Warzone

Warzone is Call of Duty’s new huge battle arena, available to all players on all platforms. Explore a vast battleground with two new game modes – Battle Royale and Plunder, an all-new furious fight for cold, hard cash – and experience Call of Duty’s distinctive gameplay with up to 150 players. Drop-in, arm yourself, plunder for treasure, and fight to the top.

Warzone is all about customizing your weapons and acquiring perks. With the option to customize your character across three distinct Call of Duty titles, Warzone provides players with a plethora of weapons and skills to assist them in gaining the upper hand on the battleground.

The battle royale game is currently one of the most popular on Twitch, YouTube, and other streaming sites. In a game where tiny advantages can make all the difference, the gaming monitor you use can make all the difference.

Consequently, it would be best to choose the most acceptable gaming monitor for Warzone to enjoy the game entirely.

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Assume you are now occupied and so unable to read the entire article. We can assist you in maximizing your time savings by suggesting the Best Call of Duty Warzone Gaming Monitor. Due to its cost, performance, and immersion, the AOC CU34G2X is our top selection for the best Call of Duty Warzone monitor.

This one is quite large at 31.5 inches, but you won’t see the pixels due to the more excellent resolution. Additionally, it is curved to aid in immersion.

The monitor features a VA panel and a reaction time of 4 milliseconds. Additionally, the viewing angles are acceptable. Connectivity options include DP, HDMI, and VGA. The display is VESA compatible and has FreeSync.

AOC CQ32G1 Curved Frameless

AOC CQ32G1 31.5 Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor
  • Panel Type: VA Panel
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Max Resolution: ‎2560 x 1440 Pixels
  • Screen Size: 32 inches
  • Refresh Rate: 144Hz
  • Dimensions: 21.8 x 9.64 x 20.87 inches
  • Weight: ‎16.05 pounds

Overall System Requirement for COD Gaming Monitor’s

Panel TypeLCD
Aspect Ratio16 : 9
Max Resolution1920 x 1080 pixels
Screen Size31.5 Inches
Refresh Rate120Hz
Item Dimensions15.08 x 47.36 x 20.68 inches 
Weight16.53 lbs 

Buying Guide for Best Gaming Monitor for Call of Duty Warzone

Before you choose the best gaming monitor for Warzone, it’s a good idea to read our quick buying guide; it’ll assist you in selecting the best one for an increased gaming experience.

Best Gaming Monitor for Call of Duty Warzone

Refresh Rate

When selecting the best gaming monitor for the Warzone, choose one with a high refresh rate and a short response time.

While several versions are available, these two monitors are particularly well-suited for games that need quick movement.

A 144Hz refresh rate, a fast response time, and a QHD Wide 1440p screen resolution are required when playing FPS games.

Response time

This statistic often indicates how quickly a pixel may transition from grey to white and back to grey. Most monitors used for gaming have a response time of fewer than five milliseconds, with TN panels being the quickest and IPS or VA displays being slightly slower.

Reduced response times assist in removing distracting stains from fast-paced scenarios. Note that response time is separate from input lag, which applies to the time interval between input (such as hitting a button) and seeing the effect on-screen.


High Dynamic Range enables higher contrast between the image’s lightest and darkest areas and a broader color range.

While an increasing number of monitors are technically capable of HDR, the majority cannot achieve the high peak brightness levels required to make the feature worthwhile.

If playing video games and watching films in HDR is crucial to you, experts suggest sticking with monitors that adhere to demanding standards, such as HDR10.

Screen size

The screen size must not be enormous when selecting the best monitor screen for gaming, notably the Best Warzone Monitor.

It would be difficult to rapidly move your head across the screen to capture everything on the screen. As a result, the optimal screen size for a gaming monitor is 27″ or more minor.

Input Lag

An input lag is another critical parameter to consider while selecting the best gaming monitor. It is particularly vital for competitive gamers.

By description, input lag is the time required for an action, such as a mouse click or a keystroke on a keyboard, to display—a display with a less than 5ms input lag recommended.

Contrast Ratio

Increase the display’s contrast ratio for a better image, as monitors with a more excellent contrast ratio seem better in dark surroundings, as black appears pure black rather than dark grey.

6 Best Gaming Monitor for Call of Duty Warzone Review’s

MSI Full HD – Best Curved Gaming Monitor For COD Warzone 

MSI Full HD Gaming Red LED Non-Glare Super Narrow Bezel
  • Panel Type: LED
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Max Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
  • Screen Size: 31.5 inches
  • Refresh Rate: 165Hz
  • Dimensions: 28.5 x 8.2 x 20.2 inches  
  • Weight: ‎14.60 lbs

MSI is a market leader in the personal computer gaming industry. The AG32C is a 32-inch gaming monitor with a resolution of 1080p and a refresh rate of 165Hz.

At R1800, the screen is curved, with a response time of 1ms. The led monitor’s curved shape is 1800R, which creates to maintain the human eye’s focus without iteration.

The MSI OPTIX G32C4 is now one of the most affordable options for a 32-inch gaming monitor with vibrant and contrasting colors and a respectable refresh rate and response time.

The monitor is VESA compliant, which means it may be wall mounted if necessary. Apart from that, the bezels are pretty narrow, and the red and black color scheme will complement the rest of your design.

The MSI AG32C equip with a 31.5-inch curved VA display, which gives consumers a more natural viewing experience when compared to smaller displays such as 24 to 27-inch monitors.

It boasts a 72 percent – 36% real estate ratio, which provides more space for gamers to play and a larger viewing/display area for graphics designers and other computer users to work.

The curved led monitor provides a 178-degree viewing angle. This 32-inch led monitor features a wide viewing angle, making it ideal for gamers. This 178-degree wide-angle minimizes the feeling of low color and allows for more focused viewing.

It boasts a contrast ratio of 3000:1, which improves the display’s performance. Curved screens deliver a more immersive gaming and viewing experience than flat displays, which do not allow for immersive gaming or immersion breaks.


  • Equipped with R1800 curve
  • Have 165Hz refresh rate
  • Possess VA panel
  • Have 1ms response time
  • VESA compliant monitor
  • Extremely accurate colors


  • Defective HDMI port 
  • Dead Pixels

Dell 24 S2417DG – Best QHD Gaming Monitor For COD Warzone

Dell Gaming Monitor S2417DG YNY1D 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit TN with G-SYNC
  • Panel Type: LED
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Max Resolution: 2560 x 1440 Pixels
  • Screen Size: 24 inches
  • Refresh Rate: 65Hz
  • Dimensions: 21.28 x 7.09 x 19.44 inches
  • Weight: ‎13.40 lbs

Everybody is familiar with the Dell brand; it is one of the most recognizable and trustworthy in the computer industry. However, they are unlikely to be the first brand that comes to mind when considering gaming monitors. The Dell 24 S2417DG demonstrates that Dell has a lot to offer the gaming community.

Your monitor screen will be crystal clear with a QHD resolution – nearly twice as many pixels as an HD resolution. The display comes pre-programmed with various modes that you switch according to gameplay. The display is flicker-free and ergonomically engineered for maximum eye comfort.

The main disadvantage to this monitor is that its viewing angles are significantly restricted. However, because virtually every aspect of this display is changeable, this should be an unusual occurrence.

Additionally, while some prefer a multi-purpose display, this one excels at gaming. It’s an excellent choice for Warzone, but if you’re looking for a monitor that’s also fantastic for Netflix, this may not be the best option.


  • Have Good cable management 
  • Amazing picture quality
  • User-friendly OSD menu
  • No backlight bleeding
  • Easy to assemble
  • Have a Useful USB hub


  • Severe color-banding issues
  • Have flickering problems

ASUS VG275Q – Best Portable Gaming Monitor For COD Warzone

  • Panel Type: LCD
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Max Resolution: 1920X1080 Pixels
  • Screen Size: 27 inches
  • Refresh Rate: 75Hz
  • Dimensions: 24.4 x 2 x 14.3 inches
  • Weight: ‎12.10 lbs

The ASUS VG275Q designs for combat. It has a frameless layout with an ultra-thin 6mm bezel to accommodate a large 27-inch display and comfortable tilt and swivel options. The inbuilt Qi wireless charger charges your cellphone or other Qi-compatible devices without cluttering up your workplace.

The ASUS VG275Q is the ideal monitor for any PC gamer looking to experience high-resolution visuals without compromising on-screen quality.

The ASUS VG275Q produces sharp, high-definition graphics thanks to its 27-inch Full HD display and 1ms response time. The Asus VG275Q is a 27-inch monitor with a 1080p resolution, a refresh rate of 75 Hz, and a Dual-HDMI connection for connecting two monitors simultaneously.

Additionally, it offers dual 2W stereo RMS speakers, dual HDMI connections, and an integrated ASUS Eye Care technology with a flicker-free and blue light filtering eye care console that includes adjustable brightness, contrast, and color temperature. It connects via HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4 connectors; no USB ports or speakers are present.

It is an excellent pick for gamers searching for a versatile display. Additionally, with its Free Sync technology, you didn’t have to worry about ripping, blurring, or screen burn-in. If you’re looking for an excellent gaming monitor, the ASUS VG275Q is it!


  • Easy to mount and setup
  • Great clarity and sharpness
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Bright and vivid colors
  • Great picture quality
  • Easy on the Eyes


  • Horrible brightness
  • Multiple dead pixels

BenQ Zowie XL2411P – Best Cheapest Gaming Monitor For COD Warzone

  • Panel Type: LCD
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Max Resolution: 1920×1080 pixels  
  • Screen Size: 24 inches
  • Refresh Rate: 144 hertz
  • Dimensions: 8.74 x 22.44 x 16.97 inches
  • Weight: 13.01 lbs

BenQ is a popular name in gaming monitors, and with reason. The BenQ team has consistently created outstanding monitors, well worth the investment.

The Zowie meets that description perfectly, and it’s an excellent monitor for your Warzone requirements. The refresh rate is simply astounding, which is necessary for the fast-paced Warzone battles.

BenQ has made significant efforts to minimize ghosting and lag, which is evident and beneficial during intensive Warzone activity.

BenQ includes Black eQualizer technology to improve visibility into the darkest parts of maps. It might make the difference between life and death in some of the more dangerous parts of the Warzone map.

However, this monitor does have certain drawbacks. When viewed from various angles, this monitor’s image degrades slightly. Additionally, the screen is somewhat small, which may work well for some gaming setups but not for others.

The BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P features a standard TN panel with 350-nit high brightness, a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, and an 8-bit dithered color depth for 16.7 million colors.

The ‘Instant Mode’ function in the OSD (On-Screen Display) menu causes the display to avoid some image processing for the lowest possible input latency.

It has a Full HD screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which enables your GPU to run at high frame rates while maintaining a solid pixel density on a 24-inch display.


  • Good packaging for shipping
  • Superior image quality
  • Have a high refresh rate
  • Have vibrant hues
  • Durable monitor 
  • Easy to setup
  • Affordable 


  • Made by horrible quality material
  • Dead pixel

SAMSUNG CRG9 – Best 4K HDR Gaming monitor For COD Warzone

SAMSUNG LC49RG90SSNXZA 49-Inch CRG9 Curved Gaming Monitor
  • Panel Type: LED
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Max Resolution: 5120X1440 pixels
  • Screen Size: 49 Inches
  • Refresh Rate: 120 hertz
  • Dimensions: 15.08 x 47.36 x 20.68 Inches 
  • Weight: 33.00 lbs

Samsung CRG9 features a stylish large curve design that complements any interior. It features a pleasing black color scheme and a solid spherical shape with a silver color scheme. Wherever you use this monitor, the contrast of these pure colors is striking.

The screen of a monitor is fundamental, even more so for gamers. To meet the requirement of gamers, Samsung has developed the CRG9 with a screen size of 49 inches and a 1800R screen curvature, which is an extra-large display with super ultra-wide dual QHD resolutions of 5120 x 1440 pixels supported by the LCD. This QHD display gives a high level of productivity to its consumers.

A fast response time and refresh rate are required for gamers to play any game smoothly and quickly. This display boasts an impressive 120 Hz refresh rate.

It offers AMD Freesync 2 technology, which provides consumers with a vibrant HDR display. It has a GTG reaction time of 4ms, which is pretty similar to the other attributes of this monitor.

The Samsung CRG9 features QLED technology for vivid colors and a maximum brightness of 1000 nits. This monitor includes the following connectivity options. It comes supplied with an HDMI port, two Displayport interfaces, and 4 USB ports.

Additionally, this monitor features Flicker-free Technology. You can enable its eye saver mode to play for an extended time—this aids in reducing eye tiredness and prevents eye strain.


  • Incredible HDR monitor
  • Compatible with G-Sync
  • Easy to manage
  • Ultra-wide monitor
  • Best 4K monitor
  • Ridiculously bright monitor


  • Screen tearing
  • Several dead pixels

ASUS XG27UQ – Best Gaming Monitor For COD Warzone

ASUS ROG Strix 27 4K HDR DSC Gaming Monitor
  • Panel Type: LED
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Max Resolution: 3840 x 2160 Pixels
  • Screen Size: 27 inches
  • Refresh Rate: 144Hz
  • Dimensions: 24.95 x 17.19 x 10.61 inches
  • Weight: ‎16.53 lbs

ASUS XG27UQ is the world’s first display to feature Digital Screen Compression DSC technology, enabling seamless, lag-free 4K graphics at 144 frames per second. This DSC feature improves pixel accuracy in high-speed zones. Additionally, a G-Sync compatible monitor provides ghost-free, stutter-free image quality when running demanding apps.

When paired with a 90 percent professional color gamut coverage, HDR 400 eliminates any blurriness. Therefore, appreciate COD warzone’s photorealistic color quality.

A fast 144 Hz frame rate combined with a 1 ms reaction time ensures lag- and tearing-free image quality when playing Call of Duty. When coupled with a G-Sync graphics card, this technology provides the highest level of gaming performance. Nothing will distract you as you play games on your ASUS XG27UQ monitor.

Its pricing is affordable because we acquire 4K pixels in 1 ms. Additionally, the brightness level and quality of materials are incredibly remarkable. Although there are no integrated speakers, you get 4K images on the 24-inch display. Its features are far more gaming-friendly.


  • Massive screen with 4K resolution
  • G-Sync compatible monitor
  • Crisp and clear images
  • Have curved VA panel
  • Possess sRGB mode.
  • High Refresh Rate


  •  WORST customer service
  • Produces high pitched noise

FAQs – Best Gaming Monitor for Call of Duty Warzone

What Gaming Monitor Do Pro COD Players Use?

ROG Strix displays incorporate ASUS-exclusive Extreme Minimum Motion Blur and Flexible (FreeSyncTM) technologies to deliver excellent gameplay without tearing or stuttering, allowing professional gamers and MOBA enthusiasts to maximize their performance.

Is It Better to Play Call of Duty on a Monitor?

In summary, monitors have less input lag, quicker response times, and faster refresh rates than televisions. They are faster and enable you to compete against other consoles. Additionally, monitors are a good value if you plan on playing both PC and console games.

What Is the Best Hz for Call of Duty?

A higher refresh rate is typically desirable for highly competitive games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, or FIFA. However, the reality is that a refresh rate of 60 Hz is sufficient for most recent consoles. Modern devices are limited to 60 frames per second.

Is 60hz Good Enough for Warzone?

In a competitive environment, playing a pc shooter on a 60Hz monitor is not optimal, so all major display manufacturers are releasing 144Hz and even 240Hz panels.


The state of technology has improved to the point where you can buy any monitor you want. It’s rather challenging to find the most acceptable monitor for Warzone, but we’re here to help. We’ve concluded our overview of some of the best monitors available today.

Additionally, these models are ideal for a variety of additional applications. They would undoubtedly be beneficial if you intend to create a home theatre or game room in your basement.

These monitors deliver exceptional performance and deserve the title of the Best Gaming Monitor for Call of Duty Warzone. We hope this journey has been beneficial for readers considering investing in the ideal device for their specific needs.