How to Add Camera to Summer Infant Monitor? Easy Guide

Regardless of the size of your home, one of the most frequently recommended baby accessories to new parents is a video monitor. A summer infant monitor is an attractive investment that will serve you well beyond the baby stage.

They let you monitor your curious toddler at sleep and, if you’re a big brother, peer into your grade-room schoolers to ensure they’re doing their schoolwork and not playing A-game or Angry Birds.

In addition, however, there are examples of adding a camera to your baby monitor to increase its security. Thus, this article will guide you How you can Add your Camera to Summer Infant Monitor System.

Summer monitors have enabled us to keep a close check on our children while they sleep. In addition, these ingenious small monitoring devices provide new parents with the visual assurance that their baby is safe and secure in their cot without bothering them by sneaking into the nursery every five seconds to check.

It is one of those excellent video monitors that comes with features that are both parent and baby-friendly. Because it has multi-camera functionality, remote pan/tilt with increased zoom, all-night battery life, and incredible picture and sound. 

What Is a Summer Baby Monitor?

The Summer infant monitor is a 5.0-inch high-definition video monitor that enables you to see, hear, and ensure the safety of your infant through stunning picture quality and cutting-edge new technologies. With 12x the number of pixels as conventional displays, you can see the baby.

Excellent Features of Summer Infant Monitor

  • The Summer Infant monitor features a 5-inch color LCD flat-screen display. You can use the color screen to monitor your baby and turn it off when not using it.
  • When the screen is turned off, the sound continues to play. If the Monitor is not plugged in, the display will automatically switch off after a few minutes to conserve battery power.
  • The wide-angle lens on the Summer Infant monitor provides a more comprehensive view of your child’s room. It is especially advantageous once your infant reaches the age of two and can get out of bed independently.
  • This Monitor is especially ideal for use at night, as it transmits a high-quality video feed to the display through infrared LEDs. This feature automatically activates as the room becomes dark, eliminating adjusting during nap or bedtime.
  • This system has a 600-foot range, so it should work in most homes unless they are pretty significant!
  • Summer Infant’s Wide View monitor is equipped with a 12-foot power wire. With a 12-foot cord, there should be no difficulty reaching an outlet.
  • Summer Infant’s Monitor comes equipped with a two-way voice communication feature. It means that you can communicate with your child and hear them through the Monitor.

How Do You Add a Camera to Your Summer Infant Monitor?

Follow the steps outlined below:

  • Reposition the Monitor in the exact location as the Camera. Ascertain that the Camera and Monitor are both powered on.
  • To add a camera, activate it by tapping the control panel on the Monitor. To highlight the ‘CAM’ menu icon, push the right arrow button.
  • Press the square button to confirm the ADD CAM selection and start synchronizing.
  • To sync, click the code button on the Camera’s rear. The power LED will start to blink rapidly.
  • Once synced, the Monitor screen will display an image from the newly installed Camera. The Camera’s LED will cease to blink.

Why Do You Want to Add a Camera to Their Summer Infant Monitor?

How to Reset Summer Infant Monitor

You can add additional cameras to this setup. The standard package includes one Camera and one Monitor, but you may add up to 3 more cameras for increased coverage of your child’s room.

Additionally, if you have multiple children, you may install cameras in different rooms to monitor them all from a single portable device.

If you decide to add additional cameras to the device, you will not monitor them concurrently (i.e., on a split-screen). Rather than that, it alternates across each Camera every eight seconds.

What Is the Reason for the Summer Infant Monitor Beeping Loudly?

If your baby monitor begins to sound when the battery is low, recharge it immediately; the Monitor will continue to beep until you plug it in to charge.

Can You Upgrade the Summer Infant Monitor to Include a Camera?

Additional cameras, up to four in total, can be utilized with the In View 2.0 monitoring system by parents who wish to monitor several rooms or children (sold separately). The In View 2.0 Duo Video Monitor Systems are compatible with this Camera.

How Can I Reset My Baby Monitor for the Summer?

While the power cord is attached, tap and hold the restart button on the bottom of the Smart Baby Monitor. Maintain this position until the green LED on the front of the device glows and then shuts off.

How Do You Install a Summer Baby Camera?

Connect the Camera. Place the Camera on a flat surface, such as a desk or shelf, or attach it to the wall with the given screw and wall anchor. Never set a camera or its wires within three feet of a crib. Instead, attach the cord to the wall with the six supplied security clips to keep it out of the baby’s reach.

What Is the Purpose of VOX on the Summer Infant Monitor?

The video display’s Voice-Activated Alert (VOX) option enables you to conserve power. For instance, you may wish for your video monitor to turn off while your baby sleeps and on when your infant cries. By modifying the VOX sensitivity settings, you may adjust the Camera’s sensitivity to your baby’s cry.

Is It Possible to Hack Summer Infant Monitors?

Digital monitors are also susceptible to hacking. However, they are likely the least secure option outside of a hardwired setup. Although it often changes, a hacker can detect the digital frequency using FHSS (frequency hopping); it is more complicated.

Why Is It That My Summer Baby Monitor Is Constantly Turning Off?

Please remove the battery from the Monitor and connect it solely via the charging plug to determine whether the problem persists. Summer Infant Baby Secure System should not automatically switch off after a minute. If not, this is a sign that you require a new battery.

How Can You Increase the Signal for Your Summer Infant Monitor?

Wrap aluminum foil around the antenna and a small piece of metal on both baby monitors. It enables it to receive signals from the other display more effectively. Cover the wire entirely with aluminum foil. Set the baby monitor that you will be carrying as high as possible.

What Is the Procedure for Adjusting the Temperature on My Summer Baby Monitor?

Maintaining the temperature in the baby’s room is simple, with the ability to display it on the screen, letting parents know whether or not their child is comfortable. You can change between Fahrenheit and Celsius by pushing and pressing the Video On/Off button for four seconds.

How Do I Connect My Summer Baby Camera to wifi?

Link your device (phone or tablet) to your wifi network and download a free Apple® or AndroidTM APP for your phone or tablet. Welcom te encontrar en el merca Welkom in de Google PlayTM-kaart. To complete the setup, find the QR code on the bottom of your Camera.

Does the Summer Baby Monitor Need wifi?

Summer Infant monitor 2.0 does not include wifi, and you can disable the Monitor’s and Camera’s night light.

How Do You Zoom Out on a Summer Baby Monitor?

You are now prepared to use your In View 2.0TM Duo dual-camera digital color video monitor set during the summer. To magnify the screen, click the zoom button. To zoom out, press the button once more.

Is There an App for Summer Baby Monitor?

To locate using your Android smartphone or tablet. First, navigate to the application store—type summer newborn into the search bar. Scroll down until you see a purple butterfly icon; this is the Internet Baby Monitor application.

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