How to Connect Keyboard to Monitor Without USB

A monitor, keyboard, and mouse are included with your computer. These should be connected before powering on the machine. Your computer will include various connection ports options in the system that allow you to attach other devices, the most common of which being USB ports. 

With so many devices and charging cords contending for space on current monitors and, to a smaller extent, PCs’ increasingly scant USB ports, plugging everything in simultaneously can be a challenge or necessitate the purchase of an additional USB hub.

Due to the restricted number of USB ports on a monitor, some users prefer to utilize an external keyboard without requiring any USB ports.

We concur that onboard keyboards on computers are often not as sophisticated as external keyboards designed with a desktop computer. External keyboards provide a more haptic experience than the integrated keyboard.

USB Ports

It’s worth noting that not all monitors include USB ports. Typically, you’ll see it described in the listing as a feature, either as integrating USB or as a USB hub.

One simple approach to verify is to take the time to look at your monitor. USB ports are typically located on the back panel, the sides of the display, or along the bottom edge.

Additionally, some monitors include additional connections for connecting to your computer, including headphone jacks for speakers, Display Ports, DVI-D, and the HDMI connection.

If you’re unclear about your monitor, conduct an online search for its exact model and check whether the manufacturer indicates that it supports USB connectivity for usage with a PC.

How Do the USB Ports Communicate With the Monitor?

Monitors with integrated USB hubs also include a port labeled ‘USB UP’ that resembles a squarer version of the regular USB shape called USB Type-B. Attach a Type-B cable into this, which may have been included in the box with your monitor and connect the other end to your PC.

This then transmits and receives signals from any attached devices. Keep in mind that the provided USB ports may deliver varying degrees of power, which means that some devices may not work with certain ports.

Examine the ports to verify whether they are designated 5V 1.1A. like in the image, and USB ports seem blue. 1.1A indicates that the port can deliver 1.1 amps, which indicates however many watts the port can supply when combined with the voltage.

Additional power is required to operate external hard drives, whereas the 0.5A low-power range is ideal for keyboards, mice, and flash drives.

Overview of Pairings

When connected to a personal computer by USB, the device or a dongle adapter establishes a wireless and Bluetooth connection. Without this process, the device will not communicate correctly with the computer.

This is a simple method to understand How to Connect Keyboard to Monitor Without USB and also which adapter requires which sort of pairing:

  • Bluetooth adapters can be associated with each other exclusively within the operating system.
  • Depending on their configuration, external adapters or USB dongles will be coupled outside or inside the operating system.

Use of Bluetooth Adapter

Wireless keyboards are not new, but the ability to convert a wired keyboard to a Bluetooth or WiFi connection. Now, let’s look at the alternative connecting the keyboard that does not require an available USB port.

You will require a gadget known as a Bluetooth Adapter. A Bluetooth adapter is required to attach a cabled keyboard or mouse without using a USB connection. This tool would convert your connected devices to wireless ones without taking up a USB port on your laptop.

Please remember that these solutions require additional hardware that costs more than simply connecting to a USB connection.

Adapter to Convert USB to Bluetooth USB2BT

How to Connect Keyboard to Monitor Without USB

Modern monitors incorporate Bluetooth technology. We can make use of a gadget known as a USB2BT adaptor. This device may appear incomplete electronic equipment due to its origins as a do-it-yourself effort.

  • Connect your wired keyboard and mouse to USB2BT and begin delivering control data to the monitor. The lack of an integrated battery requires an external power source such as a wall outlet or USB power bank.
  • The USB2BT costs approximately $76 and appears to be on par with the average price of a high-quality Bluetooth keyboard. If you already own a more advanced keyboard, though, purchasing this gadget may be a viable option.
  • While the USB2BT is intended for Arduino-related projects, the Nulaxy Bluetooth adapter is a simpler version of the prior item. The Nulaxy Wired USB to Bluetooth is a simple device to operate. Additionally, it is powered by two AA batteries.
  • This device comes equipped with two USB ports and a Bluetooth connection. Connect your connected keyboard and mouse to the Nulaxy, turn it on, and begin the pairing procedure with your monitor.

Use of Bluetooth Keyboard

These appear to be the finest solutions available at the moment. Since USB2BT and Nulaxy are more expensive and may be more difficult to locate, you may want to consider acquiring a new external Bluetooth keyboard.

There are numerous high-quality Bluetooth keyboards, such as Arteck, that cost around $27 and last up to six months without recharging. Amazon’s Choice Bluetooth keyboard is also available for $16.

Connecting Monitors to the Keyboard Through Sync Buttons

The Bluetooth Keyboard must be associated before and after the operating system starts. The directions for connecting the keyboard outside of the monitor are included below. This works even if the keyboard was previously attached and is no longer paired.

  • Batteries should be inserted into the keyboard. The battery compartment is positioned just behind the keyboard. Two AA batteries are required for the keyboard.
  • Use the power switch attached to the bottom of each instrument to turn on the keyboard.
  • By hitting the power button, turn on the computer.
  • Connect the USB receiver by pressing the connect button. When the connection is established, the Bluetooth LED on the keyboard stops blinking. It remains steady for several seconds, indicating that the connection between the keyboard and the computer has been formed. The keyboard’s Bluetooth LED then shuts off and stays off.
  • The Bluetooth Keyboard is now available for usage. When you reactivate the computer and the keyboard instantly reconnect.

Frequently Asked Question

How to Connect Keyboard to Monitor Without USB?

You’ll need a USB cable similar to those used with printers. Link peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard via one or many USB IN type B (rectangular) connectors. Any device connected to them will communicate with the PC. Contrary to popular belief, these ports are not utilized to display files on the monitor directly.

What if My Computer Doesn’t Have a USB Port?

If you’re using a computer that lacks a normal USB port or has only a USB-C connector, other choices may be available based on the device. Third-party USB adapters may be an option if a computer only has USB-C ports, but they cannot be guaranteed to operate.

How Do I Connect My Logitech Keyboard to My Monitor?

In the upper-right corner of the display, click Settings. Change PC Settings by clicking. Select Bluetooth from the PC and Devices menu. Choose Logitech Keyboard K480 and continue the on-screen prompts to complete the pairing.

Do I Need a Keyboard for My Monitor?

To convert your laptop to a desktop, you’ll need an additional monitor, keyboard, and mouse. To be specific, you’ll need a monitor (of any size) with an HDMI connector, an HDMI cable, and a USB keyboard and mouse (wired or wireless.)


A wireless keyboard enables you to minimize the number of cords on your computer desk. You can connect it digitally and operate comfortably.

People are increasingly using Bluetooth keyboards, so it’s necessary to understand How to Connect a Keyboard to Monitor Without USB for ease and convenience.

You may link your keyboard to your monitor via Bluetooth and using Sync Buttons. USB to Bluetooth Adapter and the USB2BT Bluetooth Adapter is also used to connect the keyboard to the monitor.