How to Get Discord to Open on Second Monitor?

Multiple Monitors provide a vast universe of limitless possibilities for players, professional hackers, creative professionals and inexperienced researchers.

The prospect of cataloguing paperwork on one screen while hyperlinking webpages on another or gaming on one device while chatting on Discord on another is a true thrill. Without further hesitation, let us go on the definitive guide to Get Discord to Open on Second Monitor.

Getting ecstatic after plugging in is a massive mistake, as this state of happiness is not enjoyable. While Discord is an excellent platform for conversation, it is much more than a means of communication.

One handy Discord feature is the option to broadcast your display with others, allowing them to see what games or applications you’re now playing.

What Is Discord in Today’s World?

Discord is a free mobile and monitor application that enables real-time communication via text, voice, or video. By combining Skype’s internet calling capabilities with Reddit-style discussion boards.

It has expanded from a gamers-only community to a social networking platform for all types of groups and those with non-gaming activities such as anime, TV shows, and music. Additionally, it can use as an easy-to-use group chat tool for pals. 

Users can join a variety of “servers,” and each server contains a variety of “channels.” Consider these to be similar to chat rooms – they can use them to discuss anything, from massive public video game servers to tiny, private groups of friends.

Discord is completely free to utilize, and there are no restrictions on how much messaging users may conduct.

How Does Discord’s Chat Function?

Each Discord server features both text and audio channels. Text channels enable users to communicate using text, while voice channels enable users to communicate via their device’s microphone and speakers.

Users can either invite their friends assigned to a particular chat channel or join one after being welcomed to a server. 

Specific channels have a cap on the number of individuals joining, which the server owners determine. Additionally, server operators can establish their particular rules for what is and is not permitted (for example, cursing or hate speech) and prohibit chat users who violate the rules.

What are Discord Servers?

Servers are Discord’s primary communities, frequently centered around a single game or theme. Anyone who signs up for the application can build a server. Private servers require an invitation, and public servers are open to anyone.

Servers divide into text and voice streams, and some include bots (computer programmed that simulate human interaction) that perform automated moderation, greeting, and community management. 

Because Discord lacks an in-app option to look for servers until you’ve previously joined one, users must either invite directly or learn about them through other channels, such as friends or social networks.

What Is the Age Requirement to Use Discord?

Discord requires users to be at least 13 years old but does not verify users’ ages during the sign-up process. Additionally, Common Sense Media suggests that Discord participants be at least 13 years old due to the open chat.

Because it is user-generated, there is a fair amount of unsuitable stuff, such as profanity, graphic language, and photos (though it is entirely possible to join a group that prohibits these).

Additionally, Discord features “NSFW” channels and locations that enable users to be at least 18 years old to join (though it’s trivial to bypass the verification).

How to Get Discord to Open on Second Monitor?

How to Use Discord on Second Monitor While Gaming

First of all, you need to Construct a Dual-Display Configuration by following the steps mentioned below:

Activate Extend Mode

  • This function creates a massive virtual work stead by spreading the desktop across all accessible displays.
  • Select Extend Mode by pressing Win + P.
  • Drag rectangles to verify proper guidance of monitors (left or right) on your desktop using the hit and trial method.
  • Utilize Identify to determine which is “1” or “2.”

Assign a Primary Screen

  • The other relegates to a secondary position.
  • Scale the monitor with the higher resolution to a greater level to get the same window size on both screens when using monitors with different resolutions.

Transferring Discord to a Secondary Monitor

Then you have to follow the three-step mentioned below to fulfil a direct route to a massive dilemma.

Drag and Drop

  • To bring the Discord window into focus, click on the top bar.
  • Drag and click on it to the desired screen.
  • To watch the Miniature Preview, click over the current Discord icon in the Windows 10 taskbar.
  • To restore the preview, right-click on it and select Restore.
  • Move the repaired window panel by right-clicking on it.
  • Drag the window to the correct location on the preferred screen using the arrow keys.

Convenient Shortcut

To instantly jump over the screen in the direction indicated, press Win + Shift + Arrow keys.

Saving Opt-Out of Full-Screen Mode

  • Full screen is the primary issue in many instances, requiring the window to open exclusively on the Primary screen, subjecting the user to the constant uphill task of repositioning the window after each boot.
  • As a result, launch Discord in windowed mode.
  • The more concise it is, the more efficiently it occurs.
  • Reduce the size of the window by half.
  • And, if you don’t want to destroy the storyline, remember not to maximize it again.


Press Win + Shift + Enter to save the window’s current location and size for the next time you activate it.

Put an End 

Put a stop to anything that is operating in Discord by following the below-mentioned step

  • We are terminating all Discord processes immediately from the Task Manager’s Details window.

Is Discord Limited to Gaming-related Content?

You are not required to play or even discuss video games to utilize the app. Although games, music, anime, and memes are the most popular, almost any topic is covered on Discord.

Additionally, the app can use by friends and groups to communicate directly with one another, similar to how WhatsApp, Skype, and any other messaging system works.

Is Discord a Secure Platform? 

While Discord’s terms of service include procedures to safeguard users from harassment and bullying, as well as a Trust and Safety team to assist, there are still “adult” servers on the platform that contains graphic and sexual content.

There are very few mechanisms that restrict access to them to minors them. While specific servers will try to verify an individual’s age, this feature integrates into Discord; instead, gamers are programmed and used at their discretion.

As a result, there are few options to prevent a youngster from accessing a server that contains explicit and adult information.

Regardless of their relationship, any user can message another user when direct messages are allowed. It exposes a child to stranger solicitation and the possibility of getting explicit and unsuitable material.

And because Discord is a site where users publicly disclose their preferences, potential predators can easily acquire their trust using that knowledge. Certain restrictions scan and erase explicit texts, although these can disable through the settings.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Discord a Spyware?

Because it captures all information that travels across its communication platform, Discord is spyware. The great bulk of the data, such as all user communications, has been verified to be recorded. Other spyware elements, such as different forms of telemetry, have also been verified to be used by Discord.

Does Discord Collect Your Data?

Discord does gather a significant amount of information on its users and claims to share that information with third parties. They may not sell users’ data, but it appears that they can and do exchange data with a wide range of third parties for only hazily defined purposes.

Is Discord Private?

According to Discord, privacy is essential to them. It also declares that it will not sell or share your information with third parties. Discord does not design to use for secure conversation. It uses conventional encryption for video conversations but does not enable end-to-end encryption.

Is Discord a Security Risk?

Discord has previous ties to several security concerns. For example, there have been several instances of phishing and ransomware on the platform. Due to cybersecurity issues, many users have cancelled their accounts and switched to platforms they believe are more secure.


Discord has quickly established itself as a must-have instant messaging programme. Hopefully, this information will assist you in making it even more fun and fully customized needs on a second monitor.

You can send photographs, videos, and GIFs through text channels or direct messages on the second display. Screen sharing and video calls are also available in Discord’s direct chats. 

By dragging the Discord window to the required screen, keeping the Discord Window size and position in the chosen window, and terminating any Discord background processes, you can launch Discord on the second monitor in three simple steps.