How to See Twitch Chat While Streaming With One Monitor?

It is feasible to run a live feed on a single monitor. It does, however, restrict your ability to watch chat and recent events, and it can cause the activity on the screen to pause.

Monitoring chat on your phone or tablet is possible, but reviewing recent tips, followers, subscribers, and other occurrences is practically hard without interfering with the stream’s flow.

Having your Twitch chat accessible while streaming is convenient since you want to communicate with your viewers continually and watch how they react to your material.

Sixty-four percent of live streamers on Twitch use only a single monitor to broadcast their content. It takes practice to maintain a conversation while dealing with the pressure of a 2v1 clutch, but if you stream regularly, it will be much simpler to keep up with continuing talks if your chat box is in an easy-to-reach location.

Our goal is to develop an integrated solution that allows streamers to use a single monitor to seamlessly monitor chat, connect with viewers, verify tips, greet fans, and be active and involved with the community.

Many Possible Ways to Handle Twitch Chat While Streaming With One Monitor

Following are the easiest and most efficient ways to view twitch chat while streaming with one monitor:

By Using Third-Party Software

Third-party programs that operate as overlays or pop-ups are among the most commonly utilized by streamers to allow them to easily open and close their Twitch conversation without disturbing their live screen is one of the most popular options.

Additionally, you can display the chat in real-time for your viewers to see, which many streamers already do with conventional Twitch chat. Still, there are advantages to using these apps because they are configurable and work on various platforms.

In this article, we’ll be looking at three of the most famous pieces of streaming software, Restream Baffler and Luke Payne’s Peek Through Software.


Using Restream Chat, you can manage all of your conversations from a single screen by utilizing the below features.

  • Read all of the messages from all of the channels without switching tabs.
  • Select the channels to which you want to respond with relative ease.
  • Message mirroring allows your audience to communicate with one another across several platforms.
  • You can easily construct and put the Chat widget into your stream, which can integrate with OBS, SLOBS, XSplit, and other tools via a browser-based application.
  • Examine the number of people who engage with your chat.
  • Learn about the most frequently used words and emoticons.

Procedure for Setting Up Restream

Step 1: Go to to find out more. You have to register on the website.

Step 2: Create a link between this account and your Twitch account.

Step 3: Locate the chat feature in the header and save it to your computer.

Step 4: Make your way into the settings and connect it to your Twitch account to customize the appearance and feel.

Some of the settings, such as the ability to toggle transparency and the click-through window, are useful. Try them out and pick the most appealing ones to you.


Baffler is an easy-to-use overlay for Twitch chat that lets you see your chat stream over your game. Baffler is a piece of software you install on your PC and then sign in to your Twitch account to choose whatever conversation you want as an overlay.

You can control the size of the conversation once you set it as an overlay, and you can even drag it around your screen to avoid interfering with the primary content.

So if you’re looking for a solution to See Twitch Chat While Streaming With One Monitor, Baffler might be a better option than Restream.

How to Configure Baffler as a Twitch Chat Overlay?

How to See Twitch Chat While Streaming With One Monitor Streamlabs

Step 1: Start with downloading and compressing, and then running the software.

Step 2: Click “More Info” and then “Run at any rate” the first time through your dispatch will be displayed. The message “Windows ensured your PC” will appear, indicating that the application has done its job.

Step 3: The third step configures the settings to recognize the direct data and the correct destination reaches. Drag chat to the area of your screen where you want it to be visible and then hide the lines by hitting the “O” icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

Luke Payne’s Peek Through Software

Users with older versions of Windows (and no desire to upgrade) can use Luke Payne’s Peek Through Software as an alternative. This application lets you use hotkeys to enable a window to be easier to navigate.

You can use ‘Twitch Chat Streaming through One Monitor chat jump out component to create a window, which you can then place on top of your content.

By Using Custom Windows Application

This application for Windows displays Twitch conversation above a windowed or borderless gaming environment. Single monitor broadcasters that need to watch chat while playing generally use this method.

Without a doubt, this program will try everything possible to stay on top. Aside from moving and resizing the app, a system tray icon opens the app’s control panel. GitHub offers a free program that you can start using right now.

Setup a Custom Windows Application

  • TransparentTwitchChatWPF.exe can find in the location where you extracted the zip file.
  • The Windows Defender Smart Screen, which displays the statement “Windows protected your PC,” may appear. Then you’ll have to click “More information” and “Run anyhow” to complete the process.
  • Only the first time you run it will require you to do this.
  • It will be necessary to select your preferred channel when opening the program for the first time.
  • Alternatively, you can right-click the top black border or right-click the symbol in the taskbar to open the settings menu. You can also use the top-left button to access settings.
  • You can adjust the program by clicking and dragging the thin black border at the top of the window, and you may resize it by clicking and dragging the grasp at the bottom-right of the window.
  • To hide the borders, click the [o] button in the top-right corner of the screen, right-click the symbol in your taskbar, and choose “Hide Borders.”

By Using Streamlabs Game Overlay

You can customize the Stream labs Game Overlay to your liking. You can customize the position of the chat room and recent incidents to your preference.

Customize the brightness of the overlay to ensure that it does not interfere with the game, and configure hotkeys to allow you to alter the arrangement of the overlays while broadcasting.

Streamers who cannot afford or do not have the space for two monitors in their setup may now interact and connect with their audience as effectively as those who do.

Follow the steps mentioned below To See Twitch Chat While Streaming With One Monitor.

  • Navigate to the settings menu in Streamlabs Desktop.
  • An entirely new feature, dubbed “Game Overlay,” will be offered.
  • Select “Enable in-game overlay,” “Show chat,” “Show recent events,” and “Toggle positioning mode” from the drop-down menu.
  • Change the opacity of the background.
  • Hotkeys – In the options menu, select the “Hotkeys” tab, scroll down to the bottom, and assign the hotkeys for “Toggle in-game overlay” and “Toggle overlay placement mode.”
  • Note that you must first set up Hotkeys to enable Game Overlay functionality.
  • The game overlay performs best when the window does not border. As this is an experimental feature, we continuously strive to improve it over time as we learn more about it.

By Using SmartPhone

That’s relatively common, and you may be aware that you may also use a smartphone to view chats and other statistics. In most cases, everyone has smartphones, whether inexpensive or expensive, but practically everyone has them.

You may check in on discussions and respond to your admirers using your mobile device. You must do this by logging into your channel with the email address you are currently using.

By Using Text-to-Voice

If you want to understand how to read Twitch chat while streaming without looking at the chat, you can use the text-to-voice feature on Twitch, which will automatically read the discussion for you. You can accomplish this by utilizing applications like as Speech Chat and Chatbots.


It will read your discussion as your viewers type it in their own words. It can sometimes be frustrating because you’ll be hearing robotized speech, but it’s still applicable when you’re playing the game and don’t have time to read the chat yourself, as described above.


They are also an excellent way to listen to the chat while broadcasting. It simply reads the contribution texts, allowing viewers to interact with you by sending donations and making comments or asking questions that you will respond to, making the stream more engaging.

However, as a paid feature, if you don’t want to spend the money on it, you might want to consider purchasing text-to-voice software.

Frequently Asked Question

Do I Need 2 Monitors to Stream?

If you plan to stream on Twitch, you’ll need at least two screens. Play on one display while simultaneously using streaming tools on the other. Viewers can communicate with you in real-time, and you can answer them right away.

Is OBS or Streamlabs Better for Streaming?

OBS Studio is a better choice if you have a low-end streaming PC with restricted resources. A lot of the capabilities of Streamlabs are unnecessary for the vast majority of streamers. If your computer doesn’t have enough processing power, this could place a load on it.

Can You Stream With Just One PC?

With a dual streaming arrangement, you can run the game and encode the video on one PC, freeing up the other to play it. It allows for more efficient use of both systems.


Interacting with your viewers and pals is crucial for being a streamer. And it’s up to you to give response to those messages.

So, if you’re starting and don’t have a lot of money for a second monitor, utilize one of these methods to respond to them and create a strong relationship with them.

There you have it, a comprehensive guide on How to See Twitch Chat While Streaming With One Monitor, in which we have covered everything you need to know about how Twitch chat works and how to access it while streaming.