How to Change Input on Sceptre Monitor? Easy Guide

Sceptre and Sony are using the same IR command for different functions. We are all aware that Sceptre Monitor can be connected to multiple devices concurrently via various input options.

The Sceptre monitor features HDMI, HDCP, DVI, and VGA connectivity. This article will explore how to alter the Sceptre Monitor’s input source from VGA D-Sub to DVI, HDMI/HDCP/DVI.

Modern screens come equipped with VGA, DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort ports for connecting to computers via various interfaces. It is critical to use the appropriate input methods when working with these displays.

You can access the setting options for the monitor via the buttons on the front and bottom borders of the panel.

Sceptre Monitors 

Sceptre monitors are fantastic for gamers, especially if you choose one with an additional curved screen and a high refresh rate.

Additionally, you might want to investigate a monitor with an oval-shaped display and AMD FreeSync compatibility.

Is Screen Mirroring Available in Sceptre?

The display is a mirror image of the screen on the mobile device, allowing users to access the same Menu to watch movies, listen to music, and stream video.

Additionally, the MHL technology built into Sceptre TVs enables the operation of the connected device via the TV’s remote control.

Is Sceptre Monitors Reliable?

How to Change Input on Sceptre Monitor Without Remote

They are not simply good; they are exceptional. Sceptre monitors are available in a variety of high-definition configurations. They come equipped with various functions that make them ideal for business, movie watching, and gaming. Consider the following noteworthy features:

  • There are two types of displays available: curved and LED. Although the latter is more common, curved monitors are catching up.
  • Monitors vary between 19 and 30 inches in size.
  • The refresh rate is approximately three times faster than a conventional display.
  • All Sceptre displays feature several ports, which facilitates connectivity.
  • The integrated speakers are pretty enough, particularly for business calls.
  • They consume less energy.
  • Blue light filters on the monitors shield the eyes from harmful blue light. This function is especially advantageous for individuals who work long hours and participate in gaming.
  • The cherry on top is the highly competitive pricing of Sceptre displays. It means you’ll receive all of these capabilities and more at an incredible price. Thus, we see no reason why you should explore any further than these gems.

What Is a Monitor’s Input?

Numerous computer monitor designs to support multiple input standards as technology has advanced. While VGA remains the most widely used analogue standard, the Digital Visual Interface, High Definition Multimedia Interface, and DisplayPort are all regularly found on various computer outputs and specific monitor inputs.

How to Modify the Sceptre Monitor’s Input?

If we look at the back of the Sceptre Monitor, we can see the buttons. Sceptre Monitor features five buttons. If we examine these buttons attentively, we can see the Source button for the fourth number from the top. We can alter the input on Sceptre Monitor by clicking that Source Button.

Push the Source Key on the back of the display case to change the input of the Sceptre monitor from VGA to HDMI, HDCP, or DVI.

How Do You Switch From Sceptre Monitor to HDMI?

You can switch from Sceptre to HDMI by tapping the source key on the monitor’s back. You may switch between HDMI, DVI, and VGA displays using the same key.

How to Connect the Sceptre Monitor to a Headset and Microphone Using Input Port?

Additionally, we may connect the monitor to the headset, microphone, and headphones. Additionally, it is a simple step. All headsets, microphones, and headphones have a stereo jack. If you look at the back of the monitor’s enclosure, you’ll notice a stereo input port; plug the stereo jack from the headset, microphone, or headphones into the stereo input port.

How to Connect a Sceptre Monitor to a Personal Computer?

The Sceptre display features a variety of connecting possibilities. You can join the Sceptre monitor to a computer through VGA, HDMI, or DVI.

We can connect to a PC via these methods, but HDMI’s most favoured. If you want a high-quality screen, touching the Sceptre Monitor to the PC via HDMI is the best option.

Who Manufactures the Sceptre Monitors?

Sceptre Monitors manufactures by Sceptre Incorporated, a privately held electronics firm based in the United States. This corporation found in 1984, and its headquarters are in the computer industry hub of the City of Industry, California.

Sceptre Incorporated is renowned for developing cutting-edge, competitive products. It is a high-definition LCD/LED/HDTV, and due to colour computer screens, these monitors are the market leader.

The company is obliged to strengthen and expand its empire. The brand takes pride in pioneering new and advanced screen technology and is constantly one step ahead of the competition.

It has developed several novel and unique items, most notably CRT technology. It’s unsurprising that Sceptre was and continues to be the market leader in the manufacture of LED curved monitors.

These displays deliver astounding visual clarity and vibrant colour. With such a Sceptre monitor, one can gain a fresh perspective on the world.

FAQs – How to Change Input on Sceptre Monitor?

How Do You Change the Input on Your Monitor?

The monitor will display the other active input if the default source does not correspond to the current input. By clicking Menu on the front panel button, choosing Source Control, and then Default Source, you can alter the default source.

How Do I Change HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 on Monitor?

On your remote control, select “Input” or “Source.” The television will display the signal’s source port’s name. Keep clicking the “Input” or “Source” button until the television screen shows “HDMI 1” instead of “HDMI 2.”

Why Does My Sceptre Monitor Say No Signal?

If your Sceptre monitor is also not receiving a signal, it is most likely due to a connection that is not secure. The most common cause of a movement not reaching a Sceptre monitor is an improperly connected HDMI or VGA cable. Reconnect them, making sure they are correctly seated in their respective ports.

Can HDMI Run 144hz?

Yes, it depends on the version of HDMI, the resolution, and the bandwidth. All HDMI versions from 1.3 to 2.1 provide sufficient raw bandwidth for 144Hz, given that colour, chroma, compression, and resolution maintain.


Sceptre Monitors are of outstanding quality and have a variety of unique high definition alternatives. To change the Sceptre monitor’s input, hit the source button. This button allows you to switch the Sceptre monitor from HDMI to DVI or VGA.