How to Change Input on MSI Monitor?

Are you enthusiastic about pursuing a career in gaming as a professional? Or perhaps you’re already a gamer but want to take things to the next level? Then you will require an MSI monitor.

However, if you already own this monitor, you may run into a typical issue while changing the monitor’s input. Therefore, do you wish to learn How to Change Input on MSI Monitor?

Automatically, the monitor checks the signal’s inputs for active information. It then displays data based on the value of that input. When more than one input is involved, the monitor displays the default input source.

If the default source is not an active input, the monitor will display another available input source. That is precisely what I shall do here. But first, let me explain how an MSI monitor operates.

Is the MSI Monitor Suitable for Use at the Office?

MSI’s Prestige 14 and GP65 are wonderful computing companions that mix portability and power. They feature sleek designs that effectively cover robust hardware. You may need to easily connect the computer monitor to other displays to create a home workspace.

Why Should You Consider Purchasing An MSI Gaming Monitor?

One of the primary reasons consumers choose a well-known brand like MSI is the sense of security with purchasing from a reputable company.

They offer thousands of products per day, frequently provide a wide variety of options, and have excellent customer service to assist you with any issues you may have.

MSI has been in business for almost three decades and does not limit its offerings to gaming monitors. Additionally, you can find their logos on graphics cards, motherboards, computers, and even keyboards and mice.

On the other hand, their gaming monitors are rather fantastic and can genuinely let your games shine. Whether you’re seeking a curved display, a monitor with a fast refresh rate, or a monitor capable of 4K gaming, MSI has you covered.

What Stores Sell MSI Gaming Monitors?

To learn more about the various goods MSI offers, it’s well worth visiting their official website. You can further restrict your search by specifying the size, resolution, refresh rate, reaction time, adaptive sync, and perhaps even curvature of the display. Additionally, there is a monitor for every budget, so don’t fret if you don’t have a stack of bills to burn.

If you wish to expand your search, technology websites including Ebuyer, Novatech, Scan, and Overclockers have excellent possibilities. While they may not stock as much as the authorised MSI website, you may occasionally get some very reasonable prices here.

Amazon is another excellent resource. A no-brainer, but here you can compare a wide variety of products and even read verified user reviews before making a buy. As always, we recommend conducting extensive research on a monitor before making a purchase.

Is the MSI Monitor a Good Gaming Monitor?

MSI’s Optix MPG27CQ is a capable 27-inch 1440p monitor with black colour and good gaming features. It features an extremely low input lag, a fast response time, and FreeSync support, even when connected to a modern NVIDIA graphics card.

This monitor features an attractive design, an adjustable stand, excellent build quality, and an RGB lighting system. Unfortunately, as with most VA displays, the image washes out fast when seen from an angle, and it has unsatisfactory out-of-the-box accuracy.

How Is An MSI Monitor Operated?

An MSI monitor automatically scans the signal inputs for just an active input. Following that, it uses the input to determine what to display on the screen. If both inputs are active, the monitor will indicate the input source.

If the Source of the default signal is not active, the MSI monitor will utilise some other active input source. It is essential to know about the best connectors for MSI monitors to understand How to Change Input on MSI Monitor? Bear in mind that the connectors used mainly for MSI input are as follows:

  • Digital Connector DVI-D
  • Digital Display Port 
  • Digital HDMI connector on the 2310e model

How To Customise Your MSI Monitor’s Input?

How to Change to HDMI on MSI Monitor

Naturally, you’ll want control over the input. After all, allowing the monitor to select the appropriate input can result in slow or unreliable connections. However, if you’re curious about learning how to alter the input on an MSI monitor, the steps are as follows:

  • To begin, select the Source Control option from the front panel Menu.
  • Following that, you must select the source you wish to make your default.
  • To access the standard OSD menu, navigate to the Menu option on the right side of the panel.
  • By clicking the – (minus) or + (plus) buttons on your MSI display, you will be able to locate your Source. After that, the Source will switch between HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI.
  • At this point, you must click Save.

How to detect inputs on a monitor automatically?

The video’s Source decides by the wire used to watch it. The monitor automatically recognizes inputs with video signals. You can select an input source by clicking the source button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

What is the Role of HDCP in MSI Monitors?

The MSI monitor features HDCP support for DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort ports and displays high-definition videos. There are several sources of high-definition entertainment, including Blu-ray discs and HDTV broadcasts on cable tv.

If you do not own an HDCP-compliant monitor, you will see a blank screen or a lower-resolution image when playing protected high-definition material.

Your computer’s graphics card and monitor must be compliant with HDCP to display protected content.

Precautions to Take

You need to follow the safety procedures listed below.

  • Bear in mind that the Source of your video decides by the cable used to view it. As previously stated, your display automatically recognises video signal inputs.
  • Place nothing on electricity wires or extension cords. Arrange them so that no one steps on them or falls over them.
  • As such, you are responsible for maintaining that cable. Avoid pulling on it or arranging it so that someone can’t trip over it. Additionally, retain the grounding line from your power cord.
  • Keep in mind that grounding is critical for both your safety and the safety of your machine. To ground your cable, you must connect it to a fully grounded electrical outlet.
  • Ascertain that the outlet you’re utilizing is easily accessible. Therefore, keep it as close as possible to the device. Put nothing on the cable or cord. It will keep it from fraying or squishing.

FAQs – How to Change Input on MSI Monitor?

Why Does My Monitor Say No Video Input?

If your video cable becomes loose, the visual signal will be lost, resulting in your monitor’s no video input display. Therefore, you should verify that your video cable is working correctly before reconnecting your monitor to your computer. 3) Verify that your computer’s and monitor’s port connectors are functional.

Are MSI Monitors Good?

MSI’s Optix G27C5 display is a decent all-around performer. It excels as a gaming monitor due to its extremely low input lag, compatibility for FreeSync VRR, and quick response time. While it is acceptable for professional use, its 1080p resolution, limited viewing angles, and poor ergonomics may not be for everyone.

Is a Curved Monitor Good for Gaming?

According to some research, curved monitors may also reduce eye strain, contributing to weariness during lengthy competitive gaming sessions. The curved screen angles each pixel toward you, resulting in a more consistent colour representation than a comparably sized flat-screen display.

Is MSI Better Than Samsung for Gaming?

The MSI is a superior gaming monitor due to its 165Hz refresh rate, faster response time, black frame insertion feature, and decreased input lag. The Samsung offers a larger display, improved viewing angles, and a brighter display. 


As such, changing the input on your MSI display is possible. Connectors mainly used for MSI monitors to change information are HDMI, VGA and Displayport. For high definition entertainment, MSI monitors use HDCP support. Follow the instructions outlined above carefully to change the input on the MSI monitor. 

I’m hoping that after reading this guide, you’ll be able to resolve all of your questions about How to Change Input on MSI Monitor? You should Follow preventive measures such as don’t forget to take care of your wires and cords. However, consult a reputable professional if you encounter difficulties altering the input.

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