How to Change Roku TV Name? Easy Guide

The best streaming players are becoming increasingly popular among the many people who own smart TVs worldwide. Because of the low cost and a slew of other benefits, they’re a popular alternative to cable TV.

Roku is an excellent streaming device for your smart TV for a low price. It’s simple to put up and can hold just about anything you want.

It is possible to give your new Roku player a unique name when you first bring it home. Set your Roku to your present location if you’d like. The location and name of your Roku streaming player or Roku TV can be customized when it is first activated.  

A variety of options are discussed in this article on How to Change Roku TV Name? Utilizing the Roku mobile app or AirPlay or screen mirroring while managing numerous Roku devices is a breeze with this feature.

It is possible to alter the name of your Roku device once it has been set up if you so desire. That’s a breeze! Even though you won’t be able to change your Roku devices on the Roku device itself, you can rename them on the Roku website.

What Is Roku?

All of Roku’s media-streaming devices are powered by the Roku software. Founded in 2008, Roku has regularly released new hardware and software versions since its inception.

How Does Roku Work?

Since the beginning, Roku media streaming players have focused on delivering a dead-simple method of accessing streaming video and music material on TVs, unlike other internet-connected devices like home theatre PCs or game consoles.

All of these services and thousands of additional specialty “channels” that stream everything from the spiritual to the bizarre are available through a Roku device. It includes Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and dozens more.

Many other items are now available from Roku, including several different versions of the primary streaming platform, smart TVs that have Roku streaming software, soundbars and speakers, and the Roku Channel for watching live television. Roku recently announced introducing its latest operating system, Roku OS 11, which has some fun new features.

Types of Roku TV

There are three distinct Roku streaming media players available; it is necessary to know about the types of Roku TV.

1: Roku Box: 

In this case, you’d use a stand-alone device, such as a Roku Premiere, to access the internet through your broadband router through Ethernet or WiFi. Roku Boxes can be connected directly to your TV or a home theatre receiver via HDMI, like a DVD or Blu-ray player, like a Roku Box.

2: Roku Streaming Stick:

An all-in-one Roku TV doesn’t require an extra box or stick to get internet streaming video because the Roku operating system is already embedded into the TV. Using either WiFi or Ethernet, the TV connects to your broadband router.

Hitachi, Insignia, Hisense, Sharp, and TCL are just a few television manufacturers carrying Roku TVs. Roku TVs are available in a range of screen sizes and resolutions, including 720p, 1080p, and 4K Ultra HD options.

3: Roku Streaming Stick:

It is a USB flash drive-sized gadget, except instead of connecting to a USB port, you hook it into an HDMI connector on your TV or home entertainment receiver. The streaming stick contains built-in WiFi that you may be using to connect to a broadband network.

Roku App

Thanks to the free Roku mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones, your mobile device may now be your ideal streaming companion.

Stream hundreds of popular movies, TV series, and more from The Roku Channel tab while on the move, or use your mobile device as a remote control for your Roku streaming player or Roku TV.

For example, you can use the Roku voice-activated remote to launch channels; browse the Roku interface; search for and send instructions; listen to music quietly; and more.

#1 For iOS:

If you possess an iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone, you can use the Roku app for iOS. For iOS, visit the App Store® on the Apple device, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or the online App Store, and install the Roku mobile app for iOS.

#2 For Android Devices:

Roku’s Android application is designed for Android devices that run Android version 5.0 or higher, including phones and tablets. To get the Roku mobile app for Android, go to the Google Play™ store on your Android smartphone or the Google Play store online.

Roku Channels

Internet streaming entertainment is available on all Roku devices and can be found on up to 4,500 channels (depending on your location).

There are many channels on Roku TV to choose from, including popular services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Hulu, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and more. Even major networks, such as NBC, now offer mobile apps. It’s worth noting that NBC’s Roku app allows you to watch live streams of major sporting events, including the Olympics.

You may require a subscription or pay-per-view cost to access material on some of the many free online streaming channels available. The Roku device itself is free; however, there may be fees associated with the content you access.

How to Change Roku TV Name?

How to Change Roku Account on Tv

You can change the name of your Roku TV, by following the methods mentioned below:

Method 1: By Using the Roku Mobile App

Alternatively, you can also use the Roku Mobile app on an Android or iOS device to alter the name of your Roku device. Get it even if you don’t have it. 


Step 1: Make sure you’ve connected your Roku device to the Roku App before proceeding.

Step 2: Connect your Roku and your smartphone to the same WiFi network.

Step 3: To access the Apps section, you must first unlock your mobile device.

Step 4: Browse the Roku Mobile app and click on it to begin using it.

Step 5: You may find the Devices symbol at the bottom of the screen. Click on it to access the options.

Step 6: A list of all connected devices will appear. You can rename a device by clicking on the Menu (three-dots) icon adjacent to it.

Step 7: Make use of the options at the bottom of the screen to specify a name and location.

Step 8: If prompted, sign in with your Roku credentials. 

Step 9: Specify the name of your Roku device in the next step.

Step 10: Click Save to save your changes.

Step 11: It’s possible to rename and switch to another Roku device by clicking the Switch Roku Device button.

Method 2: By Using Account on Roku


Step 1: Change the name or location of your Roku devices using the procedures below.

Step 2: From a computer or smartphone, go to

Step 3: If prompted, log in to your Roku account. For sign-in assistance, find out what to do if you forget your email address or password.

Step 4: Go into My Linked Devices and select My Linked Devices from the drop-down. It is where you’ll find the name and address you gave upon activation.

Step 5: Next to the name or location you want to alter, click the Pencil to change the device name on your Roku account.

Step 6: To change your name and location, follow the prompts.

Step 7: To save changes, click Update.

Method 3: By Using the Roku website


Follow the steps outlined below

Step 1: Log in to your Roku account via from any web browser.

Step 2: Go to “My linked devices” at the bottom of the page. Rename the device by clicking on the symbol in the Name column.

Step 3: When finished, type in a new name and press “Update.”

Step 4: Nothing else needs to be said. Renaming your Roku is now complete.

Step 6: If you’re having trouble updating the name on this page, be sure to disable anything adblocking software you might use in your browser.

FAQs – How to Change Roku TV Name?

How Do I Change My Roku Account on My Smart TV?

Using a computer or mobile device, go to the My Roku website. Make sure you’re logged in. Select “My linked devices” in the “My Account” table to discover the device you wish to delink from your account.

How Do I Change the Owner of My Roku?

It’s necessary to reset and unlink your Roku device from your account if you plan to give or sell the device to a third party. So the next owner can get it up and running just like the day they bought it.

How Do I Find Out the Name of My TV?

Look for the model number on the product’s original box. Locate the product sticker’s reference model and serial number. HELP under the TV Settings menu provides the reference model, serial number, and software version for each device. Toggle the Power button on the included remote.

Can You Use Two Rokus on One?

One Roku account can link all of your activated Roku devices, or you can use multiple accounts to connect all of your devices. You can only attach a single Roku account to a single Roku device at any one time.


Changing the name or location of your Roku device takes less than a minute if you have already connected it to your mobile app, account, or by using a website. Renaming or changing the Roku device’s name can be accomplished differently.

It takes less than a minute, and it makes it simple to identify your device, whether screen mirroring or doing anything else on the device.

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