How to Tamper With a Ankle Monitor Easy Guide

An ankle monitor is a device that offenders under house arrest are obliged to wear to prevent arrest, alleviate jail overcrowding, or benefit from a plea deal.

Ankle monitors are tamper-resistant and can alert authorities to attempted removals, such as cutting the fiber optic in the band, resulting in a break in the light notice. This guide will describe How to tamper with a Ankle Monitor efficiently. 

An ankle monitor uses during pretrial detention, as a court-imposed condition or order, or during release. Depending on the manufacturer, the ankle monitor will utilize various technologies to monitor the ankle monitor’s signals. Radiofrequency, cellular, wireline, GPS, or combination are the most often used technologies.

Regularly, the ankle monitor transmits a signal to a receiver carrying location and other data. If radiofrequency used, you can choose this range between 50 and 300 feet from the base.

If GPS use, the officer determines the offender’s range of movement. If an offender walks outside an officer’s permitted range, you will notify the officer.

How do GPS-enabled Ankle Monitors Work?

Ankle monitors are GPS-enabled technological gadgets. They are secured around the wearer’s ankle and cannot remove.

You must wear tamper-proof bracelets for the duration specified by the judge. It is necessary to know the working of an ankle monitor.

These gadgets communicate with a monitoring station via radio frequency transmissions. They can be programmed to let users travel freely within a specified radius and notify the monitoring system if they leave that perimeter.

When offenders attempt to tamper with ankle monitors, the devices transmit a signal to the law enforcement authorities that monitor them, resulting in an arrest.

Several Methods for Tempering an Ankle Monitor

How to Take Off a Ankle Bracelet Without Breaking It

It is pretty simple to circumvent an ankle monitor. I hope you will figure it out. Thus, here are a few suggestions to Tamper With a Ankle Monitor.

Attempt to Damage the Bracelet

The bracelet is the first impediment. The bracelet has a fiber optic cable that generates an alarm if it is damaged or bent to the point of cracking.

If the machine does not detect an interruption or find one, it will alarmingly. Consequences for violating include a return to jail or a violation of the rules of house arrest.

Use of A GPS jammer 

While this is an admirable attempt, we can identify this jammer electronically, alerting your parole officer. Additionally, we can track you using your cell signal. The following is a quote from a manufacturer regarding their product.

“Law enforcement authorities have recently increased their awareness of GPS jammers. These ILLEGAL devices are able through a variety of distribution channels, and their prices have reduced to the point that they are affordable to a large number of individuals.”

Through patented technologies, “Ankle Bracelet” can notify you if an offender is attempting to jam GPS signals. To begin, they are, in fact, illegal to own and operate. It is unlawful under federal law.

Second, their range and functionality are limited. Thirdly, the GPS tracking gadget can indicate whether an offender can block the GPS signal.

No other GPS tracking device on the market today is capable of providing this information.” You guessed it; this is also detectable. As a result, another alert raises, and another violation occurred.

Wrap the Bracelet in Aluminium Foil

 Yes, we are also capable of detecting this. Here is another manufacturer’s quotation. Bear in mind that this was in 2011, and technology has only improved since then.

When you develop the capacity of BluTag to detect an enrollee’s willful attempt to hide or block the GPS signal, many agencies view it as just another alarm.

It could have been a hasty reaction to a significant incident warrants more examination. Many of those early critics are now staunch supporters of this indispensable instrument.

By Doing Battery Dead

The final method of bypassing your home confinement ankle monitor is to let the battery expire; this essentially shuts down the system and makes you invisible to the authorities.

Take care when the battery fails; a signal provides before the machine shuts down—informing your officer of the occurrence.

Now, this may be the simplest method of circumventing the system. But, depending on your officer, you may get away with this once.

However, as many people know, this is also a violation. In certain nations, you fail to recharge your battery, resulting in a return to prison for non-compliance.

What Happens When an Ankle Monitor tampers?

Ankle monitors are court-ordered devices that use to track an individual’s movements. The device enables the user to walk freely within the region authorised by the court. It will not interfere with or cause other gadgets, such as cell phones or domestic appliances.

All prohibited actions are cutting the strap, tampering with the strap or gadget, striking or pounding the device, or submerging the appliance in water.

If you violate the terms of your monitoring arrangement, a bondsman will quickly contact you to provide you with guidance. Attempting to tamper with the ankle monitor may result in an arrest. 

You may receive notifications, cautions, or even messages from an AA Expert Bail Bonding agent while the subject is wearing the ankle monitor.

Additionally, it may test your blood alcohol content and notify AA Professional Bail Bonding of any alcohol consumption.

Ankle monitors are often used to track the movements of individuals who are free from prison pending a court hearing. Each individual will have varying degrees of accessibility to their areas.

While most people must remain at home, others will travel to approved sites such as work or school. To provide a hassle-free experience, call monitoring conducts via GPS satellites.

What Does the New Law Say Regarding Electronic Monitoring Device Tampering?

Depending on the nature of the offence, a judge may opt for “community control,” generally known as house arrest. You must always wear a GPS tracker during your community control (e.g., when you sleep, shower, etc.). It enables officials to monitor your activities you violate your restrictions.

New legislation (House Bill 75) makes it a third-degree felony to violate any of the following:

  • Take away the electronic surveillance equipment
  • Dispose of the electronic surveillance gadget
  • Modify the functionality of the electronic monitoring gadget
  • Destroy the electronic surveillance device
  • Disable the electronic monitoring device’s operation
  • In whatever manner, tamper with the electronic monitoring gadget.
  • Additionally, it is a third-degree crime to solicit or allow another individual to assist you in any of these acts. A third-degree felony carries a maximum jail sentence of five years and a $5,000 fine.

How Far Can an Ankle Monitor Take You?

Ankle monitors may install on individuals charged with lesser offences. Several factors determine the distance a person wearing an ankle monitor can go.

The first consideration is the range of distance that the technology allows. The receiver’s maximum transmission distance is typically between 50 and 150 feet.

Additionally, many systems require the wearer to remain within 25 to 30 feet of the housing unit to upload and send data at predetermined periods.

Finally, a judge determines the allowed distance. These allowable distances determine by the wearer’s needs and the monitor’s purpose.

Numerous cases classify as home arrests. In these circumstances, the wearer is often not expected to leave their specified home address.

If the subject attempts to escape the court-designated area, the ankle monitor immediately alarms the issue and notifies the appropriate authorities.

Frequently Asked Question

How to Tamper With an Ankle Monitor?

Ankle bracelets broadcast a GPS signal, enabling authorities to follow your location more quickly. Additionally, you can use some ankle bands, including microphones, to identify you by police enforcement.

How Can You Make Your Ankle Monitor More Comfortable?

Consider wearing a sweatband or rolled-down sock for added comfort to keep the bracelet from “bouncing” on the ankle bone. Ensure that nothing comes between the bracelet and the leg.

Does Aluminum Foil Block Ankle Monitor?

“Offenders have discovered that by wrapping the GPS gadget in aluminium foil, the GPS tracking points become untraceable and vanish.” Demonstrations in schools demonstrate how to foil may be used to block radio signals and silence radios.

What Are the Principles of Wearing an Ankle Monitor?

The most critical requirement regarding using a GPS ankle monitor is that the offender does not seek to remove it. There is no cause to remove the monitor due to its waterproof and tamper-resistant construction.


An ankle monitor might be a cost-effective punishment in many low-level crimes, allowing offenders to enjoy a more ordinary life without challenging a threat to the community.

Driving while intoxicated, immigration concerns or non-violent offences can result in a court-ordered house arrest. I hope this essay helped you figure out How to Tamper With a Ankle Monitor?

Ankle monitors enable our justice system to watch these criminals 24 hours daily. If you face criminal charges for tampering with or soliciting assistance in eliminating an ankle bracelet, visit Goldman Wetzel, a criminal defence attorney in St. Petersburg.