How to Trick a GPS Ankle Monitor? 2 Ways

Law enforcement must continuously adjust to societal and technological changes, but some are more critical than others. Among these more significant modifications is the addition of criminal tracking devices to ankle monitors.

These devices use GPS and radio frequencies to determine the location of the individual wearing the ankle monitor and then transmit the coordinates to monitors via mobile networks.

The use of tracking devices has aided police officers in increasing their speed and precision in locating criminals who have exceeded their parole, probation, or court-imposed conditions by creating a threat to society via violent crime.

Criminal offenders must wear ankle bands or monitors while under home arrest, parole, or probation. They may use before or after a person’s criminal trial.

Additionally, wristbands utilizing to track alcohol use and the whereabouts of undocumented immigrants facing deportation from the United States.

When do People wear ankle Monitors?

On probation or house arrest, a judge may order a defendant to wear an ankle monitor. Not everyone on probation or parole is required to wear one.

First-time offenders may be released without supervision, though they should consult a parole official first.

For several months, a person may wear a monitor. Specific individuals may have it removed sooner if they ask the court. However, this is uncommon.

Are Ankle Monitors GPS Enabled?

The ankle bracelet contains a GPS device that enables police to watch the criminal’s activity at all times to ensure the culprit does not flee.

If a criminal wearing electronic bracelets leave the predefined area, an alert will guarantee he remains within a monitorable distance.

How Is a GPS Ankle Monitor Used?

When offenders begin their home arrest sentence, they are issued a GPS ankle monitor. The court synchronizes the ankle monitor by the specifications established for the punishment.

The GPS ankle monitor will follow the offender and notify authorities in the event of a rule violation.

GPS ankle monitors equip with both a GPS chip and a SIM card. These components detect the perpetrator and maintain a record of their whereabouts.

They make a closed circuit when combined. This circuit disrupts if the criminal tries to remove the monitor. It tripped circuit alerts authorities.

Is It Possible to Ever Remove the Monitor?

Do Ankle Monitors Have to Be Charged

A judge may grant permission for someone to travel without their ankle monitor. It is a rare occurrence in response to family emergencies and comparable circumstances.

A patient wearing a monitor cannot get an MRI, X-ray, or CT scan. It may need the bracelet’s removal.

However, because most states lack medical removal regulations, patients risk arrest if not notify their probation officer.

Techniques to Block GPS Signals on Ankle Monitor

The following are escape techniques that operate with an anklet that monitors exclusively via GPS, not radio frequency identification (RFID).

By Using GPS Jamming Device 

Surprisingly, while jamming GPS signals is prohibited, it is inexpensive and straightforward. The presence of GPS jamming devices, which market online, demonstrates this. These anti-tracking devices may effectively disrupt GPS signals within a specific range after being plugged into an adaptor.

A GPS jamming device is an admirable attempt, we can identify this jammer electronically, alerting your parole officer. Additionally, we can track you using your cell signal. The following is a statement from a manufacturer regarding their product.

Law enforcement authorities have recently increased their awareness of GPS jammers. These illegal devices make through a variety of distribution channels, and their prices have reduced to the point that they are affordable to a large number of individuals.

By Using Tin Foil 

The activity refers to “foiling” in the underworld and jail officials. An individual on bail awaiting trial and subject to GPS monitoring stated that while foiling is well-known, it is far from a perfect method of evading detection.

The most popular form of interfering with the ankle bracelet unit’s capacity to track its location is to wrap it securely with tin foil.

The most typical method of interfering with the ankle bracelet unit’s capacity to track its location is to wrap it securely in tin foil. Electronic surveillance uses to follow and monitor convicted felons serving community-based sentences, as well as some defendants on bail.

Some monitors use GPS units, which enable Corrections contractors to determine whether convicted criminals adhere to their sentence’s restrictions, such as staying at home and avoiding certain regions.

Others, primarily those on community detention, are equipped with less sophisticated Radio Frequency (RF) equipment to determine whether offenders remain at home during their curfew hours.

How does Tin Foil work to Turn Off GPS Signals on Ankle Monitors?

Electronic monitoring regarding as the most effective method of lowering the prison population. When users foil their ankle bracelet, their home unit changes from displaying the targeted person in the address zone to a reading.

The monitored person stayed at the address but could not locate it. Consequently, the monitoring operator can frequently conclude that the equipment is defective and needs replacement.

However, Stuff knows that as the number of individuals on electronic monitoring increases, the principal call centre is overwhelmed and unable to keep up with the workload.

As an outcome, unless the offender assesses to be high-risk, there may be a significant wait in dispatching a staff member to their home to inspect the equipment, sources added.

According to a Corrections representative, you included recognized “only a tiny” fraction of prisoners exposed to electronic surveillance as possibly tampering with their devices, less than 1%.

Are GPS Ankle Monitors Capable of Hearing You?

Specific ankle monitors do contain microphones. You discovered Monitors in Illinois and Indiana to equip with microphones.

Several states, including Massachusetts, have pledged not to purchase GPS ankle trackers equipped with microphones. However, it is unknown whether they have kept their word.

The use of microphone technology has significant privacy consequences. The monitor may record innocent individuals’ voices and conversations. It complicates the universal adoption of monitors equipped with microphones.

Even if a person’s monitor comes with a microphone, the police can monitor them in other ways. They can trace someone’s whereabouts using webcams and facial recognition software.

What Data Is Recorded by the Monitor?

A monitor is capable of recording a person’s GPS location data. It can upload the data to a state-controlled database. Certain states seek assistance from private contractors. Though most vendors strive to keep their data secure, they may also receive data via a monitor.

The device keeps track of where a person is permitted and cannot go. The court may let someone visit a specific location for a specified period, such as a nearby grocery shop for dinner.

They must then return to their homes. Specific monitors intend for those who have committed alcohol-related offences. The devices can monitor an individual’s blood alcohol content via their skin.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Aluminum Foil Block Ankle Monitor?

Yes, metal can use to block GPS tracking devices. Naturally, efficient “tin” foil usage stops ankle bands, not radio signals from mind control lasers.

Can You Hack an Ankle Monitor?

The tracking ankle bracelets that some offenders are required to wear after being sentenced to home detention can hack, allowing them to leave the house and go wherever they like without alerting the police. Earlier tracking systems relied on phone lines and radio frequencies to determine the proximity of ankle bracelets.

How Can You Get Your Ankle Monitor Off Early?

By analysing the alcohol concentration of your sweat, the bracelet continuously monitors your alcohol use. Typically, the bracelet wears on the ankle. To lawfully get the bracelet removed, you must petition the court. Because each circumstance is unique, you should consult an attorney.

Does Tin Foil Block Ankle Bracelet?

Criminals use TIN FOIL to conceal their ankle bracelets, allowing them to party while on probation without being apprehended. Criminals seem to take extraordinary measures to avoid being arrested by their ankle bands when out clubbing.


The regional monitoring center will notice immediately when you remove your ankle monitors. Additionally, your parole officer and the courts will be alerted immediately. I’m hoping that after reading this instruction, you’ll understand How to Trick a GPS Ankle Monitor?

Additionally, this guide discusses how this GPS ankle monitor works. Criminals use TIN FOIL to conceal their ankle bracelets, allowing them to go to nightclubs while on probation without being arrested. Additionally, you can use GPS jammers to disable the GPS signals on an ankle monitor.