How to Mount Baby Monitor on Wall? Different Ways

Baby monitors have evolved into a necessary item for new parents. It’s also an efficient approach to maintain a continual focus on your infant without having to be in the room 24 hours a day.

In addition, it enables you to monitor your infant from a distance. However, when it comes to attaching the baby monitor, most new parents are unfamiliar with Mounting Baby Monitor on Wall.

If you’ve recently purchased a new baby monitor, you’ll want to learn how to properly place it for your baby’s safety and viewing experience.

To simplify this difficult task, we conducted a study on the subject and developed a comprehensive guide that will assist you in safely mounting your baby monitor on the wall.

Additionally, many parents are unaware that specific care must be taken when putting the baby monitor on the wall.

There are numerous ways to integrate a baby monitor into your child’s room. The optimum location is against a wall or on a shelf.

Additionally, the most secure location for a baby monitor is on the wall. You can also use a clip or a tripod to get a better view of your baby’s cot if you wish.

However, do not forget to attach the cable to the wall since it can pose a serious strangulation hazard to your children.

How to Mount Baby Monitor on Wall?

Mount Baby Monitor on Wall

While baby monitors are undoubtedly useful at night, the impact of waves should not be underestimated, therefore avoid placing them near the infant’s head.

  • Before you begin, you must first determine the ideal location and angle for mounting your baby monitor because an improperly installed baby monitor might cause bodily injury to your infant and obstruct your view and hearing of your baby.
  • Most baby monitors on the market include a wall mount and necessary attachments for wall mounting. Additionally, some baby monitor models include a built-in wall mount. They include a straightforward and safe wall mounting method.
  • Before hanging the baby monitor, ensure an electrical outlet nearby, as the monitor will need to be switched in. Additionally, verify that the baby monitor can connect to the outlet. If the monitor cannot reach the plug, relocate it or use a power cord.
  • If everything looks in a specified order, you can now install your baby monitor. However, before you put the baby monitor on the wall, keep in mind that it will be tough to remove once it is mounted.
  • After successfully mounting your infant, it’s time to tackle cable management. This final step is critical, especially if you connected your baby monitor to the power source through an extension wire. Ensure that the cables are appropriately secured. The additional effort required to secure your baby’s safety is well worth it.

Wall Mounted Universal

It is another option used to mount the baby monitor on the wall. The universal wall mount can support up to two pounds of baby monitor camera.

It’s quite simple to install; no tools are required, and all that’s required is a 3 M sticky strip to secure it to the wall.

The universal wall mount from VuSee works with most baby monitor models. It is compatible with monitors manufactured by Infant Optics, Summer Infant, Angelcare, Avent, Graco, VTech, or Safety 1st. If it does not fit, the company can issue a full refund without question.

This 6 x 6-inch wall mount has a 1.5-inch beveled edge. VTech’s baby monitor wall mount brackets can be used with the VuSee universal wall mount, wholly built in the United States of America.

How to Hide the Cord of a Baby Monitor?

Cord covers are convenient, yet they do not detract from the design. However, that plastic cover on the wall may affect the Pinterest-worthy appearance of your nursery.

Perhaps you could arrange the monitor or furniture in such a manner that a library or a curtain conceals the wire.

You might be able to run the cable through the wall. You will need to drill two holes in the wall, one behind the monitor and one at the bottom. The monitor cord is attached to a fish tape and slid from top to bottom.

Cord Clip for a Baby Monitor

Initially, you may consider pinning the cord to the wall or using a cord clip. It would help if you avoided clips since they pose a choking threat. They are better than nothing, but it is safer to obtain the cord cover.

Sleeve for Cable

If you do not want to attach the cable to your child’s wall permanently, you should choose the cable sleeve. This method conceals the loose wire but leaves it accessible. Ideal for securing loose wires and providing easy access to them due to the zipper running the length of the flexible tube.

Cover for an Electrical Outlet

Your baby should not be allowed to play with electrical cables, so you should conceal wire behind furniture. If this is not possible, you should purchase a plug cover. Unfortunately, your children will be unable to unhook the cable due to the childproof housing.

Cover for Power Strip Outlets

If you’re going to use a power strip in your child’s room, it’s a good idea to protect it with a childproof cover. It created an outlet cover for a power strip to keep the cable out of reach of infants. It is adjustable in length and can also be wall-mounted.

Cover for Electrical Plugs

This childproofing item is extremely prevalent in households with children. It keeps inquisitive children from tampering with electrical and shocking themselves. Instead, they snap into an unused power outlet.

Conduct The Cables Within The Wall

If you’re seeking the safest way to secure the cords of your baby monitor, running them inside the wall may be the finest solution. First, drill a hole beneath the baby monitor and another at the bottom of the wall. Then, using fish tape, secure the baby monitor’s cords and move them from top to bottom.

Suggestions For Safely Mounting A Baby Monitor 

  • Avoid positioning the baby monitor too close to your infant. Maintain a distance of at least 5-8 feet between the monitor and your infant.
  • Allow your children to stay away from the installation area while mounting the monitor. If you intend to drill the wall, exercise caution.
  • Verify that everything is in order before putting the baby monitor on the wall.
  • When deciding on a location for your baby monitor, be certain that you can see and hear your infant.
  • Assemble the cable firmly, out of sight and reach of curious fingers. Cable coverings assist in “masking” the cord.
  • Another option is to secure the cord tightly to the crib’s outside, which would require either nails or strong sticky glue.
  • Ascertain that the video monitor is securely connected to the wall and is not shaking. You never want to risk the monitor slipping into the crib. Not only is this unsafe for your infant, but you will also lose access to the monitor’s audio and visual functions.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do I Secure My BT Baby Monitor?

The app’s username and password must access the live video feed. Additionally, we safeguard your account with Two-Factor Authentication. End-to-end encryption of the video stream between the Baby Unit and the Application uses AES-128 bit security.

How Do You Attach a Baby Monitor to the Wall?

Drill the required holes in the wall: a corner near the ceiling is typically the ideal location. Screw the baby monitor base to the wall using the manufacturer-supplied base. Mounting the baby monitor to the base is typically accomplished through a clip.

Can You Use Command Strips to Hang a Baby Monitor?

Control Picture Hanging Strips are the secret to this look! They are available in various sizes, so check the weight to ensure it is compatible with your display.

Can You Wall Mount Bt Baby Monitor?

If desired, you can permanently mount the camera on the wall. Thanks to the ball joint, it’s simple to position the camera to acquire the view you need.


Consider mounting a baby monitor on the wall as the safest and simplest solution. Additionally, most parents fail to secure the baby monitor’s connections after installation, which can be quite harmful.

We’ve demonstrated How to Mount Baby Monitor on Wall in this article. Additionally, we gave a few ideas for concealing the cables. 

This page also discusses numerous precautionary measures. To keep your infant safe, change the position of all monitors and other equipment with electric cords promptly, especially those placed on the wall, to ensure that cables are out of reach of your child.

The overall process of mounting a baby monitor is quite straightforward. Hopefully, you obtained all of the necessary and helpful information to mount your monitor to the wall.