How to Unmount a TV? (Complete Guide)

A flat-screen TV placed on a wall gives the illusion of having a home theatre in your living room. A flat-screen TV mounted on the wall saves floor space and keeps it out of harm’s way. You may want to remove your television from its wall mount.

If you’re remodeling your home theatre, you might want to take down your flat-screen TV while work is being done on the structure Or perhaps you’ve recently upgraded to a giant TV or want to relocate your current set to a new location.

Undoing TV mounts appear more complicated than it is because of how well they secure your TV. Even though you have the option of hiring a professional, you should have little difficulty completing the task yourself.

There are two parts to a wall mount, and they’re joined by screws or bolts or nuts or bolts. Removing these components will allow you to raise your television and move it to its final destination.

For the first time, releasing a wall-mounted television by yourself can be difficult. However, it’s not that difficult to accomplish. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on dismounting a television from a wall.

How to Detach the TV from the Wall By Removing Bar or Screw Lock?

How to Unmount a Tv by Yourself

Step 1: To begin removing your TV from its wall mount, make sure all electrical devices are unplugged. Don’t forget to unhook your TV’s video game consoles, DVD players, and other peripherals before you begin. If you have any power cords, you’ll need to disconnect them.

Step 2: Be sure to enlist the help of a friend if your TV is particularly large or heavy before attempting this move on your own. Hold the bottom half of your TV and slowly tilt it toward you, making sure the top section of the TV remains against the wall at all times. This.

Step 3: Don’t press your luck if you’re having trouble lifting it after tilting the TV. You may have a security lock mechanism built into your wall mount. Before removing the TV entirely from the wall mount, make careful you unlock this.

Step 4: You can choose between a screw, bolt, or pull-string lock for your TV wall mount. You should provide the correct information in your wall mount manual.

  • At the very least, look for a screw lock towards the bottom. Before moving on to the next step, detach the lock using the proper screwdriver. 
  • If you have a bar lock on your wall mount, the bar will travel horizontally along your TV’s back.

Step 5: Lifting the TV off the wall mount is the next step after addressing the safety lock. Keep an eye on your TV while someone else holds the other end. Lift the TV off the wall mount gradually until it is entirely free. Put the TV on a soft surface, such as a blanket or the like.

Step 6: Remove the TV mount bracket off the back of your TV by unscrewing it with a screwdriver. Avoid scratching the TV’s back.

Step 7: Using a screwdriver and other suitable equipment, you can remove your wall mount. If you do not want to show marks on your wall, you can paint and superglue the wall.

How to Unmount a TV from Wall by Removing Spring Lock?

Follow the instructions outlined below to know How to Unmount a TV?

Unplug All of the TV Cords

Take care of the cords before moving your TV because they’re easy to trip over. Do not forget to remove any attachments from the power wire when you remove them from the wall.

You should remove all of your video game console wires, movie player cables, and other accessories and place them on the other side of the room if one of them is damaged.

Reverse any Safety Screws

TV mounts without locks are standard. If yours does, it might be one of the various lock kinds. Do not curse anti-theft protection in your own house by keeping the handbook with you. Look for any traces of the lock in the mount.

Many locks require a specific key with the packing, while others use flip tabs or movable bars to undo using your fingers.

Lift the Bottom

The bottom of the television can be lifted if possible. Grab the sides of the TV and try to move the base forward. No worries, the TV is securely attached to the top of the stand. It will not fall on you.

The rare TV will be visible, allowing you to stretch your hand behind it. You shouldn’t try to get the TV to move if it doesn’t want to.

Pull the Screws or Strings

Screws or strings are used to attach the TV to the wall bracket, based on the mount you have. The great news is that it is neither challenging to locate nor reverse.

As long as you tilt the bottom of the TV forward, these components will be visible. A screwdriver is needed immediately if no strings are hanging from the sides of the mount.

If your TV mount came with instructions, follow those instead—do things the other way around.

Remove the Mounting Pieces

If you’re not sure which screws to use, you may have to experiment a bit. The use of an ergonomic electric screwdriver eliminates part of the bother. Screwdriver access behind the TV requires some hand contortions.

Fasteners might be either under or on the sides of the mount, depending on its design. Ask a family member to help hold the television steady to make this easier.

By Removing Spring Lock

A spring lock is also included in the mounts, strings attached. Watch for the sound of the safety detaching as you pull the threads.

Your goal is to keep the lock from being activated. Even though you can grasp both strings on your own, get the help of a friend to make the task easier. 

Remove the TV From the Wall Mount

On the top of the mount, there is a final restraint. Lift the TV with the assistance of a friend or family member. Then have each participant take up one end of the rope. Using a three-count, raise the TV out of the way of the mount. You’ll be able to rest it on the ground after it comes off.

Place The TV in the Safe Place

Take care of your television by putting it somewhere safe. Lay it out on a clean, cushioned surface in a flat area. Avoid touching or resting the TV screen on anything. Scratching the screen would be a shame after all this time.

Unscrew the TV’s Mount

Part of the TV mount is still linked to the TV despite your best efforts. Fortunately, this portion is much easier than dismantling the television. Regardless matter the shape of the mounting piece, four screws are required to secure it.

Remove the Screws From the Wall Mount

Unless you have a television, you’ll have empty frames on your wall. Removing it is as simple as reversing the mounting process. The mount should be easy to withdraw from the wall if you undo these two small screws.

How to Unmount a Flat-Screen TV?

Follow the guidelines outlined below:

  • Allowing others to assist you is an excellent place to start. You’ll need two people to remove a tilting TV wall mount’s giant screen, even if you’re a whiz with a screwdriver.
  • There is also a greater chance of an accident destroying your television. Unplugging the TV before beginning this procedure is recommended. Don’t worry; your TV will continue to function normally even after removing it from the wall mount.
  • Get enough light so you can accomplish your work. You may need to remove little screws from the mounting bracket, so having good vision is essential to avoid any frustration.
  • Also, with the help of a few pals, you can easily remove your TV from a tilting wall mount if you have the right equipment on hand.
  • Check if you have the correct screwdriver and a safe place to put your TV once removed from the wall.
  • The underside of the hook-on arms of a standard tilt mount, such as Rocco’s proprietary tilt mounts, typically has security bolts in place to prevent unauthorized screen removal. You can detach the TV from the wall plate by loosening these screws. It would be best to handle wires from A/V components with care to avoid damage.
  • You can access A/V component cables by detaching the TV from the mounting plate. Unplug the wires and place them face down on a soft surface to avoid damaging the TV.
  • Remove the hook-on arms from the TV’s rear using a regular Philips screwdriver. If necessary, reinstall the original stand to ensure the safety of your device.
  • Consider hiring a professional if you’re not aware of how to remove your TV from its tilting wall mount.
  • Consequently, the chances of an accident occurring and your television being uninstalled safely are 100%.
  • They are also capable of removing your speaker from the wall mounts with the assistance of these same experts.

Frequently Asked Question

Do Movers Unmount Tv?

Professional movers are well-organized individuals who will transport your TV and other possessions to your new house. Setting up an entertainment system just to learn that you don’t have the proper equipment or cables is the most frustrating experience.

Do You Leave TV Mounts When You Sell a House?

Surface or wall-mounted electronic components are not included in the sale of a home. Because of this, the vendor accepts any unwanted products unless otherwise stated.

Is a TV Mount a Permanent Fixture?

Light fixtures, cabinets, etc., are examples of fixtures. The property’s associated objects must be firmly secured to be considered authentic.


If you follow the procedures, one at a time, you ought to be able to remove the TV mount from the wall without causing any harm to either the wall or the TV! I have high hopes that this information will assist you in determining How to Unmount a TV?

Paying an expert to take your TV down from its wall mount is an option if you aren’t confident in your ability to safely and correctly. It will guarantee that there is no possibility of any mishaps happening.